America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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  1. I think lot of people have to understand what the guy said about the system, the system have lied to us time after time about what is illegal and what is legal but to be honest with you, bare knuckle fights have better aim at reducing stress, fatigue, body weight and also living a healthier mentality towards future without ever having fear of new people and able to hold conversations without pausing or feeling awkward. Social life expands, popolarity gains and new friends for life in bare knuckle gym make you feel confident and human. Only trouble is, people without all these things live inside system and are told what to do, how to live and how to react to what is in front of you. Can you see anybody hurt, in trauma or in pain? Can you see a safe and secure ring, minimum of five rounds because of risk in trauma and also trained fighting stances with clean hits to reduce force of knuckle so that there is no over excessively harder blows? My point is, the owner had really put in a lot of effort to secure his fighters and assure them of their health and safety have been kept up to date with and is active. The only reason why he gets criticised by people mostly is, these people live in a system where it fear over freedom but he is trying to change that and inspire young adults to enter a promised sport of freedom that is picked over fear. I rather freedom, than fear because when you got fear it will destroy you life by holding you down than raising you up to you true full potential. Just research the owner, do a inside story about why he choosed to help these brave young fighters out of fear and find out more than what this trash show called VICE is giving you because l really like him and the fighters also l believe their doing this for a future potential that reduces hate crimes, gang culture and make legal grounds no matter what walk of lifes they come from everybody has passion to change, inspire and be the greatest. It only take you one day to look at their personal lifes to why their influenced to do this, what is one day of knowing these amazing guys in compared to a whole life time of criticising?

  2. I read your description and you clearly acknowledge bare knuckle boxing was a thing in the 1800's, yet you want to claim that this is the first of it's kind..

  3. I've seen some brutal knees to the face in MMA. Fist fights are nothing. Obviously people will get critically hurt and some will lose their life but that's what it takes to be a warrior. You're either a wolf or you're a sheep.

  4. That girl Garcia was not ready for round 2 LOL! You could see the way she exhaled before the start of 2 she was wincing and not ready for more. That’s when I knew it was over for her.

  5. This is awesome!!! But why do female athletes always complain about being a female athlete? "People don't like women fighting" The PPV numbers that were mentioned literally right before you said that would beg to differ😂

  6. yes! at last we steps away from death matches! woop woop! and i don't mean it in a bad way, i 'm really tired of all this kids making millions, lecturing use how to treat china in a well manner way, and they never put there life on the line.

  7. U crazy there’s been hundreds of bare knuckle fights in U.K. it’s part of our culture yanks claiming there the first😂 get ya sens fucked aff ya turds

  8. This is the real shit NOT like boxing know that they just care about the money they don't give the odiens what they ask for.that's real examen.keep fighting for your dream not like me i love to do that but every time i did it i kept getting arrested.know is the real shit….

  9. Why don't you trow some frigging lions into the ring as well . !!!!!! Just bring SPARTACUS back on !!!! ☠🤙🐂 . LET'S GO BACK TO ROME , matherfuckers !!!!!

  10. To say that gloves does not protect the fighter does not seem honest I have seen many many MMA fight and never seen the cuts like in bare knuckle.

  11. I’m all for it. Holding the back of the head to keep it still while you whale on someone’s face is not fair fighting. You can’t bob and weive if your being held still by your long hair.

  12. That one shit talking dude, who only stared at the ground, how are you going to land any shots staring at the floor?🤣

  13. Honestly…I think it's sickening to see people beaten…even perm injured or worse for hype and $. Put the damn gloves on…act like humans out of the hood.

  14. The people who attend this shift are what make this shameful display possible. Fight if you have to fight…O.K. Fighting for entertainment no matter what the greedy assholes say is denigrating to the human race. Every fan attending should receive a mandatory three punches each before they are allowed to watch the idiots fight. An uppercut, a roundhouse and a haymaker!

  15. Dad's great uncle was a bare fisted boxer back when. Taught him and my uncle to box. Dad was really good to. It isn't the same as regular boxing. To bad he passed the year before he would have loved this. He never taught me to box but he did teach my son a little. Maybe we will see one of my family in the ring again someday. My dad's great uncle never lost a fight I guess not even the one that killed him. Pretty cool.

