Alpen Tag 6 Lago Maggiore

Alpen Tag 6 Lago Maggiore

Welcome to the 6th day of my tour d’Alpes This is my lodge a booth with afterwar sanitary the nadir of all everdone stays at a rent of 50 Eu anyway I did not find another stay close to the pass and I won’t have risked to bike all down too fast dark in the mountains I have booked over AIRBNB in Camorino Will see what I get this time shall be a whole flat. Not that far down there so some time left for further excursions music by David Hilowitz “Divided Selves” Down we go ! Too fast for you ? Then skip next 3 min interested in whole DH? click the Info Box right up corner music by Lobo Loco “invasion of the Alians” mix “Midra in the sky with Ayler” (YT) music by Scott Holmes “corporate success” down to Soarza driving on the road then on small side streets Today weather is rather hazy warm and humid So I took only few photos Entering Bellinzona you can feel the italian aura a pretty nice town ! always so impressed inside italian style churches the 1″ CCD can show up it’s ability now music by the tudor consort “Agnus Dei II” music by Scott Holmes “Aspire” my flat is next over here but I missed it so had to pedal back add. 2 km NOP ! this short way back I had rearwind my today’s stay a whole ground floor flat incl. kitchen it is early in the afternoon so I decide for a visit in Locarno Although… .. seems rain will come up Ok ! I will be back at 6 pm cycling along the Ticino river.. on the way I no more shure.. to cross that bridge Luckily I met a german senior E-biker who accompanied me to the camp ground Fine ! so I can use his wind shadow (- Locarno-) Despite of the dark sky I decided to hop over to Ascona but quickly That was more far than thought and on the way back I’ve got it (you see: – Ascona-) I went shopping into a mall in Locarno but I did not get the clothes dry luckily the temperature outside is comfortable about 24 °C (75°F) on my way back ab 6:30 pm this time using the official cycleway nice to go there.. accellerating a bit more in order to keep me warm..

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  1. Naja, einmal im Leben kann man ja auch in einer Bretterbude übernachten. Muss man unter Lebenserfahrung verbuchen. Hübsche Fahrt, auch wenn Du am Schluss etwas nass geworden bist. Und die nächste Übernachtung ist ja in einer Dreizimmerwohnung. Das wird sicher toll. Schönen Abend, Hermann

  2. Eine Bretterbude zum Übernachten, rasante Abfahrt, gemütliches Tempo, eine wirklich schöne Kirche von Innen, Städte mit südlichen Flair dazu Gewitterstimmung mit heftigem Wind und Regen. An Abwechslung hat es nicht gefehlt. Und 119 km Tagesleistung kann sich auch sehen lassen. Ich bleib auf alle Fälle dabei. Bis dann, Klaus

  3. Hallo Fredl, da unten am Lago kenne ich mich etwas aus. Da habe ich schon öfter Rad – Urlaub gemacht. Zwischen Bellinzona und Ascona ist mir kein Radweg unbekannt. Ich bin ein großer Tessinfan. Vielen Dank fürs mitnehmen. Daumen hoch !!!
    Gruss Hubert

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