Antonio Brown, Andrew Luck and Zeke Hijack the Wild Offseason | Gridiron Heights S4E1

– Oh hell yeah, man, football is back— Oh hell no, Antonio. – THIS IS CLEARLY NOT TO CODE— – IF I CAN’T LIVE HERE, I’M LEAVING GRIDIRON— – Thanks so much, guys! My leg’s been trapped under this vending machine all summer! – HEY GUYS, THERE’S BEEN ANOTHER ANTONIO BROWN THING! – Woah!
– Gotta check that out! – Haha, that’s OK! Wait. Maybe it’s NOT OK… – Alright, I played nice. I moved houses. – A.B., you clearly just painted your old Steelers house. – IF A.B. WANTS TO BUILD ON A CLIFF, LET HIM BUILD ON A CLIFF. – I’M SICK OF A.B. Up Next: The Top ONE THOUSAND A.B. Offseason Moments. – Not everyone can be besties like Coach and I! – PLEASE HELP! AARON HURT MY LEG AND HE SAID HE’LL DO IT AGAIN— – Does anyone even care I’m training on a beach again? – A.B.! A.B.!
– Antonio! – ENOUGH. I can’t do this anymore I’m leaving lol. – NO! – You can do that? – Remember: You can always find me in the throw of a football…. WEEEEE!!!!! – Was Andrew Luck real or just a dream we all had? – He was real. He was damn real. – AHHH! Subscribe to this channel by double-doinking below. I mean double-clicking. Double-kick below— WHO BROUGHT UP KICKING? -Uh, you did, Coach. No I doinkn’t. I mean, I DIDN’T. I DOUBLE DOINK DIDN’T. I’M OVER THE DOUBLE DOINK.

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