Am I Ready to Hire a Business Coach?

Am I Ready to Hire a Business Coach?

Am I ready to hire a coach? If you’re in the process of considering maybe
working with a coach but you’re not sure if you’re quite ready, then keep watching. If you are wondering, am I ready to hire a
coach? I kind of want to hire a coach. I need some help and I want someone in my
corner, on my side, cheering me on and also helping me in laying out that strategy for
me. I need someone to help me but am I ready? I want to share with you by going back to
what my thought process was when I hired my first coach and my intense research process
that led me to hiring my very first business coach who helped me to figure out the structure
of my coaching business, who helped me to figure out my pricing and encouraged me to
raise my rates and who helped me to figure out even how to plan my first retreat. If you didn’t know, she was the one who helped
me figure out how to plan the Royal Retreat and now it’s been several years and the retreat
is still rocking and rolling. Actually, if you haven’t watched the video
on the retreat and how much fun we had and just taking a look at it. I already had somebody who commented, she
watched it. She’s actually in the process of planning
her own retreat and so she watched the video where I talked about how I planned it, but
I also have a video showing exactly what we did. So you should definitely check that video
out if you are interested in joining us on a retreat and you want to see what the experience
is like. So I want to take you back to my first thought
process when I was that research. Probably the same place that you are right
now, where you’re trying to figure out if you’re ready to hire a coach and you’re kind
of doing the research to figure out how you can essentially get to the next level or go
to that next place or hit those goals that you want to hit. So the moment that I decided to hire my very
first coach, I hit what I call my fed up moment. That’s essentially what you have to hit before
you realize that you’re ready for a coach. So my fed-up moment was I had already built
a brand as a personal finance blogger and I had been doing that for several years. So back in 2010 I started my personal finance
blog from around 2010 to 2014, I was working on building that blog. I actually had a lot of success in working
with brands. I had a brand in particular that blew me out
to New York, hair and makeup. I recorded videos with them. I had other brands where I recorded my own
videos right here on this Youtube channel. I had brands where I was doing blog posts
for thousands of dollars and I had a significant amount of success as a millennial money expert,
which is what I had built my brand up as when I was doing my personal finance blog. However, around 2014 I decided that I wanted
to shift things and the reason that I wanted to shift things is because number one I was
kind of tired of talking about money and budgeting. I realized that it wasn’t really where I wanted
to go and number two, the money wasn’t as steady as I thought it should be and as steady
as I wanted it to be. What I realized was that I didn’t really have
a business model that allowed me to have that steady income. So I wanted to create something that was more
paycheck-like where I could really depend on that income every single month or every
single two weeks like I have now where I pay myself on the 15th and the 30th without fail. So when I decided to make that shift, I wondered
if I was going to start all over again, what would I do? How would I structure it, what topic really
lights me up? It’s something that I definitely would encourage
you to do, which is kind of figure out what is the thing that you really, really enjoy
because there’s so many ups and downs as an entrepreneur, and if you don’t do the thing
that you enjoy and the thing that you’re called to do when you hit that down moment, like
I hit when I was working on my blog, it’s going to be that much harder for you to keep
going. But right now I enjoy what I’m doing so much
and when I hit those down moments, which I still do, every single one of us says as an
entrepreneur, it’s not as bad. It’s really just like okay brush your shoulder
off and get up and keep going. So I figured out what was it that I would
do if I had to start all over again? That’s when I started the brand Creating Coins. Creating Coins was all about money and mindset
and earning more and creating wealth, creating coins for yourself. I continued doing that and I started creating
those courses and started in the coaching and I started just by doing workshops and
I’ve actually talked about this a lot more in my training on How to Create a Solid Coaching
Program. I take you back to the start of how I started
my approaching business and transitioning from personal finance blogger into coaching. I talk about how I got those first clients,
how I chose my pricing. I talk about how I figured out what content
to include in my coaching program. So I’ll talk about that a little bit later
if you want to join that training. It definitely takes you through that entire
process and that time frame. So going back to the story, I hit my fed up
moment and my fed up moment was around the end of 2015 so I had already stopped my personal
finance stuff in 2014 and what happened in 2015 was the money just wasn’t coming the
way that it was supposed to with the personal finance business and even though I had quit
my job to move to Memphis long story, but I’m going to shorten it right now. I quit my job, moved to Memphis with my new
husband, and I said I’m gonna make this business work and this is going to do exactly what
I want it to do. It just wasn’t working the way that I wanted
it to work. So I had to go back to a full time job. That was in 2015. I was really, really frustrated about that. I talk about this before as part of my story,
but it was a moment where I realized that I was trying to do everything myself and because
I was trying to do everything myself, I wasn’t getting the help that I needed. I had no idea what I was doing and I thought
I’m not going to brute force my way through trying to build a coaching business for four
or five years only to realize that I’m going to have to go back and get a full time job. Like it’s just not what I want to do. So I hit my fed up moment. My fed-up moment was when I was in the car
on my way to Atlanta to go see my family and I remember I was listening to Mary j Blige
and she was singing that part of the song where she says, I choose to win. You know how sometimes music can just get
you, it’s like nothing else. Especially if you’re a strong person. You consider yourself a strong person and
you really don’t cry about a lot of stuff and then like some random song will just shoot
you straight and that’s what happened. She said, I choose to win and I remember the
tears just started rolling down my eyes and I said, I choose to win, I choose to win. AndI had been doing a lot of research on different
coaches and there was a coach that I had been following and she was offering a year long
mastermind. So this was in November, she was offering
a year long mastermind. I remember I just texted her on Facebook messenger
and I said, hey, do you have any spots left for your year long mastermind? She said, I absolutely do, but if you want
to get in, you’ll have to make the investment, make the deposit and then I’ll send you the
rest of the details. I said, okay, great. Give me the link. I’m in the car right now. I will make that deposit as soon as I get
