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Annamayya Telugu Full Length  Movie || Akkineni Nagarjuna Annamayya | TeluguOne

Hail Lord Venkateswara! Annamayya’s life is a
total surrender to the thee. Singing, playing, uniting & then
quarrelling with Lord Venkateswara. Praying and making pleas. A man who dedicated his entire
life in the service of god. A great devotee of Lord Hari. Understanding the reach of folk songs
have in general public. Adding mellifluous spontaneity
of Telugu language. Composed songs in great Raga &
Rhythm in the simplest language. In metrical & verse, he made the
‘word poetry’ gain wide acceptance. Annamayya was a highly
gifted singer (Veggeyakara). With a touch of philosophy with
undertone of romance. Taking liberty of freedom
of expression. A gifted singer who consecrated Lord
& his consort Alumelumanga. With his spiritual mystical
music conquering us is Annamayya. Every Telugu mother who sings the song
‘Come moon’ to her child while feeding. …It is an Annamayya creation. This lullaby which is
heard in every home… …is written by Annamayya. Descendents of Annamayya… …are continuing the tradition
of devotional singing… …and spreading the fragrance
of music all over the world. As part of that great endeavor
of spreading it’s fragrance, this film presentation is
one part of such an endeavor. You are great lovers of
devotional music. Enjoy and make our effort
a grand success. The power of chanting your name… Though, it’s cheap in price but
bears great fruits. The greatest fortune on this Earth
is story of Lord Vishnu. Story of Lord Vishnu is a
never ending treasure. He’s little child to Yashodha. He’s father of Lord Brahma, the creator. You’re omnipotent. A never fading beauty
is your form. How am I to praise his
handsomeness & Alamelumanga. Shall we pray Lord Venkateswara
of Venkatagiri. A god who fulfills all
your wishes. He’s Lord Venkateshwara, husband
of mother Alamelumanga. Hail Lord Venkateswara. The hands that protects so many. A golden hand that showers mercy. “Praising the Lord in Sanskrit” “Praising the lord in Tamil” “Praising the lord in Kannada”. I want to ask you a thing, my lord!
the lord who likes praises. Yes, we’ve been thinking
of it since a long time. I’ve never said no to any of
your requests till date. Why are you then
hesitating to ask me? Ask me. We’ve been hearing devotional music
in all languages. And getting lost in that melody. But we are not hearing Telugu songs though
we are presiding on Telugu land. Why is that, my lord? My dear wives time has come
to fulfill your wish. To purify this world
with his songs… In near future in Telugu land, a great
devotional singer is going to take birth. Our Nandaka sword. Sword? going to be born
as a Vaggeyakara. Yes, my dear. To behead the growing heads of sins
all around the world. Isn’t the need of hour, swords
like devotional songs? Our Nandaka sword is the
right choice for it. Look there. Hail Lord Venkateshwara… Lakkamamba, who’s making
pervent plea for a son. My sincere devotee. To give birth to first Telugu song. Our Nandaka, is going to born
to her as Annamayya. This is the birth day of Telugu. This is folk lore to the folk. The seven basic musical notes have
become Holy Seven Hills. It’s epitome of Lord Vishnu
in word in modern era. This is birth of Annamayya… This Nandaka sword of Lord Vishnu
beheads all ignorance. It’s blessed by Lord Brahma and
his consort Goddess of learning. Getting enchanted in the music of
drums in Lord Shiva’s world. In heavenly worlds dancing to the
tunes of beautiful angels. Understanding the greatness of music
from Sage Narada & Sage Mahithi. Getting the sheen from the power of
countless years of penance of Yatis. Lakkamamba, who’s yearning to become
a mother Nandaka sword enters her womb. It became a reason for celebration. It becomes a reason
for happiness. Birth of Annamayya, Goddess Padmavathi comes as the
mid wife to facilitate safe birth. As the Sage comes into
this world. Becoming an aura
of Lord Vishnu, Seed of rhythm. Becoming a dictionary
of Telugu literature. Annamayya came into this world. Like bright sun
chasing away darkness. As a crawling child he went to
touch holy text Bhagavatham. He wouldn’t eat anything without being fed
with the chant of Lord Vishnu. Becoming a leading light to the
Telugu literary world. Like a poetry in verse… Annamayya was growing
up on Tallapaka. Lakkamamba, do you know what that
Vedic scholar told about our son. Your Annamayya is very
intelligent student. Your Annamayya would grow up to
become a great Vedic scholar. He praised for giving birth
to such a great son. Why are you getting angry
if he praises me? I’m not angry for
praising you. But, I’m asking you
a thing in ignorance. Tell your teacher to remember
there’s a mother also at home. Sister, a good news!
– What’s it. Brother-in-law, a good news! My wife has given birth… …to twins! Both are girls. Sister, do you know they look like? They’re like music & literature. Already my nephew is swinging
my children is praise. Oh! Please don’t it, dear. Dear… Hey! Pernam Bhatlu!
– What’s it, Subbam Bhatlu? Annamayya is one and they are 2 girls.
– Is it wrong? Hey! Fool of fools! How many consorts does
Lord Shiva have? Ganga & Parvathi, two consorts. How many does Lord Vishnu has? Sridevi & Bhoodevi, two consorts. How many wives did
King Dasaratha had? Kousalya, Sumithra and
Kaikeyi, 3 wives. How many wives did the flute had?
– That means? That’s how many wives did
peacock feather had? I’m asking you, who’s that? Flute & peacock feather
denotes Lord Krishna. How many he had?
– 8 wives. Don’t ask their names
I don’t know. When he had 8 wives, what’s wrong
if Annamayya is going steady with 2 girls. Nothing wrong. Then, close all your nine openings
and watch the fun. Okay. Dear how’s the arrest
with our plaits? To extract the nectar of love from me
tying around my mountain like heart. It’s like churning the
sea of affection. Gone! – Finished! Great poet Bhavabhuthi said there’s only
one emotion compassion. But after seeing your young
mesmerizing beauty. I feel like there’s only
one emotion, that’s lust. You’re such a learned scholar. It’s our good fortune that we too
have a place in your heart. It’s not good fortune but manifestation
of previous birth’s good deeds. Great Annamayya.
– Wow! Annamayya. We are your classmates,
we are your close friends. Okay! But, what’s your problem? Sword fights & wrestling matches are
taking place near the temple. Shall we go to see it? Dear, dear, shall we go? If you’re interested would I dare
to refuse it? Come. If there’s any brave man here
get into the arena. Dear, look how bravely he’s
challenging everyone? Brave? My foot!
Look at that rat face. I’ll knock them out… come in. Dear, make him bite the dust. – Me? Go dear, finished him off. If you’re so interested how can
I dare to refuse you? We are students of Vedas. Do we need all these war games?
– It’s wrong. What’s wrong in it? Didn’t Parasuram learn Vedas and
then waged wars? I’ll also follow his path. Gone. Why did Annamayya enter the arena? Hey priest, will you combat
me with a sword? Take it. Cut grass! Or else cut pumpkins
and prepare crisps. What’s this, my lord? We had sent him to hold a
Tambura & sing devotional songs. Why is he holding a sword? He was born from a sword, wasn’t he? Old habits don’t die so easily? We must make him to
forget one by one. You’ve seen, haven’t you? One who’s interested in such things
will he study Vedas devotedly? I’ll follow my father’s
words as orders. Would you allow me to
tell something? I’m ignorant about this world.
I’ll tell you if you permit me. Tell him aunty. How did you bless him when
he started going to school? You had blessed him to become
