Application for the 2017 fellowship of the Shuttleworth Foundation

Application for the 2017 fellowship of the Shuttleworth Foundation

Connected electronic devices rule the world and I am creating freely accessible learning material explaining in detail how things work. It’s about how a PN junction, the ameba of computer evolution forms a depletion layer… …about what’s going on inside a transistor… …or in a commutated DC motor… …or about what makes a stepper motor follow the command signals of a computer. Animated videos are one thing, turning that academical knowledge into working circuits the next step. It’s about turning an LED on and off… …amplifying computer signals to switch more powerful loads… …in either direction… …about sensing your environment through input pins… …and finally putting it all together in a control loop to get a precise actuator. Besides openness, simplicity rules my projects in order to enable many people to make a personal copy of my machines. Reusing scraped devices keeps the budget low which is the second principle that encourages future engineers to start an own project. Finally, basic tools are used to build my machines… …and with those machines you’ll get even better tools – it’s machine evolution. This homemade CNC router turns software into hardware. The open source schematics and construction files make it possible to build an own copy, but there is more to teach to get the best out of this machine: You need to know how to write the code that rules it’s motors and sensors. The next big thing on my educational platform is to teach people how to write the software for machines and more do-it-yourself peripherals, thus demonstrating how to do “Physical computing”. Connected machines enable you to observe them remotely so that you can order raw material and deliver products just in time. This project is not just about controlling machines, but also about connecting computers and microcontrollers… …and so about how to create a planetary wide network of things based on open sources. My RoboSpatium, thus my robot room is another bait to get people interested in technology. You can control my camera equiüped robots through a browser from any place in the universe with Internet access and I will show you in more detail how it all works. With my first outdoor robot I will bring you closer to more locations on this planet – stay tuned! There is a lot to be done, thus it’s time to go back to my workbench. Thanks for watching and: “I’ll be back!”.

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  1. I built an internet controlled Robot too and i finished it today. What a coincidence 😉
    But I built it with a Server as Satelite and with external clients. and not Webbased!

  2. Hats off to the great work you are doing.
    Looking forward to more of your interesting and insightful videos. Best of luck for the fellowship!

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