ANNOUNCEMENT: Sixty Symbols Ogden Fellowship

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sixty Symbols Ogden Fellowship

This is a bit different for a Sixty Symbols video in that actually it’s a sort of meta-video in that is not actually about science, it’s
about sixty symbols itself and the exciting news is that there is the
opportunity for somebody new to get involved in the whole project somebody to come and join the team start
making some of the videos start doing some science the whole point of this series is that
they’re kind of bits of science being described by scientists and so we do
want somebody who is a professional scientist getting involved in this but
what’s a bit different about it is that you’ll notice most of the people doing
the videos are getting on a bit these days we’ve been doing them for a while
and so what’s exciting about this is we’re gonna get somebody at a much
earlier stage in a scientific career involved in the whole project so that
not only can they talk about the science but obviously one of the questions we
get asked quite a lot of the time is you know what’s it like to be starting out
of the career in science for us that was all a fair while ago so having somebody who’s actually going
to that process now could talk about what it’s like to be starting in a
career in science as well as talking about the science itself is part of what
we’re trying to do so it’s called the sixty symbols ogden fellowship is what
we’ve managed to create and there are different parts of that so let’s start at the back end
fellowship basically means this is a postdoctoral researcher who can do
whatever they like so kind of the distinction between just the general postdoc and a fellow is that fellows really dictate
their own research programs so we want somebody to come in who’s going exciting ideas
about what science they want to be doing anywhere within physics or astronomy this is a real research position you
know it’s going to be to get two-thirds of the time doing research one third of
the time maybe doing outreach-type things but it’s fundamentally a proper
research position and very exciting opportunity because as i say the
person is coming in really will get to to define what their research program is
so that’s the fellowship bit the bit in the middle … uh well the bit at the beginning
is sixty symbols that’s the easy bit the bit in the middle the ogden bit is
because obviously this takes money and we’ve been looking around trying to find
somebody to support this idea and the ogden trust which is a charitable trust
that kind of promotes physics in the UK has agreed to fund partly fund the
position so part of the job will actually be
supporting the kind of the ogden trust’s agenda of getting out in the community
talking about physics encouraging groups of people who don’t typically go into
scientific careers to go into scientific careers what are they going to have to do with sixty symbols or do we
well I guess I have some say in that too you’d probably get to say about that i mean my
initial idea was really that they just they fit in with the team so they start
making the kind of videos that we make generally obviously they’ll bring their
own particular interest so hopefully some new areas of physics that we
haven’t been covering but also to talk more generally about what they’re up to
what it’s like to be doing the job that they’re doing you know when they start
applying for their own funding and those kinds of things they can talk about all
that just talking about things from that early career perspective that the rest
of us don’t really have a little feature in the videos and you know if they have
particular skills they want to bring to bear that we don’t currently use then
that would be fine too so it is a postdoctoral position which
means that one of the requirements of the post is you have to have a PhD that’s that’s really it though and so
we’re looking for somebody who’s probably just at the point of completing
a PhD now or completed it within the last year or so who’s looking for their
first sort of serious research position I want an astronomer but that’s just because I’m an
astronomer and if you talk to Phil Moriarty he wants a you know a nice nanotechnologist so I’m sure
we all have our own idea as to exactly the right person for the job is but there
is no there is no there is no set person though is there? there is no real… no there’s no
agenda no hidden agenda here we haven’t got somebody lined up already it’s a
completely open competition when we are appointing postdoctoral researchers the
main thing we look at is you know their CV and publication list and all those
kinds of things are going to ask for all those those things but obviously this is
a bit different and so the other thing we’re asking people to do is to make a
video themselves no more than two minutes duration just
explaining some piece of science they do not really not necessarily in the style
of sixty symbols but kind of at the level of sixty symbols so just to kind of
demonstrate they have that ability to explain what they’re doing in the kind
of way that we explain things and the other thing to stress about that
is when we come to kind of assess those videos we’re not going to look at the technical
quality of your… you know assuming the video is viewable and the sounds audible
and those kinds of things we really not going to be critiquing them because you
know we have an entirely adequate cameraman [laughing] so was that you said? [laughing] the position is funded
the two years so it’s a two-year position obviously we’re hoping that it will be a
huge success and everyone will be falling all over themselves to continue funding it
but it will be guaranteed for two years at least you know a lot of reasons why
we’re excited about this it’s a new thing with pushing the project in new
directions it’s an opportunity to do some new
science and I guess what’s most exciting about that is it’s an opportunity to do
new science that wouldn’t have happened at all if it wasn’t for sixty symbols so
actually the science that comes out of this is science that wouldn’t have been
done if it weren’t for the sixty symbols videos so which i think is really quite
exciting aspect of the whole thing yeah me too vastly restrict the amount of light
coming in to isolate exactly the wavelengths that we want so it turns our wide filter into a
filter with a width of just a nanometer or so and it’s tunable so it’s got two
little plates inside a reflecting material

