All about the customer – Craig Medlyn | Matrix feature

All about the customer – Craig Medlyn | Matrix feature

My name’s Craig Medlin I’ve actually worked Phocas
for quite a long time and I just love working for a company
that has a product that is all about the customer We have fun, we work hard and we deliver great results
for customers and that really fuels us
to keep going and that culture exists across
the whole business that we’re all here to help
each other and our customers What we really bring is just
that fantastic product that doesn’t just do one thing,
it does a lot for a business It might start small in solving
a particular problem for someone but eventually the entire business
is actually using Phocas to get real
measurable results and that’s really what
Phocas is great at practicing what it preaches and doing more than what it says
on the box, really going way beyond I’ve seen a lot of features
added to Phocas over time Probably still my favorite feature is probably still the matrix feature it’s the one thing that can take
an idea and turn it on its head and really deliver some valuable,
valuable insights from a gut feel to a
measurable result.

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