Ambassador Grenell named acting Director of National Intelligence

Ambassador Grenell named acting Director of National Intelligence

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  1. Another appointment by Trump of an unfit loyalist. As usual, an "acting" appointment, so that Congress cannot question the person and expose how inexperienced and unfit the appointee is.

  2. We all know Russia was
    involved in the 2016 election and Trump was part of it. Every f______g intelligence agency said so
    and we are told to not believe all the intelligence agencies because it is a
    deep state plot to bring Trump down. I can't believe this insane game is still
    going on and Trump isn't in prison. The only reason I can come up with that
    this is still going on is Trump, Russia, the Koch Empire, Fox news, the
    Sinclair Group and a few billionaires are all working together to take over
    this country.

  3. No background in intelligence. No top-level management experience. Fiercely loyal to Trump. Our cheating president opening the door for his buddy Vlad to steal another election for him.

  4. Awesome. So, because trump is told by one of his buddies that the current DNI did something in opposition to what trump wants, he gets rid of someone who had decades of intelligence experience without bothering to find out if what his buddy told him was true, to fill the DNI slot with someone who's nothing more than a die hard trumpster without one bit of intelligence experience. This guy is so bad that Germany asked the US to rethink his appointment when he was made US ambassador there. Instead of doing his job, his first instinct was to go on Breitbart & say he was going to try to help the right wing gain more influence in German politics. Generally speaking, Ambassadors are not supposed to try to influence the politics of the country they're appointed to be our representative. And, trumpy is making him an "acting" DNI, knowing he's such an unacceptable candidate that he'd never survive the Congressional hearings.

    Another "only the best people" hire by donnie…

  5. I'm sick of hearing how they are getting away becausethey are democrats! Republicans get awa y with stuff too. The only reason they are not being prosecuted is because the swamp has all kinds of people doing crooked deals. Republicans and democrats alike. I say it's time to fire every memeber of congress.

  6. An Ambassador with ZERO Intelligence background to be Director of National Intelligence? Is trump Stupid or what…

    Yeap yeap he is.

  7. Trump just pardoned a bunch of rich guys who'd been convicted of bribery and extortion. How can that possibly be viewed as draining the swamp?

  8. I hope all the Trump supporters are seeing what's going on with our DNI he is being replaced by a sycophant because he briefed the intelligence committee that Russia is interfering in our elections again to help Donald Trump because he cannot win without cheating

  9. Don't fret Stewart….
    I just got wind that doomburg is going to require us to all have "doomburg…GOAT's" vinal wrapped on all our "shorted" out electric cars 👍🤓

  10. Why bother appointing a DNI at all? If the truth doesn't match what president stupid wants the truth to be, he'll get fired like all the rest. Either that or he'll turn out to be just another crook and go to jail. So far as anyone's involvement with Iran is concerned, Trump's friends are making tons of $$$$$ violating Iranian sanctions. His friends Erdogan and Putin in particular. Rudy is the lawyer for Reza Zarrab, a Turkish/Iranian/American criminal (violated Iran sanctions and money laundered, arrested under Obama) who Trump and Rudy have been trying to spring from jail since day one of the Orange idiot's administration. Trump fired the prosecutor in his case after he learned this prosecutor was not going to be Trump's lapdog and let the guy go as Erdogan demanded. Whatever Trump and Fox are accusing someone of, it's what they themselves are doing.

  11. Everyone trump appoints is a acting replacement, which means they probly won't pass the confirmation phase of placement process. So he's slipping someone in who has a sketchy past. Swamp is expanding.

  12. In no shape or fashion is Grenell qualified to be the acting DOI. He has no military or domestic/foreign intelligence background at all. Just another example of Trump putting a stooge in an incredibly important position.

  13. The pardons have several reasons behind them. 1. to keep people from testifying against Trump for reduced sentences. 2. So if they are required to testify Trump can scream harassment. 3. a distraction from the Republicans that are being looked into. The Republicans as a party in whole are really hurting. Look at how many have been arrested/being investigated etc. The light of truth is exposing a lot. The Republicans tried to install a King and it failed miserably. Trump is the distraction to keep people from really looking at the Republican party as a whole unit. Such as, The republican party are never good fund raisers for campaigns….. Where exactly is that money coming from then??? Why would the republicans not put up atleast some other person to run against Trump? Installing someone from Germany to the head of the intelligence committee. Letting a kid die in something worse than a concentration camp, now stating they will take the free lunches away from kids (how is this pro-life? as this could be the only meal for some.) No Medicare/Medicaid for those same kids. the republican party is using old world U.S.S.R. tactics. All the while the "King" is spending from 200,000-500,000 in total for each golfing trip he takes every 3 days….. NO matter if any of this is overturned or goes thorugh… this is what the republican party justifies and stands for. Trying/attempting to make life harder for defenseless kids that did not ask to be born. All the meantime stating they have strong morals and values. I hope that Congress starts following the money trails….

  14. The Great Leader Trump gets rid of another speaking the truth. Dictator Trump acts just like Kim Jong Un. Trump only wishes he could execute those against him..

  15. The comment section here is gross, let the researchers/information givers speak more than you do. Really listen! without trying to think of what you want to say after they're done talking especially if you add on make believe bs or if you didnt even hear the information

  16. My volume is off! Trump selected this inexperience sycophant because he doesn't want any knowledgeable person telling him or giving him any advice! Trump with his limited knowledge about everything will lead him around like he has a nose ring. Why people bow dow to this man is amazing to me! He's not intelligent, he's a big liar, he's fat and pudgy, he has horrible looking skin, he's classless and he sucks as a human being! To be precise he's A ZERO!

