American Dystopia, Part 5: Tucker examines San Francisco’s new district attorney

American Dystopia, Part 5: Tucker examines San Francisco’s new district attorney

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  1. San Francisco gets whatever is happening and more to come. The dipshits there running San Francisco is the cause of it and all I can say is if theres any level headed people left there with any common sense get out now.

  2. This tucker guy is a freak. What a sad person. Does he offer any sort of a solution? No, just an moron. Let the junkies live in San Francisco. I live far a way in a place that gets cold in the winter. Homeless people can't live outside in the winter.

  3. Nancy Pelosi and her constituents are treating this like some parents raise their kids, it is to much work to control or discipline your children so just ignore them.

  4. God wil punish California!!!!! The Devil is in San Francisco!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈LOL!!!!!! Sinners and perverts!!!!!

  5. I've heard that Drew Pinski is considering a run for political office for the purpose of addressing these very issues.
    While I don't agree with most of his freudian arguments, the things I've heard him say on these issues, AND the fact that he's basically an educated, left-leaning, celebrity with far more name recognition than anyone other than pelosi or Feinstein in the failure of commiefornia, makes me believe that his entrance into the realm of politics in commiefornia would help, provided that he run as the academic liberal that he is, because the same people who elected those who created the conditions under which that humanitarian crisis, allowed it to fester, and literally PROFIT from it's continuation, ARE the voters, and all past politicians, bureaucrats, ect., in THAT sh*thole REFUSE to do anything more than demand that President Trump accept the blame, and give billions more out-of-state taxpayer funds to them, despite the fact that history has proven that commiefornia is the perfect example that there's no difference between democracy and communism, – where one is either a USELESS, corrupt, member of the government, OR a "useful idiot" who supports the incompetent, sheltered, arrogant, pigs in suitcoats CHOSEN for them by the elitist parasites who claim to have answers about how to deal with issues.
    If Pinski runs for office, commiefornia would do themselves a favor by electing him, provided that he does what he's professed to do!

  6. It's hilarious that everyone wants to blame Pelosi and the "socialist/radical Left" for what is happening with the tragedy of homelessness and crime in San Francisco. As with all problems in any American city, they are complex and there are many factors contributing. Stop trying to politicize SF's homelessness problem. Doing so just goes to show how ignorant and out of touch you are with what is actually happening and why it's happening.

  7. Oh well!!
    Maybe it’s time to base federal funds and aid to actual crime rates and drug use on a state to state basis! Drug test Food Stamp recipients, remove federally funded programs, incentivize the states that comply so that good, law abiding people can move there!

  8. Hey San Francisco . Go take a huge crap in front of his house every day of the week and see if he gets upset about it

  9. I'm giggling my azz off. Not long from now it will implode and become a lesson on how toxic demorat controlled cities are.

  10. "How did someone that's campaigning on not prosecuting prostitution and drug laws win an election?" Look at the demographics of San Francisco. 93% non-Hispanic white in 1940, and less than one hundred years later they're only 42% of the population. "Existing laws are racist", well then why import the races that don't follow the law?

  11. Normal Americans: “gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t follow the law”

    San Francisco: so what should we do to stop gun violence and small petty crimes?

    Americans: enforce the laws you currently have, make self defense training a tax break, give each American that helps, clothes and feeds a homeless person a giant tax credit. ($5,000?)

    San Francisco: you said “free houses, stop enforcing laws/charging people because they are homeless, and make new laws the make law abiding successful citizens criminals?”

    Literally every American:

  12. I am from Germany and we went to several cities in the USA with my wife and SF was by far the worth city we have visited…we basically just stayed in the hotel… drugs, homeless, prostitution at every street corner…

  13. wow, enforcing the law is racist. Well, since we are not enforcing the law, we need a vigilante force…that would be one solution.

  14. Anyone notice part 4 is missing? Fox must have reported a really "inconvenient" truth about San Francisco that Susan W. didn't like.


  16. Thanks to all the liberal politicians who have helped turn California into the sewer it is today. And a hearty thanks to all those liberal voters who elected their useless asses!

  17. This is insanity. The only way to stop it is seal the borders, deport alllll those who shouldn't be here(legal and illegal), and institute a law saying America must be kept a 80% White super majority Nation. The decline of our Cities is directly tied to mass immigration and state sanctioned homosexuality.

  18. Let’s not act like the legalization of prostitution wouldn’t be a good thing. There are so many pros that come from this.

  19. If it was such a horrible place to live, people would be moving away. Housing prices would be dropping. But they are not. What gives?

  20. San Francisco will become a ghost town of the homeless and deranged. NOBODY will want to live there no matter how much money tech companies offer.

  21. thumbs down for using closed captions. People who need them already have them turned on and dont need you to do it for them. Those of us who dont need then are annoyed.

  22. The top five cities in America for human trafficking reports are Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, and Las Vegas. Almost all of the top 25 cities for human trafficking prevalence are large metropolises, and many are major tourist destinations and/or have international airports.

  23. Gavin Newsom and London Breed have helped make SF this way. Gavin failed so hard that he got promoted to governor. California is doomed.

  24. It is spreading across the U.S., and Trump isn't doing a thing about it because he's too busy starting another war and supporting red flag laws.


  26. If you look at the ballet of states for elections, California is always blue. But if you look at the ballet by counties, only the big cities are blue (LA, Sacramento, and San Francisco/ Bay Area). It sucks that the only reason California has these god awful laws is because of 3 spots of that make up over 50 percent of the population. Plus San Francisco is a sanctuary city, so they can put up a giant middle finger to the government. I hope to go if trump gets re-elected in 2020, he cuts the funding for all of the sanctuary cities so they can get their act together.

  27. I live in SF. This is not an exaggeration. Yes these fools voted in an DA that brags about not enforcing the laws. But I could care less, the techies ruined the culture anyways. It WAS great for awhile but its over now. Its nothing but an facade of what a amazing place it used to be. Like many other residents ill be leaving soon as well. Go niners!

  28. With all this going on one feels to ask the Lord's judgement to fall yet we should remember that we serve a God of mercy and as such our prayers should be that the Lord release a real revival before judgement that even the ones we may feel are hopeless would feel the moving of the Spirit of God and repent and be saved. Only the Lord can do this…He is not willing that any should perish but all would find the mercy of His Son's sacrifice. The enemy would have us revival, reject and judge these people but we must see them as God does…sinners in need of a Savior.

  29. Remember. This is the future you choose when you vote for shitty politicians. Stay informed. And most importantly. Call them out.

  30. Although subscribed with the bell ringing, I am not getting notifications of your uploads. Had it not been for someone posting the link elsewhere I would have never been able watch.

  31. If you use a plastic straw in California you will get a fine whilst plastic syringes, paid by the tax payers, are handed out like candy and discarded on the streets.

  32. I really can't se the problem here! If they vote like that, let em' have it. Take down the golden gate if needed…

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