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  1. The language used to title this video is an example of something I personally find, distasteful!

    In this case it is "Schools", in others it may be "Owned" etc. You get the picture! One may counter not to be so sensitive, which is fair enough. Yet if I were to use "Lispy Queer", outrage quickly ensues.

    One may argue that one is a direct insult, while others are more generally demeaning. Either way, each of us is responsible for the words that fall from our mouths (or fingertips).

    Regardless of the side of the isle you stand, can I encourage each viewer of this post to stand above such language.

    Be the better person!
    Change the World from within.
    Let not "Land of the Free" just be a silly line, in a silly song.

  2. Sandy Cortez is a common imbecile, she proved that at the congress hearing 3 days ago , that’s what happens when you win a raffle to get nominated and get 16000 votes to win, people are hanging their head in shame who voted for her ha ha ha ha .


  4. I don't understand these tax subsidies. Why not just give the subsidy more directly to the citizens? Imagine the programs that $3 billion dollars could pay for – maybe a subsidized childcare system or allowances for people caring for sick or disabled family members. The possibilities are endless and far more beneficial to average New Yorkers than an Amazon facility.

  5. Fox Business condemning New York city for refusing to offer socialist support to multinational corporations. That's just mental 🙂

  6. RWNJs are so stupid. If they could pull their heads out of there butts and recognize reality they would realize what a HERO AOC is. The billionaire class has them so conned to believe the propaganda that rigs the system in favor of the rich at the expense of ordinary Americans.

  7. Average incomes show little of the reality of peoples situations. Try using the MEDIAN income. It would be a more accurate assessment.
    This comment was edited "Median" has replaced "mean" as was my intent to post

  8. So let me get this straight. The previous unverified information from biased sources is to be discarded, but the current unverified information from biased sources on the other side is to be believed completely? As a Trump supporter, I just see my enemy Jeff Bezos/Amazon/Wash Post fighting with my other enemy AOC in a city and state run by leftist elites, while I’m just sitting here eating popcorn and watching them swipe at each other. Meanwhile, the homeless have typhus and the illegals stream across the border to get free healthcare and be able to vote someday since the census won’t ask who is a citizen and who isn’t. Next year, you both will be sitting in that same spot wondering why Trump won again.

  9. Wait, what? Amazon employees make 150k a year as warehouse workers? Holy shit did I pick the wrong field choosing plumbing where I never made over 50k on my best year over a 25 year period of working 40-60 hour work weeks in horrible conditions. Smfh

  10. What a idiot. Average salaries include the most egregious of examples. Warehouse workers arent making 150k.

    So transparent.

  11. AOC saved taxpayers $3B by cheating AMZ investors out of $3B profits. Let us all console the investors with a big "Boo hoo".

  12. Funny how they don't mention that the employees at Amazon, only after Bernie exposed them, did they finally give their employees $15 an hour, but considering the deplorable working conditions, and with the profit that Amazon brings in they should be making a hell of a lot more, and this is

    The company would have made out like fat cats but the workers would have gotten screwed. And those tax breaks would have gone straight to the CEO and friends plus stock buyback.
    She did what we all need to do with monopolies, keep them out of your neighborhoods unless they allow for you too unionize and Amazon doesn't.

  13. Amazon has become the COUNTERFEIT CAPITAL of businesses! WATCH OUT WHEN YOU ORDER on Amazon. Thinking about ending my account.

  14. "Socialist hell hole…" ? It's fairly clear from that one tiny phrase that many people in the US, and more specifically in this case Fox News, have no comprehension whatsoever of what constitutes socialism, or what makes a hell hole… There's no real socialism in modern America… anywhere, and the only places that are genuine hell holes are within the government run concentration camps on the Mexican boarder.

  15. Remember when faux news kept mispronouncing AOC's name and sounding like fools? Now they're over-stressing the accents to make her sound "foreign".

  16. Old folks in government have been wrong doing since forever. When a young fresh mind dissect and break down the wrong doing they will find a way to shut her down.

  17. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves once again that right-wing Fox News propaganda hacks are wrong when they say that New York stood to gain twenty-five thousand jobs if the city gave Amazon a three billion dollars annual tax cut. As if the tax cuts to corporations and the top one percent weren't enough and as a result, Amazon paid no taxes in 2018 and even got a one hundred and twelve million dollars refund. Meantime, wages are stagnant at seven dollars and fifty cents an hour with no benefits, heavy labor demands on employees like having to pee in a bottle to cut down on the time it takes to go to the restroom. Wages are so stagnant in this country that workers qualify for SNAP(Food-Stamp) benefits. Of course, it is said that Bezos, the owner of Amazon is worth about a hundred and fifty billion dollars. A great form of capitalism isn't it? Screw Stuart Varney, elitist bastard and Screw Fucks Spews Shit Mountain! Go ahead on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! We want you and need you back in 2021! Go, Bernie 2020! Viva la Revolucion!

