Apply Now for the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

Apply Now for the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

(upbeat music) For more than 25 years, the Congressional Hunger Center’s competitive fellowship programs train and engage leaders to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to hunger. In the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows program, fellows spend five months in community-based organizations across the country, and five months in Washington, D.C., working on national policy, developing our fellows into effective leaders in the movement to end hunger and poverty. LAKEISHA PERKINS, EMERSON FELLOW:
Hearing about all of our different experiences and all the different places that we go to just understanding why we do this work—it’s incredibly validating and empowering to be surrounded by folks, lots of folks who have experienced poverty before, and hunger, and why they still, despite the challenges they faced in their life, really want to put their passion and love into this kind of social justice work. ALYSSA BANKS, GREATER TWIN CITIES UNITED WAY:
One of the main reasons why we chose to apply for the Congressional Hunger Center’s Emerson Fellowship program is that it’s one of the most premiere fellowship programs in the country, if not internationally, that really places a high priority on developing strong leaders and advocates in addressing hunger and food insecurity. KEN REGAL, JUST HARVEST:
What’s most exciting about the design of the Emerson program is that combination of local field work and policy work in Washington, and how that moves people into a really well-fleshed out leadership opportunity in the long-term. RAY CHEN, EMERSON FELLOW: In both the field and policy placements I learned and refined my personal theory of change, thinking about how change happens…. EDUARDO HERNANDEZ, EMERSON FELLOW: I’m really glad that this fellowship gave me the opportunity to be able to have an experience in the federal government at such a young age. I also learned that I can really see myself doing that type of work one day, and that has been really impactful for my career plans. (upbeat music continues) The Congressional Hunger Center is committed to ending hunger by 2030. To that end, we call for leaders and organizations from all sectors to join us so that everyone has enough healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. Will you join us in ending hunger and poverty?

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