Albuquerque teacher chosen for prestigious fellowship program

LIFETIME. RICK SLEETER IS ABOUT TO TRAVEL 27 HUNDRED MILES FOR NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TO STUDY AND BRING BACK WHAT HE LEARNS TO HIS CLASSROOM. IT )S AN OPPORTUNITY FEW TEACHERS GET. .:09:32 its very exciting very intuitive :33 RICK SLEETER )S CLASSROOM AT ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL IS ALWAYS FILLED WITH ADVENTURE. 1:05:44 he )s super fun and cares about what he does one of the smartest people I )ve ever met :50. 1:09:40 he always does a lot of hands on things 2sx. IT )S EARNED HIM QUITE THE NICKNAME. 1:14:10 I would call him the Indiana jones of abq essentially laughing :16. 1:17:33 he has the hat, he has the whip, he has the spirit :36 HE BRINGS THAT SPIRIT INTO HIS CLASSROOM THROUGH HIS TRAVELS… AND OFTEN TAKES HIS STUDENTS ALONG TO SEE AND TOUCH HISTORY FOR THEMSELVES. …LAST YEAR IT WAS CHACO CANYON. NOW. 20:25:47 its just filled with life..what a cool place…3SX. HE GETS TO GO SOMEWHERE HE )S NEVER BEEN 20:27:07 – nats of music dolphins . HE )S ONE OF 45 TEACHERS FROM THE U.S. AND CANADA CHOSEN TO BOARD A LINDBLAD EXPEDITION SHIP… AND EXPLORE THE WORLD ALONG WITH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IN HIS CASE THE SOUTH PACIFIC. 1:21:12 okay so I am a desert rat right, I hike the canyon lands, that is the kind of thing that i am used to they are sending met out to the pacific to swim with the sharks I am so excited :22. IT )S A RARE OPPORTUNITY…AND NOT JUST FOR HIM. 1:20:01 Teaching is the best job in the world and what I get to do is go on and expedition and learn from some of greatest naturalists and scientists in the world I get to bring experience and learning back to this community:14. HIS STUDENTS HELPED CREATE THE VIDEO HE SUBMITTED TO EARN THE TRIP…AND CAN )T WAIT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT. 1:12:14 i can only imagine what he is going to see and learn and discover:18 . 1:16:47 mr. sleeter kind of guy no matter how much he )s learned just ready for more he wants more out of life :55. AND IT )S THAT PASSION MR. SLEETER IS DETERMINED TO SHARE WITH HIS STUDENTS. 1:24:21 its on me to become that role model not only that but keep learning :25 .1:24:44 one thing i need to bring back is that sense of exploration and learning 3sx. HE )S DEFINITELY ACCOMPLISHING THAT. 1:17:52 i would like to thank him for a wonderful year and wonderful opportunity i dont ) think i would be the same person leaving eldorado if I had not taken his class :57 ( ( (SOUND FULL ENDS MR. SLEETER WILL BE TRAVELING 27 HUNDRED MILES FROM TAHITI TO HAWAII ALONG WHAT )S KNOWN AS THE PATH OF THE ANCIENT NAVIGATORS OVER 19 DAYS. ALL THE TEACHERS CHOSEN ARE RECOGNIZED BECAUSE OF THEIR DEDICATION TO HANDS ON LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOM. MR. SLEETER STARTED OFF AS AN ANTHROPOLOGIST AND FIELD ARCHAEOLOGIST. HE DECIDED START TEACHING 30 YEARS AGO.

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