a scholar in all 64 arts. You’ve recollected it perfectly. Those 64 arts include sword fight &
wrestling also, don’t they? I’m ignorant about this world. Uncle, assume if 10 dacoits
break into our house. If you chant Veda, will they leave
us without stealing anything? By the way, what have decided? I think learning everything
is good for life. I’m ignorant about this world. A mother is always a mother. Uncle, you too must show that
a father too is a father. I’ll do. As a father I don’t want
to praise him. My son is not just a scholar in Veda
he’ll master any art easily. A father is a father. Dear… – Dear. Hey! Sweet heart. Falling into like a line. I like your tender love. I’ll present all my beauty to you. Give me your beauty. Enough of your taunts dear. Your talk is sweet like the sparrows
in the fields, dear. I’ll hit you like a cyclone
with all my love. You taunt us always,
stop it, my dear. You produce fine poetry in my
heart with your eyes… You take off our shyness
like the folk songs. You meet us regularly
on some pretext. Dear, don’t know how mischief your
eyes plays on our bodies. This duet songs is
a fragrant flower garden. Idiots! Are you saying we don’t
know new lessons? Till you learn the old lesson
I had taught, You stay in the position. Gone! – Finished! Greetings to teacher. Yuck… Yuck. Why did you bring girls into
the holy school of Veda? Stop it boys. Don’t you know that women shouldn’t
hear or learn Vedas? First ask them to leave this place. They are not here to go out.
– Then? It seems they are eager
to learn Vedas. They’ve come to make a request
to teach them. Oh! My Lord Shiva!
Guru, you’re committing a sin. Guru, you mustn’t say it
like calling a vessel. You must pronounce it like this. It’s rule of sound, don’t trespass
the rules of sound. Shut up wastrels! Annamayya, will you send
them out or not? You said to get education one needs
sincerity, interest & devotion. They have all the three. Please, teach them Vedas. Or else… – Or else? Another school of Veda will be opened
opposite as a competition. Come. Gone! – Finished. You’ve seen, haven’t you?
What do you say now? What’s this scene against
your teacher? Uncle, it’s not a scene, it’s Vedas.
– You keep quiet, dear. Nephew, what’s this teaching
Vedas to women? Isn’t it a sin? Why are you saying it
as just a sin? It’s a grave sin! – Is it so? Then, I’ll ask you a question. Anasuya, Apala, Athreyi & Arundhathi.
Who are these people? Are they men or women? Don’t think we are so ignorant,
they are women. Vachakravi, Sulabha, Kathyayini
and Gargi, they are…? They too are women only,
so what? They were all great scholars
of Vedas, weren’t they? Indeed they were, so what? Did they become scholars of
Vedas without learning it? This is frivolous argument.
– Is it frivolous argument? Mother, who is the principle
deity of all Vedas. How do I know I’m ignorant
about this world? I’ll ask teacher & tell you. Teacher, isn’t it Goddess
mother Gayathri? Yes, it’s Goddess mother Gayathri only.
So what? Asking me, so what? Aunt, who’s the principle deity
to all art forms? Who else?
Goddess of learning, Saraswathi. Yes, Saraswathi, so what? Department of education which
is headed by women. I’m asking you why shouldn’t
women learn Vedas. Teacher, how can you brush it
as a frivolous argument? Why are you silent? Answer him. What can he say, poor man? Got it? My fiancé knows to take
as well as teach lessons. Gone! – Finished!
– Shut up, idiots. Rules will fall apart. Unrestrained liberty will
rule the roost. Your son isn’t at fault on this issue.
He’s very intelligent student. Those two girls are inciting him
to go against everyone. If you remain a silent spectator
to the proceedings. Not only your son’s future but our
traditions will get ruined. Our customs & traditions are on the
verge of losing their identity. You can only save
it from ruination. What do you want me to do? I request you to change his
interest from those girls. And save our rich traditions & customs. Stop. Annamaya, do you believe in following
a father’s words as order? Do you or not?
– I do. If you do… hereafter those two girls…
I mean your uncle’s daughters. Promise me you’ll forget them
and then enter the house. Are you waiting for him?
– Yes. Are you waiting for your fiancé who
rides 2 horse driven chariot? Yes. He’ll never come. He’s coming, isn’t he? Fiancé… – Fiancé. Dear, you both must forget me. Why are you surprised?
I’ll also forget you. It’s just an empty threat!
– It’s impossible for you. Why not? When Lord Rama can go to forest
for his father’s promise. Can’t I forget these two
for my father’s promise. Will you really forget us for
your father’s promise? How did you become so coward? This is not cowardice.
It’s following a father’s orders. That’s why, I’ve taken this decision. Who’s bothers about your decision? You can never forget us,
we’ll never allow you to forget us. When you take bath, You’ll remember us as applying
soap to your back. Not only back but
your entire body. Impossible. When you offer prayers and take water
into your palm for purification. I’ll appear in that water
and wink at you. You’ll not appear. When you’re partaking food
we’ll appear and kiss you. I’ll become your bed when you sleep.
– I’ll become your pillow. I must honor promise given to
my father, it’s impossible. Air bubbles on water
will not last long. Let peace be with you. We’ll pluck our your tuft. Hey! Botlu!
– What’s it Peranam Bottu? Clean your body properly.
– Alright. Brother. Have you come to take a bath? Take precautions that your fiancées.
– Don’t come into your thoughts. Not only they, their great grandmother
too won’t come into my thoughts. Keeping up a promise
given to father. Hey! Stop… No… No… Stop… Enough.
Stop… Stop… No. Brother, did your fiancé
gave you a bath? Have you broken the promise
given to your father? Gone… – Finished. They’ll not come to my memory,
when I offer my daily prayers. I’ll keep up the promise
given to my father. Brother is confident,
you keep quiet idiot. Hail Lord Kesava. Hail Lord Narayana. Lord Indra fell for Ahalya.
– Come. Sage Vishwamithra fell for Menaka.
– Finished. Our man has fallen for his fiancées.
– Finished. Promise given to father…
– Gone with the wind. Shut up! Agreed, I’m not able
to forgot them, it’s true. But I’ll keep up the promise
given to my father. Gone. – Finished. I’ll become your bed when you sleep.
– I’ll become your pillow. A father’s promise. It’s like a silk skirt
wearing bed. How warm this pillow is? If I sleep all my life on
this bed & pillow. Like this… Like this. What happened son?
You’re talking in sleep. Nothing, fiancées are coming
into my memories. Let them come what’s wrong in it? But father has warned me
not to meet them. You grandfather too laid the same condition
to your father before our marriage. But he never followed it. But your father went against them
& married me in a temple. I’m an ignorant women.
I was speaking in ignorance. It’s your wish after that. Mother! You’re not just a mother
but a mother of all mothers. I’m an ignorant woman,
spoke in ignorance. Please forgive me. I’ve seen a glimpse of
what a mother is. Lakkamamba! I’m just lac
and you’re mother. Hereafter no scholar or pundit
can stop me or my son. Personification of traditional
16 arts together. I pray to goddesses of
my first love. The youthful additions of a
young girl on her body. My heart is a swing to
my sweet maidens. Shedding little droplets
of sweat of romance. It’s like a bath in
scented water for beauties. For your heavy hips which
got tired of moving. I’m offering cool
Sandalwood paste. For my queens of Venus. I’m offering experience
as an offering. For you fired lips,
I’m offering betel leaves. For my lovely beauties. I’m offering bows of lovely kisses. Fiancé! Why are you walking back? I don’t want to miss seeing your
