Alberta’s first satellite set to launch

Alberta’s first satellite set to launch

The launch of AlbertaSAT will
represent the first ever Made in Alberta satellite The first time that a spacecraft has been built In the province of Alberta, by anybody We are going to be one of the first Canadian university student teams To put a cube satellite into space There’s nothing that can compare to The excitement of being involved with a project That’s actually going to put an experiment in space The AlbertaSAT project is a
student-led initiative At the University of Alberta We’re building what’s called a cube
satellite It’s a universal standard where One cube is 10 x 10 x 10
centimeters We’ve decided to take three and put them together It’s about the size of a loaf of bread We are building a piece of hardware That will flow into space and is Supposed to deliver us data That will help us understand the interaction Between the sun and the earth And all the other satellites that are flying around The primary purpose of the satellite Is to study the effects of interactions Between the energy from the sun And the earth’s magnetic field And that region surrounding the earth At around 400 kilometers in altitude and lower We’re using a sensor that was
developed and built Here at the University of Alberta Say an event such as a solar storm Or a coronal mass ejection Came and interacted with the earth With today’s infrastructure With today’s dependence On electronics and the electrical grid What would the impact be? They found that the impact in the United States Would be on the order of one to two
trillion dollars And it would take up to 10 years to recover Low Earth orbit and that region of space Because it’s poorly understood Studying it can give us insight Into how we can perhaps Better design equipment on the ground Or ways that we can mitigate the effects Of a large coronal mass ejection We are the first in our province And we hope not the last To be the beginning of a
trajectory Where students who come to our programs Can see themselves being
involved in development for space And actually building space hardware The exploration of space Is entering a new era And there are opportunities that are coming As part of the new space race And right here at the University of Alberta We are, through the AlbertaSAT project, Providing hands-on experience for students To literally send their designs And their work to space A stepping stone if you will To a future career In the new space industry

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