  18. It's easy for a couple of cucks who live in Cali to laugh about how AOC lost New York about 25,000 high paying jobs and billions of dollars put into the local economy. I know for a fact the people of New York aren't fucking laughing about this. They're pissed the fuck off. And I'm NOT EVEN A CONSERVATIVE. You 'Young Turks' really have earned the nickname they've given you in the real world….. The Young Turds.

  19. Maybe it’d be good for everyone if Amazon payed taxes. You really think those billions of dollars would have gone to New Yorkers? Not even the jobs would have gone to New Yorkers. Most of the jobs at the headquarters two would have gone to people out of state. So New York would have paid 3 billion to Amazon for Amazon to make a bunch of money, tax free.

  20. Come on fox you guys are awful. You guys HATEEEEEEE Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Oh but because republicans are TERRIFIED of AOC so now they want to side Amazon. ???

  21. Fox News: Socialism is for the middle class and the poor are destroying the country but Socialism for the millionaires and billionaires is making the country great again. Stuart Varney I'm sure is making $9 an hour at fox news so you can trust what he is saying.

  22. AOC can squish Dana’s little brain between her thumb and pointer finger. Dana should stick to freaking out about cartoon trains or whatever she was making a fuss about. Fox News put her on TV because her babysitter cancelled last minute. They figured if they keep an eye on her she couldn’t get into the crayons and mark up the walls in the studio.

  23. AOC just held an emergency press conference this afternoon for she has evidence that supports her Green New Deal. She held up a recent Satellite Photo of the Southern Hemisphere pointing to Antartica totally void of ice. A man stood up and said;

    That’s Australia Dumbass ???

    AOC aka Cowfarts Cortez Congressional Business Card ?world

  24. “25,000 very high paying jobs.” Isn’t the average hourly rate at amazon like $6 when you factor in all the hours people work without being paid?

  25. Republican logic : lets give "incentives" to ALREADY WEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL businesses, we are sure that is how we will grow the economy."

    Progressive logic: "uh, giving more to the already wealthy will not solve the problem of inequality and may actually worsen things. How about we invest in smaller up and coming businesses that simply dont have to strength to face off against the already successful companies?"

    Republicans: "you mean help the losers?! The poor? The peasants!? Why i nevah "

  26. Average income of $100000 a year isn’t that impressive when you’re talking about one of the wealthiest companies in the world…. It doesn’t take many people earning a couple mil a year to offset an army of minimum wage workers….

  27. Hahaha Fox news is a propaganda channel for idiots. How does exploiting states out of taxpayer money any way help America? Federal rules should outlaw states competing against each other in giving corporates tax cuts. Pay their fair share, and compete on building communities instead.

  28. The corporate welfare state can't be allowed to hold the American people hostage any longer.

    This is exactly the same false fear they will throw around when it come to making corporations pay their fair share. They'll scream that they'll leave the country. They must not love America ?? if they're only here for the tax break, eh? For one, many already have outsourced a bulk of their workforce, so despite tax breaks, Americans aren't getting those jobs. And they keep their headquarters here because America has a lot to offer besides tax incentives, ie infrastructure, talent. Also, policies can and should be put in place to make it cost prohibitive to try to keep an American market from overseas.

  29. So funny, the largest corporate headquarters seem to be in 'liberal' cities in states. Silicon Valley in California, Wall Street in NYC, etc. Ever hear of a place notorious and widely known in the midwest and south for having a large conglomeration of wealthy banking, technology, and business firms of the same caliber in the Midwest or South? Nah, didn't think so.

  30. Trump hates bezos. But his sycophants can’t even make anything good of that cause they’re MORONS.

  31. and amazon came to new york anyway despite no deal. lol AOC is the best thing to hit new york in a long time. she saved the city millions.

  32. Normal Democrats are beginning to believe that Cowfarts Cortez is a double agent paid by President Trump to make all Democrats look bad and stupid. AOC is the largest Trump supporter for 2020. Trump is going to win by a landslide. Made America Great Again ?? ?? God bless America and send these Commies to the hellish nation they deserve with their so called Progressive Policies for they can die of starvation

  33. OMG, you guys are so stupid and you don't even know it. Amazon is getting 3 billion in TAX CUTS because they will be bringing in significantly more than 3 billion dollars in tax revenues for New York. The city wasn't "giving away" anything. And "Driving up" home values isn't a bad thing for people who live and own there. I thought Trump liked the Uneducated, but these two clowns got stuck backing AOC. That takes some serious uneducation.

