Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing | Unlock Hidden Features

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing | Unlock Hidden Features

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  1. I'm so glad I was able to get in on this. I have Amazon Central. I had no idea that I could request 5 additional keywords though! #newtome

  2. Since the merge my sales have dropped by about 1/3. Amazon Createspace used to let me add key words etc, now KDP says no. My rankings have dropped drastically. Amazon is also under paying me for one of my books and Lulu support keeps having to fix it. Think I might get them added this way??

  3. Going to try the email thing. I used to have AC do this all the time and for some reason they started forwarding them to KDP who turned me down. Thanks for this!

  4. Great information, but I do have a question, I am noticing that the asin number is different for paper back and e book. When submitting for the five additional keywords should I use paper back, or should I use E book, maybe they would allow both to be submitted? Don't want to get greedy or appear as if I am trying to cheat the system. Audio book is in process and I am going back to watch that key word video again.

  5. Dale, you need to change your intro (subscribe) image. It only shows 1.1k suscrubers.
    12k would add cred

  6. I just did the category requests this past weekend to all four of my books. It made quite a difference for my short stories as I discovered I had written for a great niche I didn't even realize was there. I was just writing what inspired me. Additionally, my two novels are now in less broad categories. Taking the time to discover relevant categories is certainly worth the effort. One problematic point on series. If you use an outside source for your printed book, the feed they send to Amazon may not match up your title and series name the way Amazon has listed it. Amazon will work with you on this, but you will need to work through this.

  7. #NewtoMe – Amazon Author Central "ins and outs"/details of which I was not aware – AND the additional keywords option… Wow! You weren't kidding – this was a great video! Gonna watch again (and take notes this time…) 🙂 Thanks, Dale!

  8. I tried author central twice for the extra 5 keywords, and even screenshotted and sent them your email that said it was okay. Unfortunately, they said no. Maybe its just getting lucky with the right rep, sure is an annoying process though. Should just give everyone either 7, or 12 in the dashboard rather then this lol

  9. What do you mean about applying for the Look Inside program? ALL of my books have Look Inside and I never applied for it at all.

  10. #newtome… to be honest i find it incredibly tough to come up with seven keywords (harder than actually writting my whole book) – let alone find an additional five more……

  11. 🤔What is one feature you found surprising in this video? Why is that?

    👋Also, equip yourself with all the right tools to get going on Amazon Author Central…
    🔴When you watch this video series:

  12. dale, New to me and what a bonus tip. Thanks so much for this info! Georgean Sharp rapid digital publishing

  13. New to me – Awesome, especially the bonus information. Stick around to the end folks, it's well worth it.

  14. Subscribed ! You have some great videos – incredible, but I've just learned this very week about the option to publish a paperback through Amazon, not just e-books. If you don't mind, I have two short questions : (1) Can hardcover books also be printed through KDP ? (2) Can one use MS Office 2003 to prepare a manuscript properly ? (I've never actually purchased, nor needed to, any later Office). Thank you sir !

  15. Hey Dale, I wanted to ask you about something on Amazon KDP called the "Kindle StoryTeller Contest" where it seems like you would have to give up one of your keywords in order to entered. Do you think such a thing is worth it? Have you done it?

    I don't know if you have gone over this on KDP and I didn't see any video directing talking about it, but I figured it would be worth asking you about it and give some discussion. TIA

  16. Great videos Dale, I'm just wondering could you give any tips to the best keywords? My seven that I've selected so far are Horror, Thriller, Fiction, StorytellerUK2019, Short Reads, Demonic, Suspense.

    What other five would be a good addition and are any of the above a bad choice in your opinion?


  17. Dale i really need your wisdom!
    Can you publish your book in amazon if you previously published it traditionally in your own language, but now u want to translate it in english and sell it there?

  18. Hey Dale I've been watching your video for a while now and I need your advice. I'm publishing my first short story horror book on KDP and it wont be out till this June 28. I already got an editor and made sure I had no errors and also made sure everything was put together well. But my main worry is promoting my book. I use facebook, twitter and other sites. I'm also trying to get my book on Audible and its still up for audition. Am I doing to much to sell my book? And what are the best ways for me to get notice?

  19. Any chance someone could buy my ebook? It's been on Amazon for about 3 months, a lot of people bought it when it was free and are borrowing it from the kindle library, not many buying it now it's 3.99. Only two people have reviewed it. It's called 'A self help guide to hacking your reality – some ideas that might just work' – I'm starting to think amazon publishing is a waste of time.

  20. Hey Dale. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I've tried several times to get 5 keywords added through my Author Central account by phone or by message. I have also sent two emails to the AC address you suggested and it gets kicked over to KDP publishing and I get a response back from them to update my keywords through KDP, not Author Central. I have also spoke to a supervisor and two reps at Author Central at different times without any prompting on my part . They all tell me that these five slots are to be used by thrid party publishers (like Ingram Spark) for their keywords on the Amazon system since they don't have access to the KDP platform. They will not accomodate my request because I did my books through KDP. Maybe at one time you could do this, through a glitch or otherwise, but no longer given my experience. But if you think you can still do it, I have a list of five additional keywords to add on my book if you guys are up to the challenge. : )

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