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Welcome to episode 9 of the American noise podcast and today we look over the third game of the XFL week one campaign and Apparently the highest-rated this was the second of the two fox games. It pulled in a three point three nine rating which was 1.10 more than the first Fox game in 0.09 more than the first ABC game Of course this game is the Vipers at the Guardians and the story of the game was the fact that it seems that you can change the League you can change the mascot But you can’t change the fact that Tampa Bay cue bees are colorblind and will gladly flirt. Throw it to the opposing team Without any care in the world, at least it seemed like Erin Murray was trying to copy Winston at every stance Another of the main stories is the simple fact that temp Bay could not score in the red zone. They couldn’t score at all and the funny thing is is that they had almost twice the amount of net yards compared to their opponents Tampa Bay had 394 yards nearly 400 yard day and only had three points show for it meanwhile, since the New York Guardians had 23 points and 226 net yards. They had a point for every 10 yards of offense of Course Murray himself had a pretty em niat game 16 completions on 34 attempts and under 50% completion ratio 231 yards 0 touchdowns as the team had zero touchdowns one of only two teams in week 1 to be unable to get into the endzone and two interceptions a ring of 45 point one pretty much universally accepted as the worst of the QB week when performances and Due to injuries and maybe what about them? It’s not gonna start week two and his starting job is officially in doubt The main issue was for the Vipers among other things with Murray was the rental trips they were great in between the 20s of getting yards and getting these first downs as shown by their total net yards but in therefore red zone trips The Vipers had a field goal an interception one of the tumor interceptions And two turnovers on downs in the fourth quarter when they were trying to desperately make up the lead The ball did start in the hands of the home team The Guardians would have returned it all the way to the Tampa Bay 48 to start off in front of a crowd of about 17,000 as with the other week one games at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey They immediately fell into a four from floor at the Tampa Bay 32 of 42 McGloin looked short middle, and he would find Powell for the first down The first down got him all the way to the 27 yard line They would eventually get a third and seven conversion from the 24 Horn would be found deep right out of bounds at the Tampa Bay six They would have a penalty before the next snap they had some issues of substitution and they either got delay of game or false storage too many men on the field seems to be the journal idea and they Got pushed back to 11 it wouldn’t matter eventually McGloin would scramble find the end zone and the first guardian touchdown of the season and Not only that but Cooke would run it himself for a one-point inversion and just five of eight in the game the home team Established dominance now the Vipers as we’ll see many times This game could have gotten back in this game and taken the leader tied it or least often one point quite easily They did this many times throughout the campaign They just were unable to score they’d get the ball thrown 37 got a thermal conversion to 46 and Then would get a first intent to 50 a first intent the 40 in a first in 10th in New York 23 They would eventually have a third 12th to 25 Murray would find horn all the way to the New York six with a 19 yard game. They had at 1st and goal Murray dropped back and he was looking for the tight end Trust’s Adel truesdell Unanimously agreed at least in the fantasy communities a top tight in the league One of the reasons that the Vipers was favored was they’re receiving attack that you’d think that Trestman the father of the CFM on offense and with the top tight end and Until he was injured and put on into reserve and Tony Calloway who was looking like a top by receiver You think that it would be Kerry Mert be able to carry Murray to a strong campaign Well, it didn’t happen at least in week one as the pass was intercepted by soro all the way seven yards deep in the end zone and They would immediately touch back there. So Yorkists the ball at their own 20 and the nearly five-minute drive for the Vipers is utterly wasted It’s not the first it may have been the first time. It happened in the game. It was definitely not the last Guardians would get a 22 yard gain. Thanks to Victor running the ball They would get to third and six at their own 46 McGloin would look deep for the first down left side of the field for reading Killer to break it up and York would have to punt it all the way to the Tampa Bay 18 they first play Smith gets the ball gets us all 12 yard of the three and the penalties hits a False start was Tampa Bay’s first offensive penalty of the day