  17. Violated the Three flush rule today.Can't find if you can't catch me.Charmin on the run.Narrator give me a Monty Python rush.

  18. Translation: "We're going to hire only the best people." -> "We're only going to hire the dregs who are willing to pledge allegiance to me before party or country."

  19. Okay trump is taking this way too far. He is defying the judiciary branch to the highest level. So DOJ is no longer an independent branch but part of his men.

  20. I live in Colorado and wear my MAGA hat all over town. Gotta represent! I doubt Colorado will flip for Trump as a whole, but here's hoping!

  21. This new lap dog better pray that nothing horrible happens to this country on his watch because that might actually wake up the American people and then he might have to go bye bye forever and his owner with him.

  22. Tired of socialist democrats and their narrative. Obama had eight years and left us where Trump had to start. Much better today; Trump 2020.

  23. Trump surrounds yourself with incompetent ,inept sycophants which allows him to turn on them ,blame their ,incompetence and ineptness a pattern ..New revolving door at WH to be installed soon .. Stone makes 7 people associated with Administration to be convicted ..Its a record.

  24. Trump appoints another Zionist Israel firster no surprise this traitor giving more of our sovereignty away to the Israelis and dual citizens

  25. He needs to learn from Casey when he takes over. Yes, it is critical for the head of National Intelligence to be pro POTUS. At the end of the day, the CIA are the Presidents personal guard. There are there to march for the POTUS when others will not. The head of NI must be behind the President but must also obey the rules. Unlike Casey.

  26. Please please please tell me the GOP isn't going to overlook how putting a guy with no experience in Intelligence makes it easier for terrorists to hit us again.

  27. Trump appointed a person to who has zero experience in the field just because he kisses Trumps a.. yup, nothing partisian about it.🤣

  28. Funny how john kerry is such a bad guy but TRUMPSKY gets mad that our intelligence warned the congress about russia and trumpsky replaces them(with rage). Not a big deal. The GOP just can't seem to stand up for america.

  29. GRENELL,


  30. Escort them to an International Airport with a one way ticket back to Tehran. They can be the Attolahs water boy and servant. We don't need disloyal Americans.

  31. John Kerry and Sen. Chris Murphy's should be tried for Treason enough of the running their mouth Kerry took payoff money from the Iran deal that is why they used a lot of cash.

  32. …So then do nothing. ? Must be just BS by trump..Kerry is the Ambassador and they do attend meeting in those countries. Lol

  33. The Untouchables in Our Government and Society!They can Do anything they want to ANY of US any Time they WANT!Someday You Too could be an ELITE so keep voting and Supporting IT DEMs!Until then You are OWNED by these Untouchables!Slavery IS alive and People LIKE IT!

  34. It was and is OKAY for RUDY to do it then but not Dems?? Even this hack thinks it's a sham see 0:22. All you morons following your Cult leader for heavengate please you JIM JONER's DRINK THE KOOLAID ALREADY!!!

  35. "Should a staunch Trump supporter be the man in charge of Intelligence or should it be a man independent of the president?" Ahha.

  36. The house needs their own DNI that does not answer to trump and trump can’t Fire. Americans demand the truth and can’t wait for whistle blowers to come forward. What kind of government is that. Wake up House and create it now.

  37. Grenell, the last job Grenell had was working in the Packing department of a Fudge Factory, so I'd guess he and Trump have some common ground, heard tell Trump Loves fudge.

  38. For the animus merely reflects that the president’s foes recognize his elevation of Grenell to acting DNI means a real challenge to many in the senior ranks of the intelligence community (IC) who have proven hostile to the president, rather than faithfully serving him. The attempt to portray the ambassador as some kind of toady betrays the fact the critics’ real fear is the president being served by those truly devoted to his agenda—that is, that he be afforded the same privileges as every other president.

  39. A person who has never worked in the intelligence community has been named head of the director of national intelligence.

    We are no longer a serious country.

  40. There's only one thing left to do, fire ALL government employee and pick random people from Trump rallies to fill those spots. As long as they're trusted and loyal to Trump what could go wrong?

  41. Trump appointed suck up and Trumper Barr to head the justice system and in doing so . Totally corrupted the whole justice system . Now because the head of national Intelligence said that they have proof that Putin and Russian government are to meddle in the 2020 elections . Trump immediately kicked out the head of national intelligence and replace this expert in this department . With one of Trump lackeys Richard Grenell a well know suck up and total yes man and supporter of any and everything Trump does or wants to do . Legal or illegal – he does not care . Grenell always chooses Trump over the safety – interests and protection of America . Grenell knows nothing at all about the National Intelligence or any other intelligence agency . His only qualification is that he will follow Trump blindly and with complete obedience – he will do any and everything Trump wants him to do . I am also pretty sure that Trump placed him there temporary to gather as much info as possible concerning the whistleblowers and others . Who did their duty to protect their country . In which Trump had an Impeachment trail . Trump is seeking some more revenge – like the Tyrannical Dictator he really is . Yes America – Trump is the nations first tyrannical Dictator . Vote him and the republicans out of office in 2020 and bring back democracy and the America we all miss so dam much .

  42. We can ask for other sorry leaders like Medura to step down…yet we cant get rid of a crook for president. Doesnt everyone realize Trump only keeps yes men. When our intelligence tells us republicans and democrats….we need to listen. It all leads back to Crooked Trump. Why cant anyone stand up to this Weasel….he is an embarrassment to our country. Do we need Other countries asking for his ouster…like Trump did Medura…Venezuela

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