Application for Lundbeck Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship

Application for Lundbeck Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship

– Hi, I’m Sofie Malmstrom and I’m from Aarhus University. I’m applying to the Lundbeck Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship
with the project entitled Rheumatoid Arthritis, Disease Activity, and Vitamin D in a Multiethnic Cohort. The mentors include Lars
Rejnmark from Aarhus University, Dolores Shoback from UCSF, and John Imboden from UCSF. John is the director of the cohort, so will have access to all data and all samples from the cohort. He’s just been waiting for somebody who had the time to do
the work in the cohort. Dolores and Lars have
previously worked together on two articles, and have been to many international conferences together on vitamin D and bone metabolism. With this project, you will not only get a student who is highly motivated, you will also get a
team of mentors who is. The mentors have used a lot of time, money, and effort to
get this project going, which means that I’m certain that this will be a successful project. I’ve been astonished about
the time they spend on it. We’re also applying to do this
as a part of a Ph.D. study, so we will continue working together. After being shown around
UCSF by John and Dolores I cannot wait to start here and be a part of the research environment, and I can’t wait to move into the cubicle I’ve already been shown. And when Lars gets here, I’m the one who’s going to show him around. So we hope that you are all as excited about the project as we are, and that you let us bring
this project to life. Thank you.

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