  34. She’s a moron and you liberals are such evil communist scumbags who can’t even do simple business mathematics.


  36. Corporate life is so profits are sooo boring…while growing tomatoes in your own organic garden and playing Scrabble with smart kids..or making fresh yogurt from cow squeezed milk…is a better life? Fill up goddamned tall box buildings with well paid people…who cares about corporate greed and style of existing…

  37. AOC is a bit too sharp..and down to earth for the weird folks of the US who live in Hollywood reality..and greedy ways.

  38. FOX claims AOC has brought "socialism" to New York, and destryed the Amazon deal. While conveniently forgetting the $3 billion in socialism benefits New York was willing to give to another wealthy corporation, that should never get any social benefits …paid for by the tax payers.

  39. The sheer irony of not giving corporations billions of dollars and calling it socialism shows how ignorant the average American is about socialism.

  40. This people at Fox don’t seem very business savvy. But are too quick to condemn especially AOC. It’s like living in the twilight zone, when people get upset when your Congress people actually does something to benefit you, but you still get mad about saving tax money.

  41. AOCommunist is a lying POS. She is a communist attempting to overthrow democracy. These people are going to drag the democrats to hell. Google, Twitter … are only using you to bring in their totalitarianism and you people too F..KING STUPID to know it.

  42. I remember when FOX was celebrating when the USA lost the Olympics where we would have made millions and a spot light on your country.

  43. Giving billions in incentive to large corporations is corporate socialism, it is not free-market capitalism.

  44. Fox News and the entire Fox Entertainment conglomerate needs to be taken out of commission. They are a propaganda network…plain and simple. They lie, lie, lie. They dramatize everything that is against what is good for the common people. They need to go!

  45. Every dickhead who was crying about amazon not getting those tax breaks should go play in traffic especially those feckless editorial boards.

  46. I’m not sure how you can possibly spin AOC’s lack of leadership and stupidity of running Amazon out of NYC… in the real world, you get paid for results, kids.

  47. CooCoo Cortez reminds me of a donkey's mouth with that set of teeth, and she also has a brain to match. Dumb as a rock is she.

  48. The politically ignorant on here should be given a political proficiency test before elections and if they fail, they should NOT be allowed to vote. This is why we have Trump for president. The same goes for the financially ignorant. Go back to school, open up your heads and STICK A BOOK IN IT

  49. Brett, John- a Quote- "nothing matters except beating the ever loving s…..; Newt Gingrich, Roger Ailes, Lee Atwater, Mitch McConnell. And there you have the GOP editorial policy- and as long as they can successfully claim it's "political speech" (and oh, buddy they do when they get in court) they can legally slander and vilify anyone they chose without any retribution- so they do. Go check any records you may have access to- most of the "opinion" people like Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, North have contracts with their sponsors declaring them entertainers, actually anything but jounalists, because jounalists who are on contract as journalists have a much higher legal bar to avoid lawsuit trouble. Go see and make a show of your findings- get pics of the contracts- I'm sure there will be some booty hurt sob's !

  50. Yah right a SOCIALIST that didn't know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal.DUMB AND DUMBERER

  51. Yah right a SOCIALIST that didn't know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal.DUMB AND DUMBERER

  52. Yah right a SOCIALIST that didn't know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal.DUMB AND DUMBERER

  53. Yah right a SOCIALIST that didn't know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal.DUMB AND DUMBERER

  54. Yah right a SOCIALIST that didn't know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal.DUMB AND DUMBERER

  55. Only republicans think multi-billion dollar corporations need tax breaks and added, and corrupt, tax payer funded incentives to bring their business to any town or city.
    This kind of mentality is just sick.

  56. AOC Schooled by Former ICE Director Tom Homan, ..and makes AOC look like the low IQ fake virtue signaling Bimbo she is. …. There , I fixed the title for ya ..

  57. Search AOC Homan for the real story here, Tom Homan totally destroyed AOC , TYT is nothing but fake news lies and racist propaganda.

  58. Another Dana bitch and Fox and fucking friends? Makes me so sick. Bastard liars those ass-wipes. #MyTake idiot with an english accent? Jump off the roof you fool. Damned, where do these haters come from?

  59. From Seattle here. Amazon has fucked up this city. they have brought people here for their HQ and driving the cost of living through the roof. Look for the people of Virginia to be shouting "BEZOS SUCKS" just like we are. N.Y. C.dodged a bullet thanks to AOC.

  60. You have literally got to be as stupid as this ignorant twit puppet if you believe any of this crap…this stupid aoc twit is dumber than cat dander…she'll be bartending again soon. Good riddance to the most ignorant fool to ever disgrace Congress.

  61. Maybe Stuart Varney should check with AOC before he starts running his BIG mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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