knocked him back to the 25 first and 15 and Murray fumbles the ball He does regain it on the snap and he even gets it to trust Adele Who fumbles it? Again At least that was the plan they eventually reviewed it and they determined it was incomplete pass. So it’s ends up being second and 15 Murray throws a couple of incompletions so they have to punt it and it’s an extremely eventful Shall we say it for now? Since they did they get the first down conversion beforehand? New York immediately goes to work. It’s a three play drive next They get a second intent on the second play of the drive at the wrong 43 and they get in the Tampa Bay Territory with a 45 yard deep heave de McKay. There’s already talk of am a connection between McGloin and mckay McGloin gets it to pearson for 12 yards later. And that’s a touchdown and New York is already dominant They are 14 and O and into the early part of the second quarter after another two you cook one point attempt rush It seems to be their bread butter Phe play Is down 14 nothing. No problem. They had a cup They had a really bad possession the second time but they drove all the way down the field the first one they just gotta get in rhythm and their defense he stopped giving up seven points every Drive, they start their own twenty five and On the first play of the drive Murray goes deep left Tolliver gets a 44 yard gain all the way in the New York 31 and They completely collapsed there. They eventually end up with a fourth and 11 at the end why 32 Frank drives a 50-yard field goal and it seems that pretty much every missed field goal in week 1 just went wide left there seems to have been a poll that just Determined that the balls were going to go to the left and they were going to miss the six and some points New York gets the ball back at their own 40. They have the 40 Noli tampa bay’s ways to get another scoring opportunity No surprise there They do three and out. They do put it back to Tampa with 9:25 left Tampa’s in their own territory, they begin a long march down the field. They do get stopped at their own 48 Eventually after a nine play drive the ninth play of that drive Requires jump to punt once more gets it all the way to New York 15 and New York goes to work again They get all the way to their own 44 Gets a they get a pal Pat they get a McGloin to Powell connection all the way to midfield for six yards a penalty on Tampa Bay for an usual zone infraction Extends the chains once more it’s frozen at the Tampa 45 and they collapse three straight McGloin incompletions the first two were to Horn McGloin would end up throwing a third and 10 pass away and Yet another punt for New York. They’re also starting to slowly Grind to a halt on their offensive side and with 137 left him Vegas the ball at their own 15 The first play Murray looks for his normal connection. He looks for truest dell his tight end. He gets a 27 yard gain out of it And on a third and tenth Tembe 42 later 106 left Murray gets sax For a nine yard loss Which you’d think would be a drive ender Until you realize New York had too many men on the field So they get a second lease on life and it’s a third and five at the Tampa Bay 47 Murray’s looking for Horne, he gets 11-yard gain, but they also get extra help and unnecessary roughness penalty for another 15 yards there to the New York 27 So Tampa Bay, it’s got 41 seconds left. They’re down by 14, but they’re just outside the red zone They’re finally. Can I get on the board get some momentum going to the half? Nope? Murray looks deep down around the 15 to 10 yard line for Tolliver He does not find Tolliver In fact, he finds a black uniform in his path It seems that Bryce Jones the right cornerback. Got it here SEPs the ball guess it’s the New York 27 and just like that third Tampa Bay scoring opportunity is wasted in one half and Tampa Bay is shut out in the first half, New York with 20 seconds left McGloin goes deep to Pierson for a 32 or gain gets into the Tim Bay 31 and with just a few seconds left Mccrane lines up for a 49-yard field goal and nails it and the first half is 17 and nothing and any normal game This should be not a 17-point game But anywhere from a 5 point game in a green’s favor to like a 3 point in the Vipers favor The Vipers are really choked away the first half they’ve utterly coke away the second half the story of the game is the Vipers Unable to score when it counts the defense for the Guardians kept bending, but it never truly broke Tim eBay does get the ball to start the half. They have to punt on a 4th and 17 from their own 37 just three minutes into the New York goes to work for a bit there stopped at their own 36 and have to punt themselves so teams of traded punts about six minutes into the second half Tampa Bay gets the ball back. They have a very long drive down the field. In fact, this is a 16 play drive an extremely long play it Drinks the clock all the way from 842 to 105 left in the third And despite this huge long drive which never saw a third down until