All about the Ex Fabula Fellowship

All about the Ex Fabula Fellowship

The Ex Fabula Fellowship is a cohort of
community members who applied and came together to tell personal stories about
privilege and oppression. Especially if you are a white person, it’s really easy to
just not think about race. And it can be very difficult to talk about it. Of all
the metro areas Milwaukee is the most segregated, so if we’re gonna thrive as a
community, it’s really crucial that we learn to do something about this
problem so that all the people in our city can thrive and can contribute. __________ I got hired because of race at that job when I was the director didn’t I? Because clearly
that person who had to do the final approval, that woman who asked me to fire the black lady was the same woman who had done final approval on my hiring. All she cared about was skin color. ______ dude I just got hit. It hurts. Was it because I’m Asian? Was is because I’m an immigrant? You
know? This kind of make me feel like I was a, it took me back to when I was 10
years old who just arrived in the United States, not speaking a word of English in
the back of my parents restaurant watching some customer berating my
parents over something I don’t understand. _____ Earlier when I was applying for a job at one point I was confused about the processes and asking her
questions and she said, “why bother you don’t stand a chance anyway”. ______ The only reason I was taken off that assignment was because I was black! That’s it. I asked my manager, I said, “Well
if I’m getting all these great reviews about my performance, what do you think is the reason why I got taken off the assignment?” And she said without a bat of her eye, “Blanche, I think it’s because of racism.” _____ When people hear stories they gain a deeper understanding of the
problem. We have ten interactive outreach
performances and we call them interactive because there’s always a
storytelling component, but then there’s also always like a reflection component, and a dialogue component. ____ What is the best way to inject a sense
of urgency into our dialogue? _____ Change happens on a relationship level, but if you
reach out to one person and you work with them to change their attitudes to
get them to think differently about the topic of race, to get them to understand
the idea of privilege and get them to hear the stories I think that makes
change. ______ Everyone has stories that are worth sharing, and that Ex Fabula likes
create spaces where people can tell their stories, where they can listen to
stories, and where they can connect with each other meaningfully. We see people
walking away feeling less alone, feeling more connected, and more positive about

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