beauty even for a second. You might fall dear. I’ve already fallen
into love, haven’t I? Is it the way to write divine songs
and changing world order? There’s no liberation without
the experience of sex. He has fallen into the line. All I’ve to do is change his path. You are blocking my way
who are you? I’m a teacher to chide & bring to right
path those tread wrong path. You’ll get to know it in future. Tell me about you. What’s this flower umbrella?
Serving these beautiful women. I think you’ve given up offering
daily prayers also. No. In the sacrificial fire
of their beauty. In unquenching thirst
of love fire. With hymns praising different
parts of their beautiful bodies. What I’m doing every day is
offering prayers, isn’t it? You are sighing for this. In the rain of moon lights fires… In the swings of sighs
of the beauty spots. Prayers of beauty. Churning of lips to spill our nectar,
battles of sensuous hugs. If I tell you the other
secrets of life. You’ll give up the celibacy
& ascetic life. For this beauty you’ve gone mad. What will happen to you if you
see much more beauty? More beautiful than them
is impossible. Oh! I’m asking you what will
you do if you find it? I’m telling you there’s no chance
of even imagining. If you do find what would you do? If it gives me more happiness
than their beauty. It it’s never ending or eternal…
If it fills all my heart… If there’s a beauty which
can mesmerize me. Oh! No there won’t be such a thing sir. If there is, what would you do? I’ll enslave myself to that beauty. Then come with me.
I’ll show you. Come, I’ll see it. Sir… Sir… Look at these. What do you feel on seeing it? Procreation which sustains
life on Earth. I’m seeing my parents in the
process of divine procreation. Sister-in-law, it seems our Annamayya
fell unconscious in temple. Son! – Sister-in-law. Brother-in-law, it seems
Annamayya fell unconscious. Yes, I’ve sent a man
to fetch doctor also. Please come & check him. He’s in a coma. I’m not able
to feel his pulse also. I’m also little confused
about his condition. It’s all in the hands of god. Lord… Lord. Lord… Lord. Lord. Son, what happened. I had a dream.
I had a dream just now. I’ve seen the savior of this
world, Lord Venkateshwara. I’ve seen the wonderful hill Seshadri. I’ve seen the matchless
powerful towers. I’ve seen the brightness equal to
10 billions of suns. I’ve seen the lord
with four hands. And suddenly woke up
from the sleep. I’ve seen the rare conch &
discuss on either sides. I’ve seen a matchless
benevolent hand. I’ve seen the lord
of Tirumala hills. I’ve seen Lord Hari.
I’ve found my Guru. I’ve seen everything good. Lord bring back my son to normalcy. For the past 3 days this has
been going on like this only. He neither speaks
nor moves from here. When I ask him to come for food. He says didn’t I eat food. I’m afraid. Brother-in-law, I think he’ll change
if we give him any work. In my 50 years of life this is
the best thing you’ve said. Then give him work ceaselessly!
He’ll come back to normal. What am I to tell him? To cut wood or grass. Okay. Annamaya, go to forest, cut
& bring a big bale of grass. Hail Govinda, the savior
and protector. Did you see my fiancé?
– No, we didn’t find him. You go & search that side… Alright. It’s time to light lamps at home. He went early morning, hasn’t
yet turned up. I’m worried. Don’t get worried and
make us also worry. Both my daughters have gone
to fetch Annamayya. The entire village has
gone with them. Hail Lord Narayana. Looks like all devotees
are having your food. We can understand why you’ve come
here chanting Narayana’s name. Forget about me. I think you’re having food leaving a
man who has come with you. He’s a mad man,
you come & join us. Thank you. When we are inviting to share our food
why are you chanting god’s name? Come, join us. Chanting of God’s name is food for me,
you carry on children. He’s another mad man. Devotees are saying you didn’t have
food or water for 5 days? Why son? Grandpa, I want to fast till I reach
the abode of Lord Sri Hari. If you do like that your body
will become weak. You might lose your heart &
eventually life also. The journey I’m now embarking
is to serve my lord. What if I become weak
or lose my life. What am I going to lose, grandpa? Your words have given me
great happiness. For making me feel so happy… You take this. Look, I’m telling you a secret
about that lord. Hear. Neither in heaven nor in the hearts of yogis,
I’ll be present where devotees sing. These are words of Lord Vishnu himself
as told to Sage Narada. Narada, I’ll neither be in Vaikuntam
nor in the hearts of yogis. I’ll be present where my devotees
sing about me. He’s loves songs. Son, you must put life
into those songs. You must pave paths to salvation
with your songs. May you be blessed with the
mercy of Lord Srinivasa. Look, over yonder! Look, over yonder!
Abode of Lord Sri Hari. Under the shade of ten’s of
thousands of hoods of King cobras. Hail Lord Venkateshwara! This place of Venkatachalam is holiest
in this entire universe, It’s a holy place to Lord Brahma
& other gods too. Look, this abode is residence
to all humans. Lord Venkataramana,
the savior, the protector. Look, over yonder. Worship with hands joined together. It’s pure ecstasy. Hail Lord of Seven Hills! Hail the protector of all refugees!
Hail Lord of Seven hills! Look, over yonder the place
leading to salvation. The place made rich with
Lord making it his abode. It’s the richest & most prosperous
place ever we can imagine. The holiest of all places
on this Earth. My beautiful wives, offerings! They are as fragrant
as your bodies. You have those offerings,
I’ll have your beauty. My lord if you offer it with your hands…
– We’ve decided to have it. Your wish, my luck. Hot Pongal! Eat. My lord, pepper! It’s hot. Yes… yes! You’re too gentle charming
women, you can’t eat. Coquettish women! Have ‘Vadas’.
– Oh! My god! Our jaws! Oh! Laddu! It’s true that there’s nothing
equal to this on Earth. My beautiful women! You both come into my mind
wherever I see this. Your kisses are laddus. Your lips are laddu. Your cheeks are laddus. Your… – Stop it. Please, have it dear. Touching it with your lips the taste
of it has enhanced manifolds. Come on, my lord.
– lf you’ve any doubt, eat it. Lord… Lord… Lord of seven hills! My lord, look at that
‘Mount of knees’ once. I don’t want to see anything other than
you both in these moments of happiness. My lord, a son is struggling there
with hunger & thirst. Let him struggle!
You enjoy this laddu. Do you feel like that? I think you’ve because stone hearted
ever since you appeared in a stone. A father can never see
a child’s hunger. Yes, he can never see he can only
feel it with his heart. That’s why, to satiate
a child’s hunger. I made the Goddess mother
to go herself. What are you looking at, son?
Get up, son. Why did fall down, son?
Are you hungry? Hunger. I’m hungry to have a glimpse of
Goddess Padmavathi’s husband. How much distance do I’ve to travel to
reach my lord’s abode, mother? You’re still near the
mount of knees. And already dead tired in hunger. If you eat something you’ll get
energy & journey further. Take this & eat. No mother. I’ve taken a vow to fast till I
reach the sanctorum of my lord. I don’t know what sin I had
committed in following my vow. Everyone who had come with me
could make it to him. I fell here. Everything is blacking out
before my eyes. I’m feeling giddy. Mother, I’m afraid I may not see
my lord in this life. Mother, at least you bless me
so that I may see my lord. Son, you’ll definitely
see my lord. The only mistake you had committed
in fulfilling your vow is… …you’ve come with slippers