third and one thing York 49 and then again third and three the New York 14 tempo has finally gone all the way to the five and They stole a couple of incomplete passes for Culliver on second and third down means that Tampa decides to kick they don’t go For it and the fourth chance for a scoring drive is the first one that’s successful Frank’s puts in a 23 yard chip shot and The Vipers walk away with only three points. They’re still down by 14 Not only that but they’ve wasted about seven minutes off the clock for only three points. There’s only 16 minutes left in the game New York slowly moves into the fourth quarter And They get all the way to the tempeh 41 but the half the Punnett Vogel puts in a perfect pull perfect dime to the Tampa Bay 7 dies forced to fair Catch it Murray drops back into the end zone. He looks for the tide and trusts Dell and Trust of those catch this unlike the first attempts, but while the first attempt back in the first that New York made to cause a fumble on one of his Completions failed because he didn’t make a football move. He only got one foot down truster gets one to three feet in and fumbles Somers recovers and takes it to the house nail in the coffin with 11 54 left. The one point conversion is unsuccessful for once but the game is way out of reach and just technically a 15-second drive from the start of the play to the film recovery to the endzone celebration by New York it is now a 23 to 3 game which would end up being the final score Tampa Bay does make another long drive they get all the way to the New York Nine yard line for a first and goal they get three yards on the Smith Rush Smith goes up the middle for one Murray goes back in the shotgun and is eventually sack It’s only a one yard loss but it’s a fourth and goal at the 6 Laurie looks for horn in the end zone nobody home and Another scoring drive wasted by Tampa Bay. It seems to be the story of The entire week Tampa Bay gets down all the way to the red zone and just is unable to convert when it counts New York makes a strong little run out of the clock drive They eventually punt it back from about four minutes left to Tampa Tampa drives again they get all the way first and goal to the 2 to get to the 1 on a Smith rush and Then a false start hits them inside the 2 minute line. Of course at this point. It’s completely over It’s 20 points inside of two minutes. It’s a three-possession game Eventually on a 4th and 2 voilá gets sack for a tremendous 15 yard loss by Sutton a Couple of rushes by Victor and employing Neal later and that’s it, New York Despite what everything Tampa should have converted on Dominates and probably the most convincing fashion in week 1 of any of the games Which it took again? Tampa has technically six scoring opportunities in this game 4 in the red zone the 2 outside the red zone or One was a missed field goal and one was intercepted near the end of behalf. The four in the red zone Just got intercepted at the wrong time. They took a field goal when the Prophet have gone for it But then again knowing their luck They probably would have failed and they got a shutout and then the final two when they pretty much had no chain They just drove down the field got to the goal line and just couldn’t punch it in. That’s the story the Vipers They just couldn’t convert Now it’s likely that they will have to roll without Murray Murray got hurt during the game. He is Unlikely, he could start for week two, but it is looking unlikely They’re probably going to be rolling out Tara Cornelius and Quinton flowers as their main guys it looks like chase little Littleton will come in as emergency third string duty and New York meanwhile while the Vipers have to go on the road actually favored by two and a half or so over Seattle New York goes into what will probably be the game of the week on ABC they face the C and a battle for Eastern dominance while the Vipers are reeling and the battle Hawks are likely going to get destroyed by the rough next I mean they could pull up them road upset but this game Guardians at DC is likely the duel for early Eastern supremacy Whoever wins that controls the Eastern Pretty much the destiny of the Eastern Conference division for the next three or four weeks but that’s basically the Vipers at Green’s game a nutshell the Vipers Simply unable to do anything of note despite having nearly 400 yards of offense What a disaster it Seems that the Vipers may have gotten the Bears trust men instead of the CFL modern offense innovator trust men Hopefully for them they will be able to rebound against what is looking like a 30k crowd against them in Seattle We’ll see how that goes. But anyways, we’ll see you next time for episode 10 in the final week one review game in which neither team deserve to win to be honest and We’ll see you next time. This has been Andrew stiles hosting the American toys podcast episode nine folks if It’s a Tampa QB. It’s gonna throw an interception

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