  16. It's not for me but that just means I dont have too watch so good luck too the creators I hope they do well no foolies

  17. My uncle entered into a toughman contest and in these non regulated settings they do dangerous things such as multiple fights in one night half the time they don't have an ambulance on staff but all that aside the danger and MMA is once you hit someone and knock them Delirious maybe not unconscious but in these Sports unlike regular box and you can keep hitting him which is where you get brain damage after their brains already swelling and he continued to pound them that's when you make a f*** up like my uncle got when he was knocked unconscious and he fell to his knees and the guy had him three more times before he hit the canvas f**** him up for life my dad and my uncle both fought that night won both of their first two fights and then they fought brothers that own the YMCA for their final fights of the night my dad said in that last fight every time you would get hit the fuzzy Vision that you get when you get hit wouldn't go away it just compounded every time he got hit I don't support MMA for that reason nor do I think this is a good idea it's going to take someone's father away from her brother or son

  18. IF you desire to live in a free nation you better support the people who have the talent skill desire and love for combat sports and weapons of various kinds because ALL nations need people to physically defend their nation when threatened by aggressive people. It is simply natural law and logic like it or not.

  19. The general idea of bare knuckled fighting, i'm ok with. That being said, the 2 women fighting disgusted me for the following reason: blondie locked her opponent's head with one hand, and then proceeded to punch with the other, like a hammer on anvil. It goes against my understanding of a fair fight. To make sure nobody gets it wrong: i'm equally against it when a dude does the same.
    Try change my mind

  20. Bare knuckle boxing is way better than current UFC if you ask me. Bringing the actual excitement back to fights. Im sick of no super heavyweights in mma, im tired of early stoppages, ufc has not been “Ultimate” for a long time. Plus it was super cool seeing crazy horse fight again, too bad he got hurt.

  21. Laos Cambodia Vietnam Japan and China have been doing bare knuckles fights for hundreds of years!
    They also have Russain Roulette players been going on for 80-90 years!

  22. This is the human species, like it or get run down. If you don’t know which bathroom to use this ain’t your event.

  23. Yep I am.i like to see guys get fucked up but not lady's,not that I'm agenist it ,it's it truly looks ugly to offense my bad ass lady and I'll watch sometimes but ya.weird it's that and drinking milk in others people house,and spaghetti.tgats like I think the stupidest shit I don't like other people do.

  24. John Lawrence Sullivan (October 15, 1858 – February 2, 1918), also known as the "Boston Strong Boy", was an Irish-American boxer recognized as the first lineal heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, holding the title from February 7, 1882, to 1892. He is also generally recognized as the "last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle" boxing under the London Prize Ring Rules, being arguably the first boxing superstar and one of the world's highest-paid athletes of his era.

  25. Full contact is fun to watch but gentlemen….have any of you had to live with permanent injuries??! Almost all fighters no matter how tough & fit they are end up with something that can cripple them for LIFE!

  26. Holy English boxing is back. Too violent. Dumb. Football is dangerous too. If people know the risks and are not forced or enslaved into doing it.

  27. Bull shit..My Boy Ricky Stewart and Tommy Gun had the 1st bare knuckles fight since 1800s back in 2013 in Arizona

  28. Payan would get beat by my Boy Rick Stewart. I'D LIKE TO SEE RICK BEAT HIS UGLY ASS.I live in Delaware and if you wanna fight my Boy,I can get you the Hook up..

  29. whats next after bare nuckle fighting? men who want to fight with real swords and no armor. thats where its heading… straight back in time when rome had this kind of shit going on

  30. They should let people kick and use elbows and knees too and biting Hell bring in the Lions just have medics on stand by

  31. you think back in the day they punched each in the head for 100 rounds ? nope
    Boxing developed its style because of gloves.
    Its like having a new Nascar series without seat belts .

  32. The boxing glove the most dangerous thing ever to come in the ring ! Bare knuckle your head will tell you when your done , and won't end up a vegetable fact .

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