Andrew Yang drops out of 2020 race

Andrew Yang drops out of 2020 race

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  1. He never had a chance to start with. He'll go down as this year's version of Ron Paul. High internet support, but it didn't translate into votes/wins. However, unlike Paul, he lived by his slogan and thought hard, realizing the writing on the wall and that the internet buzz was nothing more than noise.

    I will admit that he was the most sane of the Dems out there.

  2. from an international observer's view I find Yang a very legit guy. Only guy I know Trump didn't beef with. able to transcend between the blue and red line. I will tell you this for free Trump will win 2020. No other candidate comes close to him it doesn't matter who gets the DNC vote

  3. Notice how all left media conveniently left him out at every DNC highlights.
    The only democrat I rooted for if trump wasn't our president haiz

  4. Join the Conservatives Yang….all are welcome. Regardless of the brainwashing you've suffered….But it is easy to get followers by promissing them other peoples stuff, always has been. It's so easy to convince some they are victims and the sky is falling…it's just some peoples nature. Suckers are born every minute.

  5. America has changed since the 2010's but most of these politicians still abide by the establishment rhetoric. That's why Trump won and may win again.

  6. He may not have been the perfect candidate, but God knows NO ONE running is, either. He was focused on the important issues and left the drama/pettiness to Trump and other candidates.

  7. I was once a Trump supporter, even voted for him. But the past three years have been EXHAUSTING. Part of being a leader is leading with example and class and I still don’t think Trump knows how to do either.

    Probably because his base fuels him to act like a petty child every time he gets on stage. Three years later and I still don’t think he knows what he’s doing.

  8. Oh no. Not the Yang Gang. They had a much hipper name than the "Bernie Bros". Don't know what to say when the candidate comes out and says he'll pay every American a thousand dollars a month for life if elected and they still don't elect him. Guess that was too specific a bribe attempt. Bernie is much better at making people feel comfortable about stealing money from others.

  9. America has failed in electing a true President that was for the people. Yang would have heal this country. I'm sorry to say this but America is dumb.

  10. The one and only candidate that helped me understand Fox news isnt 'fake news' and republicans arent my 'enemy'. I have been fed that narrative for far too long. We may have different views on certain things but we need to have conversations. At our core we are more alike than not. Thank you Andrew Yang. And thank you Tucker/Fox for giving him a fair shake unlike msnbc and the other snakes!

  11. Obviously, seriously when you talk about taxing big companies, and giving 1000 dollars a month which Helps the People the Elites turn heads and say No NO NO they want people poor, they want people to suffer and ask for loan, they want people to fall into debt and becomes slaves, they want all the money and power. and they want to make sure no new president is on the side of the people. thats it. United States is OVER, it will never change because the people in POWER are selfish. thats why I don't pay attention to the elections because its all Fake Democracy

  12. It makes you wonder of those 13 people who received $1000, how many of them were Republicans or was it only for 13 people who worked on his campaign? Questions questions.

  13. EVERYONE should be freaking out now that Yang dropped out. Short of suffering a fatal stroke on midnight November 2, 2020, Donald Trump will get re-elected no matter who the DNC nominates. Unless by some chance Bloomberg buys the DNC and BUYS the election and wins in 2024, which will then guarantee a true fascist, worse than trump, winning in 2028 and our Republic will be permanently over as we know it.

  14. I have lost faith, 30 years from now I’m gonna get a call asking who I’d vote for and I’ll say I don’t care, because they didn’t listen

  15. If more candidates had mindsets like Andrew Yang (not necessarily the same policies, just the mindset) we'd have a much healthier republic.

  16. Yea I want to get paid the same amount as a ditch digger lol!! I make tons of money no way in hell someone I don't know is going to steal that from me.

  17. He must've done the math and realized he's a retrard. Glad he dropped out. I'm shocked he lasted this long bu promising free money. Lots of losers in this country.

  18. Sad indeed, I wasn’t agree much $1k a month but his other points were very valid. I thought he could face to Dave to Trump but I guess MSM are to rigged

  19. With Bernie and god awful Biden being the most likely of the democratic nominees… I see another 4 stagnant years coming to America, not touching on any of the real problems that affect the common folk..

  20. As a traditionally Left-leaning American, Yang not only made me empathetic to conservatives, but following his campaign revealed the true corruption of the sanctimonious Left—their own kind of anti-Asian racism, their blanket vilification of anyone who doesn’t agree with them, their toxic echo-chamber. As far as I’m concerned, liberal mainstream media has vindicated Trump’s accusations that they’re fake news. Thanks Tucker, for proving me wrong about you. Thanks for covering Yang, fairly.

  21. Inconsequential! Likeable but universal income, another goofball indefensible policy!! Another lefty wanting to give out more money than the country grosses each yr…like dopey burnie….Trump is going to run unopposed!! 300,000,000 to 0…. huh! Peter Stryok??? 50 state landslide! Best insurance policy is a great candidate!

  22. Another f'ing scam… How to offer 1000 and gain 21 million… By Andrew and Evelyn Yang.. I'm tired of getting ripped off… Another scam by a greedy business man… When will people learn money is only a suggestion.. and not to suggest yourself to vote in a businessman like fake yang just ripped off 21 million and bailed out rather then losing… Effectively stealing millions of dollars while pretending to offer real rights.. even attacked Martin Luther King… This is an outrageous event that a candidate who received a foundation on pure donations for support would drop out rather then push it to the end .. and let me guess everyone that gave up their job doesn't get it back to help support him on the road .. and let me guess we don't get the 21 million back..

  23. Independent of his political aspirations, Andrew Yang will remain on the World Stage for yrs to come as our Loveable Mentor Consultant. The UBI issue is just DAWNING & so is he. 🌄🗽💰
    ❤ & Blessings to the Yang Family!

  24. Truly a one man force against the system of crooked politics. Sad to see him go, I truly believe this was the biggest chance Democrats had… Hope to see him back in 2024.

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