Aliko Dangote’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@AlikoDangote)

Aliko Dangote’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@AlikoDangote)

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  1. Integrity and zero ego! very inspiring!
    Honesty❤"Honesty is a very expensive thing,dont expect it from cheap people" W.Buffet…

  2. #10 your name is your most valuable asset. It's in the Bible…ecclesiastes (the richest man who ever lived) 7:1 "A good name is better than precious ointment" (KJV).
    Evan maybe you can come up with top 10 rules for success according to King Solomon. What do you think?

  3. Kudos Evan! Your works are absolutely outstanding. I admire you.
    Dangote's rule that struck me is 'Be consistent.' He said "life without challenges is very very boring" and I completely concur.
    However, I'd love you to profile Mira Mehta, CEO Tomato Jos. Thanks.

  4. Boy I would have been note taking on my hand with a crayon raising my hand asking him to spell it lolol sound it out….slow down SPEAK louder lolol….once in a lifetime opportunity….sorry y'all I just really would have gotten on this man's last nerve lmbo, " Excuse me sir but can we please just touch foreheads ??..?… maybe……

  5. Dangote should run for Nigerian president … He is the only one that has actually made and is still making good impact to the Nigerian economy

  6. Thanks Evan, I believe in having a vision then a mission! Evan you are appreciated for providing these valuable tools for growth and self development.

  7. I like when he said “ protect your name “ be honest, that speaks a lot about his integrity. Nice one

  8. i like the rule of ' name .. as the most valuable asset .. it has changed and made my day great , thanks for sharing . i watch your vidios dAILY

  9. Sir, I am from Africa and we African we waiting for you to create Aliko Dangote rules for success volume II, I hope you will help us to create thank you sir!

  10. His got wisdom for greatness, this is how men odd to think and work hard…….having a vision and mission

  11. I will be bigger and richer than this honourable man. Watch out…Great is the glory of the Lord.

  12. #7 Do only things you understand, I like that. I've wasted money on businesses I knew nothing about.

  13. 1. Your name is your most valuable asset 2. Nothing is impossible 3. Think BIG… if u think small you will remain small ? Thanks Aliko Dangote ???

  14. Be honest and never destroy ur name because is the best valuable asset you have on the earth. I love this

  15. Men those were really deep… An entrepreneur just starting out like I was 10 years ago might not really understand what the man is saying… But after 10 years I can tell you that all those points that He mentioned is the gospel truth – without those things locked down making a £million is preety much impossible.. you have that, you can make a £million very easily – I would say in any industry.. even selling sand to an arab… I think I will make a video digging deep into each of these points as it might help an entrepreneur who is just starting out… you do not need to waste 10 years…

  16. everything he said is important for all of us as human being, even for those who don't want to be billionaire.

  17. Great man ,wise shorts for fellow Africans.I like this man though rich as he is he still lives and invest in africa

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