to this holy mountains. Remove your slippers. You’ll feel the omni present lord in every
atom on this Tirumala hills. Look, how beautifully this Tirumala
is radiating it’s beauty. The water here doesn’t flow whizzing,
they flow chanting Lord Hari’s name. Every tree on this holy hill is
another form of great sages. All holy ponds & holy places are
present on these holy hills. This mountain is an
abode to peace. This mountain is
an example of virtue. Mother. You’ve purified my life by telling me
about divinity of this place. You are… Son, you’ll get to know
me in future. First accept the offerings, come. Mother! Mother! Mother… I’ve understood mother.
I’ve understood. You’re none other than…
you’re mother of mothers. Showering mercy on me. To show me the path leading
to my lord, You’re Goddess Alumelumanga, who had
come personally to grace on me. Thank you for blessings me mother. What’s this? You all are shouting
like sheep. – Greetings sir. Move… Move… Move,
what are you watching… go. Always crying loud that lord’s name. What’s wrong in chanting lord’s name? Asking me, what’s wrong in it? What’s wrong if I rap
your shaven head? Move. Go… Go… Go. This lady here and one here.
Please, give me way. Hey! Why are you coming
with these sheep? Come out… Come out. Hey! – Sir! – Throw all these
wastrels out. And take our Chittoor Chinnamma
for a special prayer. Go… go… l’ll go.
Give way. Go… Move… Move. Hey! Did you offer prayers peacefully? I personally took her and made
her offer special prayers. Is it? Bloody idiot, you promised to send
grapes, cashew & dates. Why didn’t you send it?
– I’ll send. Sir. Grapes, Cashew, camphor & dates,
bought for god’s offerings. Send half of a bag each to
my Chinnamma’s house. What are you looking at?
Every idiot stares… get lost. I’ve made you to have
a glimpse of god. When shall I come for
a glimpse of your beauty. Come before, it’s night or else
my husband will be at home. If you say won’t I close the
temple now itself. You carry on… – I’ll go now. Hey! Visiting hours are over. Push out the devotees inside
and close the doors. Still there’s time to visit, isn’t it?
Why are you closing it before time? Still there’s time! Did that god
came & told you? Go away. Move out… Move out… Move out. Why are you closing the main
door early? I’ll close or open it at my will. Who are you to ask me?
– I’m a devotee. I’ve seen many devotees like you,
go now & come tomorrow. I’ll not go till I have
a glimpse of my lord. Hey! Come on boys. Hey! Close the door. Allow me to have a glimpse of my lord.
– We’ll not allow you. Hail Lord Kesava! Allow me to have a glimpse of my lord.
– We’ll not allow. Hail Lord Govinda! Did you see, my dear? You went running to
feed him offerings. I think the food offered by
you is showing its effect. Stop your divine plays my lord,
and give him your divine glimpse. Have I ever refused my
women’s wishes? The highest Supreme Being… I’ve seen your divine self
with my eyes, my supreme lord. Oh my Lord of Holy Pond! Save us. Oh! Our family deity you’ve chosen &
taken us under your protection. A rich tradition left behind
by our ancestors. You’re Lord Srinivasa staying
close to our heart, A divine hymn that will allow
us to live eternally. Hail Lord Venkateshwara. It’s a divine medicine that protects
us as a constant companion. A bosom pal who never leaves us
through thick or thin. You’re our savior,
my Lord Venkateshwara. Hey! Gone. – Hey! Finished. What do woman generally write (apply)?
– They generally apply turmeric. But what are they writing
on leaves? That’s what I’m also
unable to understand. The year ‘Bhavanama’
has also arrived. But still there’s no
sign of our fiancé. I Am not writing this ‘Subhadra Kalyanam’
epic as a vow for his return? This is nearing completion. As soon as it’s completed our fiancé
will come back. As soon as he comes
after hearing this… First Poetess of Telugu language.
What a great poem you’ve written. Come on. Make a wish.
Ask anything, he’ll say so! I’ll ask him not to leave these
mad girls ever again. He’ll say, yes! And then… then… he’ll never
leave us and go away. That’s all, isn’t it? Hey, Gone. – Hey, what’s it finished? Poor girls, how eagerly they are awaiting
for their fiancé’s come back. We’ve blabbered non-sense
by mistaking them. Sister-in-law, have this… Will Annamayya come only if they starve
and sit looking at the main door? Why not? He’ll definitely come. He’ll come. But these people should be
alive to see that day, shouldn’t they? Yes, they should. If they’ve to, then they must
have this medicinal drink. Aunty, Uncle, fiancé has come. Has he come? – Where’s he? He came into our dream last night. How is he?
Is he keeping good health? Is he having food at proper time?
– Yes… yes… But why hasn’t he come
into your dream? We too asked him the same question. My parents, if they take medicines
and sleep peacefully, Only then I can come into
their dreams, so he said. Did he say like that?
Give me the medicine. Brother-in-law, give me the medicine. We’ve taken the medicine.
We’ll sleep soundly tonight. If we sleep. He’ll definitely come
into our dreams, won’t he? He’ll come. Dear, come, let’s go & sleep. Come… Last night Annamayya didn’t
appear in my dream. I had been observing you all night. You should sleep to get dreams. Then, did he appear in your dreams? No! He’ll appear in dream
only if I sleep, won’t he? You too didn’t see him.
– No. He didn’t appear in your
dream too? – No. Where are you son?
Oh God… – Please be quiet. Oh! mother oh! Father. You’re worried about your
missing son, aren’t you? My husband knows about everything.
Ask about your son’s whereabouts. Where is my son,
fruit of my penance sir? He’s not fruit of your penance,
he’s a divine singer. Mother, what great psalms
he writes now. Hail Lord Narayana! A Lord hailed by Sage Narada. His songs are cooler
than the moonlight. His words are sweeter than the
voice of Goddess Padmavathi. This hymn is a culmination
of all hymns together. This hymn of Lord Venkateshwara
was fed to me since birth. My husband likes his songs
more than our songs. Yes, isn’t there the
Holy ‘Om’ sacred syllable. His songs are more
mystical than that. Sir, but still you haven’t told us the
whereabouts of my son. Your son is not on 1 or 2 hills
he’s on 7 hills. Go & find him,
bring him back with you. Hail Lord Govinda, savior in
times of difficulties. In such a large place…
– In such a crowded place… Don’t know where can we
find Annamayya? I’m also not able to
understand that only. All women please go
there & take rest. Go. Go… Go… go… – You two go that
side & search. As you say. Brother-in-law, we’ll go &
inquire this side, come. Today is Friday, isn’t it? Annamayya would be
personally consecrating god. You must hear strange petitions. As the time to lift golden
mosquito net approaches. I’ve seen in an auspicious
time on a Friday. The Lord accompanied by his
consort Goddess Alumelumanga. I’ve seen. A bride with fistful of rice.
A bride smiling shyly. This bride is a famed beauty. A bride with a large pearl
like neck. A bride between women invitees. A bride shying to tell
her husband’s name. This cradle made it a habit to move
fatigue though you’re eternal bliss. Inhale & exhaling tells about state
of your mind, this cradle. Cradle. – Cradle.
Cradle. – Cradle. If you refuse to come home
and refuse to get married. How are we to live my son? Why don’t say something son? What about their plight who love
you since their childhood? Mother, my life is dedicated to
the service of my lord. Don’t try to entangle me in
any kind of relationships. Oh! I’ve been watching you all
the while you were discussing. Look son, in the past I too
had refused marriage. One day I saw this girl,
when an elephant was chasing her. I fell in love with her. I left my bachelorhood to Lord Anjaneya
