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  1. I wish the law makers in San Francisco would help the homeless. Build shelters, help the homeless who have addictions beat those addictions, and maybe even some job training for them as well.

  2. Nancy Piglosi address is..??? Wow isn't her house nice compared to the district she is in control of? How did she get all that money?? El Chapo? Paul Pelosi Jr?

  3. Pufff… Please! Mexico has been just as bad since i was born! Now you are watching the U.S tranformation into a $hithole

  4. Eliminating of all sources of illicit drug must be top priority for the government. Drug crisis is killing this nation! Its time to wake up

  5. Leftists are turning America into San Francisco… California is our future, thanks to left wing morons and freeloaders..Pelosi's district..

  6. This is what you will get if you vote for a Democrat in your area. This is what you get nationwide when you vote for Quid Pro Joe.

  7. How stupid do you have to be to basically legalize theft? Or to vote for someone who would do that? It's like a zombie movie in these big D cities

  8. Maybe Nancy Pelosi needs to focus on her district than chewing her dentures of how to get rid of Trump. Don't vote Democrat or your city or state will be like this.

  9. California's 12th congressional district is a congressional district in California.
    Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a
    Democrat, has represented the district since January 2013. Currently,
    the 12th district is entirely within the city of San Francisco.

  10. I personally love these stories. I think the whole west coast should sink into the ocean and take every last person with it. You guys voted these idiots in. You sat by while they gave border hoppers the freedom to drive and vote. While you sat and worried about facebook and who says what on twitter, your life was taken away from you. Congrats.

  11. The sane people should just leave and let San Francisco turn into the wasteland it is or punish these criminals themselves.

  12. Dude's gotta leave. Decent people need to leave California for states that still respect and believe in law and law enforcement

  13. As someone living in California, there are certain areas where homeless congregate, it’s not like how the media portrays it here like it’s out of control everywhere.

  14. Stop the Democrats from rigging the elections and see the Democrats get voted out. They stay in power through election RIGGING. Do we really believe the majority of voters in CA have been voting for Democrats knowing they have allowed and encouraged these conditions for years?

  15. Make it a club like Costco where you have to have I'd to enter and leave a recipient paid and checked at door? What's the problem

  16. I visited San Francisco in April…..
    it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE, but the city was dirty and people were out on the streets. I am praying that politicians’ hearts change. However, it seems as though we are approaching a war….. in our OWN COUNTRY…….. WE THE PEOPLE ALONE SHOULD HAVE THE POWER…….. NOT the elites, NOT the illegal aliens, NOT foreign countries……. may God help us all.

  17. Never forget Kate steinle. The poor woman died in her father's arms7/1/15 the murdering scumbag is still walking the streets

  18. So many places my family will never go on vacation to spend those tourist dollars because of the lefties and how unsafe they have made those areas.

  19. OMG! I used to desk clerk at the building he lived in. I remember him well. This is common behavior, by the hour in San Francisco.

  20. My friend lives across the street from that market. Homeless people will jump in front of her garage so they can purposely get hit.

  21. You ain’t gonna be in business too much longer bruh at that rate of theft ….time to get out and move yourself and your business to another state if possible.

  22. Decriminalized crime? That is beyond stupidity! The Feds need to take over California for abuse of tax paying citizens. I don't imagine that this California would be approved for Statehood either. Keep up the great work Liberals. A real Utopia you got going there.

  23. Could you imagine if a street sweeper brush launched a dirty needle into somebody’s flesh?! That would be horrible — possibly fatal.

  24. And their solution to this is open borders, more poor people? The world has over 4 billion people living on less than 3 dollars a day.

  25. What the hell…. this shows the situation is WAYYY WORSE than even the media has said it is. Jesus Christ how the hell is that possible

  26. Ironically, this part of town has actually gotten a lot better over the past 10 years or so. This market is just a couple blocks from Twitter, Uber, Square and several other of the big tech company headquarters. With gentrification comes a lot of backlash and displacement. But, if you think this looks bad, you should have seen it prior to the tech companies moving in.

  27. 2019 CA Criminal Laws: > $950 gives you a CITATION. Not one day in Jail nor Prison. It's no wonder why tax paying honest people are pissed off here in CA. All because of Democratic Liberalism (Equality at its worst). Don't worry the political pendulum will come around. It just takes time. The fire is kindling over here will only rapidly spread at this rate.

  28. And these are the liberal dream places ? wow… I've read about San Fran being really bad (also seen some documentaries on it).. but this looks like its migrating to every big city in California more or less ?

  29. The American people all should be pissed Nancy pelosi’s working for something other then this country just like Feinstein’s driver it seems like these politicians work for China.

  30. I am curious how much San Francisco’s tourism revenue has fluctuated over the last 10-20 years. If ever thought about going there, your series convinced me otherwise. Looks and sounds like a Hep A,B,C and HIV hell hole.

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