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  1. She is so right about that! She is a progressive comming out from the people tired of the status quo that got us traitor Trump! Why?She is starting a progressive phenomena with the people! in Congress she's done in one year more than any of those 'angry white man"who have being there for decades! AOC!is our future!

  2. AOC should just take the dues out of the $1 million in campaign contributions that her campaign manager illegally funneled to privately owned companies.

  3. You wanna play, you gotta pay.
    Time to be a big girl.
    …and the Democrats deserve their far left headache for letting their party get away from them.

  4. As for Scherie Murray… I have a hard time trusting ANY politician that voted for Obama TWICE — even if they have an 'R' attached to their name. No-Name McCain was also supposedly a Republican.

  5. Socialist not paying what others do. This is a surprise? No one seems to be talking about the amount. Why would a representative be expected to contribute a quarter of a million dollars? The Dems say they want corporate monies out of government but seems they expect to receive a huge portion of it.

  6. AOC has all the traits of a stereotypical millennial progressive. Selfish, entitled, self-centered, disrespectful, poorly informed, childish.

  7. I think this is great news for republicans. I storm is brewing within the democrat party between moderates and progressives. Neither side will win and it will only fracture the party, giving more power to republicans.

  8. Smells like a Democratic schism. The next 30 or so years won’t look so bad if that turns out to be the case.

  9. She said it right! She's playing games! She should have never been allowed to get as far as she did! I hope her coffee shop hires her back lol

  10. I guess it’s a good thing that we’re not trusting AOC with our money.

    Who knows maybe someday she will change when she grows up and has a place of her own supported by a job of her own.

  11. Scherie Murray should not be so mad when given a slightly tougher question. That was a softball question compared to what the mainstream will do to you. And it was a fare question.

  12. I'm a Brit and I know we had some differences a few centuries ago but I'm very conservative and I hate socialism… God Save The Queen! (And Guns and Capitalism and national borders!) 😅😅😅

  13. So democrats make an average of 147000 a year but they pay 250000 in party dues? No wonder they have issues managing the country's money.

  14. aoc cant pay due but gives her boyfriend a 90k loan from camp funds..o he never payed the money back..she is thief grunt

  15. To think that in 2020 we would have people like this in office back in the 90’s when I was growing up people would’ve thought I was crazy lol. Back in the 90’s we thought people would be pretty much perfect

  16. The Republicans want Corporate Socialism. They fear monger with Socialism but don't realize that they're supporting Corporate Socialism!

  17. I hope Republicans spend so much money on Scherie Murray so she can lose it all for you! Keep contributing to her!

  18. Why are Republicans not happy that AOC is taking a STAND against the ESTABLISHMENT DNC! What are you guys for Nancy Peloci? GEEZ! Yahs need to stop getting brainwashed by Fox News pundits.

  19. Just another socialist, do as I say not as I do. The rules don't apply to the ruling class. Remember that NY when she's up for re-election.

  20. She's not going to pay because she knows she will not be there next election. So much for preaching socialism while not paying her part.

  21. This is the first time Democrat’s are pissed at AOC, even though she’s been a mumbling moron forever, and has no business being in the senate. She’s always misinformed, she has a small vocabulary and she’s always emotional, as if her feelings count in passing laws. I hope we never hear from her again.

  22. This seems like she may be a person who may not be able to serve any public office.

    Looks like her personal values come before the people who she is dutifully obligated to serve.


  24. I hope this woman wins, the queens and the Bronx needs a strong African American woman to help the community to succeed and prosper

  25. Why aren’t these women at home cooking, cleaning, raising their children, and pleasing their husbands.
    No woman belongs in Congress 🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. More people like me? What kind of people are we supposed to vote for? Am I supposed to vote for full fledged MEATHEADS like AOC?

  27. I'm suprised no one else here supports the refusal as pro-democracy response to the DCCC's efforts to use their finances to suppress the primarying of Democratic incumbents. That just seems like an anti-democracy/sign of corrupt power-mongering on the part of the DCCC Democrats. Drain the swamp.

  28. There's a reason why they black list them because they are racists lunatics that are destroying the country and they don't want to associate themselves with them

  29. Those people should not have that kind of money!! No more making big money by being in Congress!! TERM LIMITS~~~And NO SOCIALISM ALLOWED~!

  30. You have got to love it when a politician who says her party is the only trustworthy party doesn’t believe her party is trustworthy WITH HER MONEY!!!🤣🤣🤣 This should be all anybody needs to hear to know the truth of the Democratic Party.

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