and married her. Why don’t you tell him about
marrying me prior to that? I’ll tell him about that also. Son, I’m telling you from
my own experience. Life without enjoying ‘those’
moments of bliss, And colorless things
are listless & lifeless. Advise him like that
I’ll take birth as your child. Did you see? How much a
mother is getting worried? Do you know anything
about a mother’s heart? What a mother’s heart is,
I, a motherless knows it better. There’s no god greater
than a mother. Don’t ponder over it anymore
agree for the marriage. But, family life in a journey on sea…
– Who told you that? Which god has advised you to take
to “Sanyasa” without marrying. The god you pray has two wives.
– Yes, both of us. Be happy like us. Try to understand why I’m telling you.
Accept to marry. Alright as you wish.
– Let you be blessed. Son. Sir, don’t know what great
power your words have. My son has agreed to marry.
– He might refuse again. So you come with us to our village
and conduct his marriage. Blessing him… I request you
to accept our honor. Me! Okay! As you wish. Take that one. – Take it. Take betel nuts. – Take it. Take betel leaves. – Take it. Oh Lord Govinda! Did you call me? Why would we call you? When elders are discussing
amongst themselves? Stop eavesdrop,
conduct the marriage. No, I felt you had called me. Why do feel like that? Conduct the marriage
and take your fee. Looks like I’ve broken my teeth…
– So be it. I’ve understood your dilemma. Marry them separately but
look after them as one. Gone! – Finished! Lord! What’s this
absurd behavior? This is neither absurd
nor strange. For Sabari’s devotion I accepted the
tasted fruits she had offered me. For mother Yashoda’s love I accepted
to take her beatings also. This great Veggeyakar has won over me
with his melodious music. I’ll get enchated,
I’ll carry his palanquin. What else can we do to him? Why are you looking
at us like that? Once you said you both
are one together. Do you remember it? We said it then, we say it now
and we’ll say it future too. No, that was a lie. Dear. You both together are not one. We three together are one. Do you say, no? Hiding is necessary for
closed pearls only. Amusement is for desires
of a mind only. A face that hasn’t been
tanned by sun needs, Musk. It’ll add beauty to
your hairs tied in a tuft. Chrysanthemum flowers. Sound of toe ring is for
slow moving wives only. Sandalwood is an ornament
for your body. For the sweet child’s prattle, Kisses. For your tender cheeks only… A half blossomed flower. For the union of love only. Sighs. For you Lord Venkateswara
is the mirror. Hey! Sharma, finish it of quickly. We’ve many obsequies engagements. For whom you’re
offering this food. For your grandfather?
– No. For your father?
– No. Oh, for your mother? – No. For you? For your second wife? A parrot is in the sail. Looks like it’s
Annamayya in that cart. Yes, that great man only. Leaving his children with
their grandparents. Deciding to spend rest of his life
at the feet of Lord. He’s leaving to Tirupathi
with his wives. Shall we also go to Tirupathi? This pondd in the heaven Vaikuntam has
resurfaced here as the holy pond. Any holy river will celebrate a
“Pushkaram” every 12 years. But for this holy pond everyday
is a “Pushkaram”. Come let’s take a dip in this pond
and purify ourselves. Hey! Stop… Stop… Stop. What’s all this commotion? Any festival is being celebrated
for the god in the pond? Not for god but for our
commander’s second wife. Look, she’s coming. Get into the pond
my sweet little thing. Water will be very cold. If we get in together it’ll start
boiling, my sweet sugar. What’s this injustice? Why should we wait till your
wife takes a bath? Why should you wait? Come, I’ll give you a bath.
Hey! Throw her into the pond. Leave my hand. Commander. You? When did you come
to my hill? What are you looking at?
This is my hill only. If you want carry on singing
your useless songs. Circumambulate the temple
prostrating on ground. And eat god’s offering, restrict
yourself to that routine only. Don’t interfere in my matters,
you’ll lose your head. If you don’t stop
these injustices. I’ll not lose my head but you. These devotees will do it. What could these devotees do?
Come on ask them to do it. Oh God! Why are you beating me?
Leave me. Come on, let’s go
away from here. Annamaya, I’ll go to Penugonda
today itself. And get you punished after
complaining to the King. Oh! As the King, great warrior,
savior, art lover, …l’ve been praised by so many
tributary princes. I’ve become an unchallenged King. An Emperor. But still there’s a little thing
that’s disturbing in my heart. An unhappy King!
– Yes, minister. I’ve heard that young virgin girls are
worried about my marriage. How am I to get rid of it? Kind, it isn’t a great thing. We’ve portraits of princesses
from different places. King, this beauty is daughter of King
of Kongara. Her name is Bhrungi. Bhrungi? She’ll pinch at sight. If you touch her she’ll
take you away. Stop your boasting, lift the
screen and show her. An eye catching beauty. King, are your eyes startled? My eyes are not startled,
my heart is shivering in fear. Looking at that girl’s
squint eyes. Squint eyes are lucky mascots, King.
Shall I talk to them? Yes, we’ll. Minister, take this priest and for
bringing in such a great proposal. Tie him tuft to a
large elephant’s tail. Pull, till it comes off. King forgive me
spare me. Next. Daughter of King of Konkani,
her name is Kroni. Kroni? Her name is strange? Look at her portrait, it will be
much more strange. What’s this her nose is
like a hook? Your pride which is not getting
hooked to anything, This nose will hook it up. Silly talk. Minister! – Yes King. Fry this man on a pan. As you order, King.
– King… King. Oh no. What a great a beauty. I must shower a rain of kisses on
the cheeks of this beauty. I’m a King of good and
a bad dream for bad. Union of our souls is
a feeling of ecstasy. This lover is shedding
beauty sensuously. And take over the evening to
the heights of sensual bliss. Entire Penugonda has come
under your moonlight. Your work… your secret work. Playing royal romantic games
of sensual desires. My work is a beautiful work. A work which this
King Salva likes to do. I’m eagerly awaiting for the
work which unites our hearts. It’s an uninterrupted work
which I’ll never ever postpone it. Let me tell you what is it. Oh! Beautiful moon like maiden. Fight one to one in
a combat of kisses. Oh! Dear, father of cupid. We must come to a compromise
at an earliest. I’m a man who tastes differently
for different seasons. Why are you prolonging
the argument? For the youthful age and the
Palanquin which comes for my marriage… King, a great injustice
has happened? Commander, you wastrel don’t you know
you must to blow before a King. Don’t I know it King, a man broke
my hand making it useless? Who’s that man? A man called Annamachaya.
– A great devotee. A great revolutionary, he has
come to the hills. After coming? – King he’s singing
those mad songs. Singing… – Our mad crowd is
following him madly. He has said no need to send the money
from donation box to Royal treasury. King I think he’ll usurp the
administration of temple. Then, what the hell were
you doing there. I had asked him authoritatively,
what’s all this? On being asked like that he broke
my bones. – Second time. I’ve come running to you
to lodge a complaint. I told you to show power of authority &
you’ve shown your muscle power. You’re shameless.
I don’t have time. Today, I’m going to another kingdom for
a bridegroom selection ceremony. I’ll show my muscle power there
after marrying that beauty. I’ll come to Tirumala hills and
take that revolutionary to the task. Princes, I welcome you all for my
