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  1. This is EXACTLY why I will NEVER have ANY of these kind of devices in my home!
    A smart phone is dubious enough without submitting to this 🐂💩!
    The ONLY way to stop it is to have NO smart devices at all.

  2. Has Congress been living under a rock for the past 20 years? Where are the Disclosures, And the ability to Not opt-in?

  3. A 12 shotgun will fix the problem in seconds.
    The secret police can haul you in jail because you said the wrong words.

  4. Got in an argument with someone about companies themselves listening in to customers' conversations. They argued it wasn't possible. Think they worked for the company and were covering the companies/their tracks.

  5. Alexis going to be part of the One World Government where big brother knows exactly what you're doing cuz they're listening to what you tell Alexis

  6. Goddamn Fox! That is some hard hitting journalism. How could anyone be stupid enough not to know that already?

  7. I never trusted Alexa. You are not that ignorant to not know that mostly all those devices are for a purpose; To know your own personal business.

  8. (((Amazon))) (((Jeff Bezos))) (((Google))) (((Facebook))) (((Apple))). The (((Tribe))) loves them some Socialist #PoliceState, even a Chinese one.

  9. So employees who quit their jobs revealed the secrets? Lol, if this is true, Amazon wouldn't let such employees leave the company.

  10. It's shocking that Amazon is doing exactly what customers specifically gave their permission for Amazon to do. When you set up Alexa, you explicitly agree that Amazon may listen and/or record the use for quality control and training purposes.
    So, better headline "Stupid People Complain That Amazon Does What It Says."
    Btw, when you post a comment on a YouTube video, Google lets other people see it. And if you shout out "I Love Donald Trump" on Main Street, other people may hear you.

  11. DUUUUUUUUUUUUH.  A six year old can tell you that. What did you think the device is for ? your convenience? It's for spying morons.

  12. Why are people buying this CRAP… they deserve to be listened to if they buy into the BS….. stupid people…. take AI and shove it where the sun don't shine…if it's not used for good then we don't want it…

  13. Put on the box:
    Warning: We can and will listen to you through this device.
    This is why I don't buy these things. Always remember that cameras and microphones work both ways. It's like setting up surveillance on yourself.

  14. Why would anyone willingly put a listening device in their home? Every word, every request, every search, everything you do and say is monitored constantly.

  15. If they are listening to me they are going to be mighty bored lol

    I am more worried about my cell phone they not only listen in on your cell phone but they use it to track you in real time.

  16. I wouldnt have that crap in my house unless I had full control of its power supply… and even THEN I wouldnt be happy with it simply being there. Sorry, but not my home.

  17. Lol this is only news for those not paying attention or too ignorant to care. The Corbett Report, a so-called conspiracy theorist and purveyor of fake news according to snopes, has been reporting about this for years.

  18. What a waste of money! Funny it does not work that good. Everything that it does anyone can do for themselves very easily. People have become so addicted to unneeded conveniences. Finally, it allows the company to spy on you.

  19. Another piece of crap that wont work. Called three places today there auto system won't work so why pay. Terminator going to start in China. There going to steal something they shouldn't and open Pandora box.

  20. If you went back twenty or thrifty years ago all this stuff was on scifi movies but invading your personal space was never thought of.

  21. I said this when they first came out. It’s the only way they would be able to improve. I was right all along

  22. This is WRONG!
    ALEXA should be banned!
    Eavesdropping is against the law!
    Where's Congress ? ? ?
    Where's the FBI ? ? ?

  23. The Future is going to have NO PRIVACY folks. The SYSTEM is going to be everywhere, listening and watching everyone & everything. Welcome to the 21$t century.

    One way of getting out of the system is NOT to have kids, and enjoying the smooth ride for the rest of your life. We live at the end of history – at least as far as history of individualism is concerned. The Future for the People all over the World will be looking more and more like a Matrix movie. So, yeah, I'm glad I don't have kids and don't have to worry about the Future.


    1. Spy and collect as much data on the citizens who have their products.
    2. Use their media outlets to control what those citizens think.

  25. That's purely privacy violation. How about to put on trial the instigator(s) of this project? Isn't just the right thing to do in a democracy?
    ..Oh wait, we are not!

  26. Alexa is always listening. There is no stand alone unit you can program, like your own computer. You are locked into their firmware. A smart entrepreneur would build an open architecture unit, allowing user control over access and privacy. Alexa would vaporize overnight against real competition…

  27. Who puts a surveillance device into their home, and is then surprised that they're being surveilled?

  28. Fox click bait – they can't "listen" in live they can only access your recordings as triggered by the wake word. If you don't want those available to them… delete them in the app and they're gone. Absolute nonsense just to fire up conspiracy nuts and privacy activists. Don't like like it? Don't use it! If you don't use it, stfu as you have no kowledge.

  29. Alex jones said this would happen 10 years ago….youtube shadow bans comments. Take screenshots of your posts.

  30. Are they listening to you all the time, or just once you activate Alexia with her name? I’d be ok with her listening once I asked her to do something, but if Amazon can just start listening to the room she’s in anytime they want, that seems illegal.

  31. I feel like other devices are doing the same one time my sister was on her computer then there was a photo taken of her even though she didn’t take it then she covered the camera she couldn’t take any chances

  32. Even with the smart phones . I believe someone is listening. If siri or Bixby can respond obviously its listening. Is the world we live in.

  33. Yea…. right for its memory to grow, why not take it a classified investigation prompted by Jeff's money on this by making campaigns against this kind of situation. Unbelievable


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