to the next stop and I’m excited to get started. I remember that moment. It was my fed up moment. So if you’re at that moment or you feel like,
I’m tired of doing this on my own and I want someone to help me and I need that support,
especially for a year long program. I need that support and I need that guidance,
then you’re probably ready to hire a coach. So that was a long story, so let me make the
next two pieces a little bit shorter. So after I had that fed up moment, I had to
get into the next two pieces, which will let you know if you’re ready to hire a coach. I had to get financially ready and I had to
get mentally ready. I start with financially ready, especially
as someone who has been in the personal finance world, someone who had talked about debt,
who had paid off $22,000 of credit card debt. I had to get financially ready because it
moved me into a new position. I was familiar with investing in stocks, but
I wasn’t as familiar with investing in myself. For example, when you invest in a stock and
you evaluate that company, you already know that they have a business model. It’s probably proven they’ve probably been
running for more than five years, if you invest the way that I do, where you’re looking at
certain charts that are five year long. You’re probably at the point where you’re
thinking okay, I know that that’s a good investment. But when you invest in yourself and your own
business and you might not have that same track record, now you’re the one that has
to make things work. Everything is put on the line. So you’ve got to get financially ready to
say, okay, I know that when I make this investment, I’m not going to see this money again. I’m not gonna see this money again but my
goal with my investment is to see even more new money. So I want to make that clear. When you make that investment, and I do use
the word investment because it is an investment in yourself and in your business, when you
choose to make that investment in your business, that money is gone. It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone and so is
your old self. Your old self, the person who wasn’t the one
who invested, the person who did not have a coach, the person who did not have a support
system, that person has gone as well. And that’s exactly what I felt, which leads
me into the third piece, which is you’ve gotta be mentally ready. So when I realized that this money is going
no matter what, I had to get mentally ready because at that point I made that investment. I chose the payment plan. It was a year long payment plan and the payments
that were going out were exactly the same as the money that was coming in from one client
that I had. I had one client, one done for you client
and the payments that were going out were same as that payment that was coming in. But what that did for me was it allowed me
to mentally prepare myself. I said there’s no going back. I’m going to make this happen and I’m going
to cover this investment that I made with the new money that I’m making and I won’t
even have to rely on this one client that I was working with. I took the leap and actually quit that second
job before it was really financially responsible. I mean, let’s just be honest. Before it was financially responsible for
me to do so, I quit that second job and I was like jumping in with two feet in like
I’m burning the bridges and I’m doing this. When I made that commitment and I was all
in, I was doing the things that I knew I had to do. I was doing the things that I knew that I
kind of didn’t want to do that made me uncomfortable. But I signed a new client at $2,500 a month
which completely covered that investment more than twice over. I started signing other clients into my coaching
programs. I started connecting with other people who
are on that same level as me who were investing in themselves and it just, it brought me to
a new place of being like it basically helped me create a new LaTisha and if you’re feeling
that if you’re feeling like I’m ready to step up and I’m ready to take things to the next
level and I’m ready to be the new me. That person that you see in your head that
you are envisioning, that already has a success that you want. That is not actually you, that’s that knew
you. You’ve got layers and layers and you have
to strip off in order to get to that person, that success that you see in your head. It won’t happen from where you are right now. You are going to have to invest in yourself. You are going to have to connect with new
people. You are going to have to up level and become
that new version of yourself. So if that’s what you’re feeling, if you’re
thinking I’m ready to do it, that’s when you know you’re ready to invest in a coach. How do you find someone to start coaching
with? That’s a great question. The way that I did it is I just started researching. So, I went to Google first thing because I
wasn’t really connected with people. I wasn’t watching coaches on Youtube or anything
like that. So I just started googling and then I went
into Facebook and I started asking around with friends and I got tagged in to the coach
that I eventually ended up hiring. These days if I were to hire a coach, there’s
so many people that I am connected with. I’m already working with someone right now
but if I wanted to hire someone in the area of mindset, I know people that do specifically
mindset.I know people who do just working out and eating right and all areas of your
life. So I guess that’s the first thing I would
recommend that you do, figure out who you want to work with, who you resonate with. One of my clients who did a testimonial for
me, he said, if you’re an introvert work with an introvert and I think that’s great and
I’m going to say yes obviously because I’m an introvert and he’s an introvert and we
worked together well. But I’ve also worked with extroverts and sometimes
like that was the thing that I needed was to work with an extrovert. Even though our calls went longer than I felt
like they needed to as an introvert. Sometimes you need that, sometimes you need
that juxtaposition. Is that the word I want to use? Sometimes you need that difference from where
you are. You’re here and they’re there or you’re there
and they’re here. So I hope that helped. If you’re trying to figure out am I ready
and you maybe still have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m happy to chat and help you through that
thought process. And if you want to hop on a call with me you
can just message me. I will leave details in the description box. There’s actually a link that says message
me I think and if you message me, it goes to Facebook messenger and we can chat and
if it’s a good fit then we can hop on a call and potentially do some coaching. But usually I just started the conversation
over messenger because it’s easy or you can DM me on Instagram, I’m at LaTishaStylesTV. I’ve got an entire training, which I think
I talked about. So let me tell you more about that, about
how I started my coaching business, how I figured out content and how you can figure
out your content, how I figured out pricing, how you can figure out your pricing and do
you need a certification? I discussed a lot of that. It was an ask me anything session and I want
to share that with you. You can go to, in order to
get registered, or you can click the link that’s in the description box. Thanks so much for watching. Sincerely appreciate each and every one of
you. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll
see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

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