daughter’s groom selection ceremony. Stop. How are you are to conduct this
function without my arrival? For this crime. I’m forgiving you. Because, my sweet heart’s eyes are
requesting from behind the screen. By the way who are these
useless idiots. They are also princes to attend
this ceremony. Not any fools. – No! we are Podugu
country, Godugu Kings. Which country? – Podugu country. Podugu. – Country. It’s not a tradition to turn this
event into a war zone. If you’ve talent win the test and
marry my daughter. What is that test?
– 3 questions. Questions… Cheaply. King, for a test you must ask to
lift a bow and tie the string. Or grind a mountain into dust. Or hit a fish’s eye
with an arrow. You mustn’t ask riddles & puzzles. Oh! Are you such a great marksman?
Let me see it. Stop laughing & tell me. Who’s there? – King. Bring bow & arrow
to the court. Keep the fruit on your head. Without even a scratch to that man,
you must cut that fruit. One who does it will
marry my daughter. Prince, why are you all silent? And you boasted too much
why are you silent? I’ll not… I can’t. Stop it, King. For friendship or fight we
must select equals. So… – So… What’s this? An almond, why are you asking me? Why did you keep it on my head? I’ll cut it into 2. – No. If you take off the nut I’ll aim
at your head. – No. My heart throb, if you come
here for a second. I’ll show you a magic.
– Magic! I’m ready. Intoxicating beauty. Stop your descriptions I’m
getting wet, do it fast man. Hey! What’s this you’re
aiming backwards? It’s my expertise to hit the
bull’s eye backwards. Oh! Father-in-law, has the
almond broken into 2? It has broken into 2 son-in-law. Great son-in-law, you’re
a great marksman. Dear, garland him. He’s Konetiraya, who has made
these hills as his abode. A lord who’ll lavish
you with wishes. King, I think he’ll usurp the
administration of the temple. King. – My dear. King, if you make him our royal court
singer instead of killing him. I’ll be very happy. Is it? Okay! I too liked his song.
I too love music. Moreover this is your first wish
after our first might. I can’t refuse, I’ll not show
my muscle power. I’ll play politics. Greetings to great singer. Let you be blessed with mercy
of Lord Srinivasa, you are? I’m King of Penugonda.
a slave of scholars. A great lover of beauty
my name is Salva Narashimha. We have heard about you. So, we’ve come personally
to meet you. I request you to become court singer and
enthrall all of us with your music. I’m a slave in the court of the lord.
I’ll not come else where. I’ll consecrate you for your songs. Forgive me. We’ll present you with
gold, money, and lands. Please, tell him to accept. To add sheen to your art, Our elder say we must
have royal support. Your songs shouldn’t be confined
to just few people. It must reach people of all regions. It needs publicity. May be Lord Srinivasa has sent them
for that purpose only. If you think lord has destined it
for us, let’s honor it. I’m blessed. Minister. – Yes King. Make arrangements for the singer’s travel.
– As you order, my lord. He came here angrily to punish him
but is honoring him. Kings are like that only. They never know themselves when they’ll
honor or when they’ll behead. Singer, I request you to enthrall all of
us here with your music. Lord Govinda. Etenral bliss.
Pollen dust of flower. Your name is sweet.
Your body is sweet. Your romance and love making
is sweetest of all sweets. Why has your lips turned
red like musk? Is it a love letter written by
the maiden to her lover? Greek partridge eyed pretty woman’s
felt eyes turned red. Won’t my companions get worried
about it at this hour? Striking those love filled eyes on
the heart of the lover. Is it blood oozing out
for taking it off? A battle of breasts striking against
each other sensuously. A festival of cracking up cots. As the lover drenched
with jasmine scent. Comes seeking the lovers
with great desire, As the pollen falls coolly on the lover
she attains the peak of desire. More than the heavy breasts,
the sensual sandalwood body. As it falls on the chest of the lord,
it’s a festival of love. At the union of pride the flowing
sweat smells fragrant. Your consorts blushing redness shines
bright on my lord Venkateswara. Look at this jewel!
How exquisite it is! Look at this precious stone jewel!
How beautiful it is! Show me. Why did you stay back here without
coming to offer prayers? We were busy, we forgot. You count those silk saris,
I’ll keep the jewels inside. Oh my Nightingale. Today, it’s our union’s first
anniversary, isn’t it? That divine singer Annamayya also come
& sang on the same day. My lord won’t you
fulfill my wish? Making a wish on the
anniversary day. Would I dare to refuse
a wife’s request? What is in your heart my dear? That divine singer’s songs on Lord’s
romance with his consort is tremendous. I wish to have him sing about
our romance also. It’s quite simple. I’ll ask Annamayya to come
& sing here. Oh my lord. You are making a wish
which you shouldn’t. Singing about humans after
singing about supreme soul. It’s a grave sin. It’s a sin to sing about
humans but I’m a King. Sing… No problem.
– Forgive me. My wife has made a request.
I’ve promised her. It’s your duty to honor it. Sing. – I refuse. I’m making a request as the King.
– I’m rejecting. I’m ordering you. I’m opposing it. If you’re adamant I’ll see your end.
You don’t know about me. I can make a flute play
sound of a thunder. I can make a cuckoo
to cry like a crow. I can fry things in a wet cloth. But you can’t make me utter a word
anything other than Lord Hari. Don’t make rash statements. Will you shut up and sing, opening
your mouth or not. Commander! Will a sugarcane give
us jaggery if like ask it? No King. Crushing it in a grinder
taking out it juice. Pouring it into big pans
and if we boil it’ll give. Jaggery will come my lord. Take this poor Brahmin
hand cuff him. Till the sweet jaggery of songs
on me comes out of him. Torture him. Bash him up. Hey, what was your name? Annamayya. Is it not else? You look like a mad man. You’re silent for all tortures. What did my King ask you? Did he ask you to lift huge boulders?
He asked you to sing on him. You did that great thing
you did this great thing. Can’t you just sing out
few lines like this? Can’t you sing it? If you sing you’ll live,
if you don’t sing you’ll die. Why are you smiling at me, man?
I’m getting irritated. Hey! Lash him. Sing man. You’re destined to die an orphan’s death.
Why are you adamant? Don’t I’ve anyone?
– Who’s there? Furious Lord Narasimha who
came out from a pillar. That Lord Venkata Narasimha
is my savior. Are you great devotee Prahalada or
Kuchela or great Sakkubai. To force god to come
personally to save you. Ask to him to come
let me see it. Sir, please pardon me. Aha! What’s this
divine intervention? Did I torture a great devotee
of god in ignorance? Oh my fate. Guru, I had behaved
inhumanly with you. In the pride of being a King,
I’m committed innumerable crimes. One who sang it praise
of the immortal. I had asked you to praise
a mortal like me. One who has arrested the
lord in his heart. I had dared to arrest him. You had proved that if we
call him sincerely. Even in this modern era
lord will come to us. I had abused & lashed
such a great soul. There’s no atonement for my sins. No atonement. Don’t pardon me sir… Cut me into pieces,
cut… cut me. Salva, you’re just a medium,
you’ve done nothing. Falling into trap of worldly pleasure. With a little stomach spending life
in the service of lord. May be lord has used you to open
my eyes to reality. Let bygones be bygones. At least now, allow me to reach
the sanctorum of my lord. Guru, I’ll relinquish this
throne and come with you. I’ll become your disciple and