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  1. So us watchers are hopefully getting a child like curiosity combined with scientific expertise combined with interviewer who wants things explained in laymen's terms… Ultrakill

  2. This is extremely exciting! Congratulations Brady, I can't wait to see who the new person is. Seeing someone new in numberphile would be good too.

  3. Well
    1) I live in Canada
    2) I have only Masters Degree in Physics and don't even plan to go for PhD
    3) Don't even like doing research really… that is why I switched to software development…

  4. I think that simonoxphys would be an excellent candidate for this. currently working on finishing his PhD at Exeter, already makes YouTube videos, and his focus is in atmospheric physics, which is an area of physics that hasn't been talked much about in sixty symbols. I nominate him.

  5. Okay getting started on that PhD right now see you in 30 years. great idea for the 21st century.

  6. Would you consider a Computer Scientist nearing the end of a PhD with a good background in classical physics and light transport simulations?

  7. So, when is the selection of the Sixty Symbols fellow to be made? And does this mean any of the regular crew, Professors Mike, Ed, Phil, Meghan, etc., are NOT going to be in future videos?

  8. How freaking wonderful 😀 A nod to all my favorite brains in the universe, including Brady 😀

    I'll share it to see if ppl I know want to dig in!

  9. This is exciting. "… new science that wouldn't have happened at all if it wasn't for Sixty Symbols." I hope get get an over-the-shoulder look at the process. That would be great!

  10. Brady, come to Baltimore sometime and talk to people at the Applied Physics Lab, not to mention the Space Telescope crowd. If only I had a funded fellowship, I'd create a local counterpart to your channels.

  11. PhD student now, this sounds awesome! Would you guys consider someone who may be a few years off of completing their PhD?

  12. As someone who is just now starting graduate school and considering going into research I am pumped for this new saga for Sixty Symbols

  13. What an incredible idea! I love these videos and am so grateful for all your hard work. I'm excited to hear that this channel has a healthy future and to see the direction a new person goes with this opportunity

  14. Awesome! If you ever end up with a similar open position in the 'omics' area of biology, let me know! 😉

  15. I'm a 21 year old factory worker, dropped out of community college, and I live in America. Wish me luck on my application 😉

  16. I am a sixth form student and i have just won the Ogden Trust's Young Physicist Award, this make me eligible for a grant when i go to university and i would just like to say how amazing this trust is. They have given me great confidence and what they are doing to promote physics to the younger generation is fantastic!

  17. One of these days Brady will put a mic on himself so we can actually hear his questions, then maybe he'll raise above the grade of "adequate"! ;D

  18. Who wrote this video description? "and liked the idea you were following the process right from the start. You also might weite comments under the video that are helpful in the process*?* Or share the video with people who ARE eligible*!?*"

  19. It's just a pity that Pr Merrifield said that they wanted PhDs "looking for their first serious research position". A PhD IS already a serious research position! But I'm enclined to think that this is just a bad phrasing and not his actual opinion on PhDs.

  20. This is wonderful. Just amazing idea. I would apply if I would not just start my PhD.

    Will we get to vote for some of the best applications?

  21. Good luck to whom applies for the job, I enjoy these vids very much, so a new scientist in town will be nice. Bring up some optica, fluid behaviour, or electro magnatism, I don't see that so much here I guess 😉

  22. I do hope that you make a video of the best entry videos. Or all of the entry videos if that's humanly possible.
    A great idea, btw. Good luck with it.
    Excuse me whilst I curse my life choices and not becoming a physicist/astronomer.

  23. This is pretty awesome. I know "real" physicists look down their noses at fluid dynamics so I can't imagine the person that gets the fellowship will be in fluids, but I hope sixty symbols does more fluids videos in the future.

  24. Man, I wish I were a few years older… I'm still doing my undergrad degree atm, but this would be my dream postdoc position!

  25. This would be my dream job, too bad my maths is rubbish and there is no way I will ever be able to. But good luck to the people who's going to enter.

  26. Sad that I'm doing my Masters and not my Phd. And that I'm doing Engineering. And that I live in Spain. I'm german though, plus points there, I suppose.

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