Announcing Round 3 of the Presidential Innovation Fellows

Announcing Round 3 of the Presidential Innovation Fellows

Narrator: It’s an exciting
time for people who want to make a big difference
in the world. If you’re a data geek, an
entrepreneur, a developer, a designer, a maker. Whatever you do. If you’re using the skills
and tools of the 21 st century to make things
happen, there are endless opportunities. Companies to launch,
movements to lead, and platforms to create. But there’s one key
opportunity to put your talents to use that you
may not have thought of: the federal government. Government matters. It matters a lot. And it needs
people like you. That’s why we launched the
Presidential Innovation Fellows Program. And today we’re excited
to announce that we’re launching the third round
of this amazing program and we hope you’ll
consider apply. Since the initiative
launched nearly two years ago, fellows have been
delivering impressive results at start-up speed. From enabling consumers to
save money on electricity bills to helping millions
of Americans get secure access to their own health
information online. The next class of fellows
will focus on three huge opportunities: fueling
data innovation; providing our nation’s veterans with
better, faster access to the services they deserve;
and using crowd-sourcing projects to improve
government. This is an opportunity
to truly transform how government works for
the people it serves. The work is challenging and tremendously rewarding. The first step is
to apply today.

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