spend my life in your service. Don’t refuse, Guru. The duty of a leader is to rule
the land in public interest. Doing your duty and spread the
message Lord Hari’s songs. Be content with it. Those crows are crying ‘caw’.
Do you know the meaning of it? Riches, wealth, jewels, palaces
are not (caw) permanent. Cawu (No)… Cawu (No). He has dedicated his life
to the service of Lord. We had brought him here and got him
into this rut of worldly pleasures. Yes. To get him out of this rut &
become a Veggeyakara again. What should we do? We’ve to distance ourselves from few
things, we’ve to give up few things. Today its our birthday. Oh! I forgot. You must forget that’s our desire. On this birthday
you must sing a song for us. You must sing
our favorite song. We want to fall into an eternal sleep
hearing that song. I mean fall into sleep. Which song? Oh handsome lord, you’re as described in
Vedic texts and personified Veda. Oh great Lord Narayana
savior of humans. Show me the path
to salvation. Thrusting. Lord, why did he stop?
– Watch out the next line. Thrusting a life attached
to worldly pleasures. Will it allow me to break free? Without getting me entangled
into different things. Take me across this sea of life. Oh enlightened Lord Venkateshwara. Oh butter thief!
Lord Narayana. Oh divine player, is it this you
had asked me to watch? Lord, why do you test so
harshly your devotees? Test of fire will only add
glitter to the gold. When put to great
sorrows & difficulties. Only then souls will free themselves from
passions & produce gems of philosophy. Annamacharya who wrote great poetry
on romance & philosophy. Hereafter will reach
peaks of dispassion. King, I’ve been punished for
false complaint to you. Losing his wives. When I see that saint leaving our
palace to visit holy places. I couldn’t control myself
from grief. I pray to all gods to
give him peace. And present him with strength to
sing in praise of lord. Chant of lord Hari’s
name is bliss. Oh heart… don’t forget. Ranga! Ranga Rangapathi.
Oh Ranganatha. I’ve seen your divine beauty
Sri Ranganatha. The lord praised by Vedic texts
and prayed by gods. Lord Mohana Narasimha a savior
of all his refuge seekers. A hill that’s heaven on Earth
a divine holy hill. A hill with magical powers,
Tirumala hills. God is one.
Supreme soul is one. Supreme soul is me. A King’s sleep is one. A servant standing next to him
his sleep is also same. A high caste Brahmin
lives in the land. A low caste man lives
on the same land. The sun falling on an elephant &
a dog are same. The name that saves good & bad
is same Lord Venkateshwara. What nonsense he’s singing?
He says all are equal. And allowing untouchables into the
temple, he has defiled it. He has taken a vow
to break traditions. He’s throwing our customs
& rituals into wind. It seems he has asked the
philosophy of Manu to be rewritten. Why is he so proud?
– People’s support. These mad crowds are losing their
sense for his songs. Oh no they are not songs…
– They are intoxicating agents. A mesmerizing hymns. If we burn all these
hymns in fire? No ifs we must burn it.
– That’s all. Fire god! You burnt life serving medicinal
herbs while burning Kandava forest. Today you’re burning a treatise on
Veda chant of Sri Hari. Burn me along with those
divine hymns. Satisfy your hunger. Guru… Guru. Salva, it’s promise on me
if you try to stop me. Guru. To avoid such things in future
let me write it on bronze plates. Present me an opportunity to preserve
it for posterity. Let your wish be fulfilled. With active support from Salva. The medley of songs which went
on without any break. Saving it, singing &
enjoying it were, Annamayya’s elder son
Peda Thirumalayya. And grandsons China Thirumalaya
and Chinnanna. Annamayya’s descendents have decided
to dedicate his works to people. Salva, with your
great determination, . You’ve given these songs
a life to eternity. You’ve achieved great fame
and made me also favor. I’m very happy to have repaid
your debt in my own small way. I’m happy. Sing any song from it. Life is a drama. Salvation is achieved
without seeing it. Birth is truth.
Death is truth. Between these two
it’s all a drama. The world is in front of us. The last thing is Salvation. The string is broken,
the play has come to an end, Guru. Salva, you’re a true disciple. You’ve made me remember about
salvation at right time. My age & strength has slipped away from
this 9 hole winnowing basket. I’m a great sinner. Why did I recite this song?
Why did I? No, you mustn’t leave us. Where am I going, Salva? To my lords feet only, isn’t it? The purpose for which he sent
me to Earth is over. I must handover this property
at my Lord Srinivasa’s feet. I seek refuge at
Lord Narayana’s feet. My Lord your showing up is
not a dream, isn’t it? It isn’t a imagination is it?
A savior of devotees. A benevolent hand which will
blesses us with everything. A benevolent hand that
showers mercy. Did you hug me, my lord? The chest which belongs to my mothers.
Did you hug me close to your heart? Did you pay me back with
a windfall for these songs? My life has achieved it’s purpose,
I’ve become a blessed one. Lord your wealth
all 32,000 songs are yours. Save this humble present
in your heart. Save it my lord it’s a prayer
offered to your lotus feet. These are flowers offered
at your feet. Save it… Save it. I’ll save it. What’s this? You are handing
over all accounts so early. What’s so early my lord? I was born 95 years ago, my lord. Against rules I’ll bring back the past.
I’ll present you a long life. I’ll present you with
eternal youth like us. Great puppeteer! I know your snake & ladder
game of salvation. You make us climb
the ladder of wishes. And get then swallowed by
snakes of desires. I’m not new to your plays. Lord you’re testing me if I still
have desire on this body or not. No, this is not a test. Then, what else it is?
– The love I’ve on your songs. You’ve a poet Emperor who ruled
over our hearts with your songs. How am I to tell you, how
much I love your songs. Once in my lonely service. Sleep my Achyuthananda
sleep my Mukunda. Sleep… Sleep… Sleep. When you sang this lullaby. I enjoyed & got relieved like a
child in a mother’s lap. Lord, my song from your mouth…
– Not just one song. Another day your song a great
song praising my consorts. That song… What was that song? To the consorts of lord
I offer wave of camphor. How am I to repay you for
this great song? You’re not believing me
aren’t you? Bhoodevi, Padma, tell him,
you tell him. How much I love his songs?
– Yes Annamayya. For your songs he came down as
Yathi to change your path. For your songs he came as priest
& conducted your marriage. The shoulders on which he carries this
world, he carried your Palanquin. My lord. If you go away.
Who’ll play & sing for us? Have my songs moved you much
along with this world? Has it affected you so much to
remember & sing it for me? Enough, my lord. I’m not able to bear
this happiness. Mother tell him to give me salvation
before this happiness dissipates. They’ll never listen, these devotees
will never listen to us. We must always listen to them only. But before that I want to
hear a song from you. Yes, my lord. Sing a song, Annamayya. Mother, how merciful you are. What else can I wish for this life? You appearance, praising me
and ordering me to sing. Is there anything else more
greater than this? I’ll sing mother,
I’ll definitely sing. Omnipresent!
I’m tired & weak. I’ve come seeking refuge in you. This life’s line will not end
without breaking it. Burden of good deeds & sins, Burden of good deeds & sins, They’ll not happen without
your consent. The desires, wishes
sorrows in our minds, They’ll not leave us
till you order it out, My lord you’ve taken me in your refuge,
let everyone live happily.

