An introduction to EUROfusion

An introduction to EUROfusion

Making fusion on earth is one of science’s
greatest challenges… And Europe is committed to meeting this challenge…
EUROfusion, the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy…
…A consortium that brings together 30 European signatories, and over 150 laboratories, universities
and industries from across the continent, funds fusion research in Europe, supports
fusion professionals and trains young researchers and students.
EUROfusion’s work is structured around the “Roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy”
which lays out how fusion researchers across Europe can work on one common programme of
achieving fusion electricity. Over 300 scientists from all over Europe work
on JET, the Joint European Torus, EUROfusion’s flagship device and the largest tokamak in
the world today. It is the only fusion machine one capable
of operating with deuterium and tritium, the fusion fuel of the future. Apart from JET, EUROfusion funds experiments
in devices located across Europe. Each of these devices carries out experiments that
are unique in their own way but ultimately fit into the final goal of realising fusion
energy. One set of experiments involves the medium size tokamaks. Other experiments include those carried out
in the fascinating device known as the stellarator. And experiments in devices which test materials
that will have to withstand the incredibly high temperatures inside future fusion power
plants. And at the heart of all EUROfusion activities
lies ITER, the next generation fusion experiment which is currently being built in France.
Once built ITER will pave the way to making fusion energy a reality.
But EUROfusion researchers and engineers are looking beyond ITER…to DEMO, the demonstration
power plant that will hook fusion electricity to the grid and show that fusion can help
meet our future energy needs. The consortium’s collaborative spirit weaves
together the work of hundreds of fusion researchers, engineers, technicians and students…
Working across Europe and beyond…towards one common goal… …Realising Fusion electricity!

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