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  1. Every time I saw this movie I feel very proud to am an Indian.
    But those I hated who dislikes this movie waste fellows

  2. Life lo okka saraina elanti movie chudalii andaruu….. Om Namo Narayana? Om Namashivaya ?

  3. అన్నమయ్య చిత్రం నిజంగా ఓక అద్భుతం రాఘవేంద్ర రావు గారికి మరియు keeravanigaariki సెల్యూట్

  4. Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda

  5. At the age of 5 years I watched this movie in konark theatre in dilshuknagar now my age is 26 days and years passed but still this movie is evergreen .such a great epic and classic movie …..namo venkatesaiah

  6. 2018/09/07 ఈరోజు వరకు చూస్తూనే ఉన్నాను ఎపుడూ ఇంక ఎపుడూ చూస్తూనే ఉంటాను
    ??????????ఓం శ్రీ వేంకటేశయ నమః హ ??????????????

  7. Om Namo Narayanaya ??
    I think the English subtitles aren't coming on the exact time! You guys should set it. It'll be helpful for many, you will be helping people to reach the divine god 🙂

  8. The captions are a little late. Please set them. So that everyone can understand even if they don't know Telugu, thanks for the subtitles. ?

  9. I'm a hardcore atheist and I don't feel ashamed of watching this movie some 75th time

    There are several moments where I observe that my eyes are wet????

  10. Elanti cinima Malli ravalani koru korukuntunnam the credit gost to the great director ragavendrarav and ecinimalo vunna andaraki tnq sir

  11. I dont have any words to say this movie……. Elaanti movies ki dislike chesaru ante vallu nijam gaa waste fellows…..

  12. No one can do justification to the role of Anna Maya except king nagarjuna in India .TfI is blessed to have an actor like nagarjuna thank q anr garu for giving us nagarjuna

  13. Suman anna e janmaki devuduvu anna greet maku nenu devudu rupam lo chupinchina ha deva devudu narayana murthy sevaku memu saitham govinda govinda

  14. 2:21:31 One can feel the pain in Lord Venkateshawara's eyes and voice when He is singing about papaalu punyalu.. It shows how much it pains the Lord when His children commit sins.. and even He cannot bypass the laws of Karma.. everybody has to atone for their actions.. When we pay for our sins, the Lord suffers with us, and when we are rewarded for our good deeds, He rejoices with us.. nobody is immune to the laws of dharma and karma.. not even the Lord Himself..

  15. Raghavendra rao gaaru intha adbhuthanga aalochinchi direction theesinandhuku really hatsoff sir and meeru theesina anni cinemalu chaala different and wonderful ga vuntai

  16. 708 dislike who is that
    What is that you don't like in this movie

    Ila ayithe Inka mana future


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