Alan Dershowitz: Impeachment inquiry will backfire on Dems

Alan Dershowitz: Impeachment inquiry will backfire on Dems

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  1. Democrats haven't read the USA UKRAINE treaty signed by Bill clinton in 1998. it gives both leaders and both countries power to fight criminal activity . arrest, detain, extradite, paperwork, documents, and by the rules of the treaty the AG has to be involved. it's very detailed, it gives the president power to fight corruption , in both countries. look up THE USA UKRAINE LEGAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT TREATY…

  2. next 4 years lets investigate all the people investigating the President of the United States. it's his turn. he has earned it. Pelosi, shumer,Nadler, brennan, Comey, Schiff,
    DEMOCRATS stole 1 billion and laundered it through Russia via joe bidens son and john kerrys son who are partners with a Russian mobster. that's why they hate President Trump…

  3. In reality the Democratic party would not be harassing President Trump if he was doing a poor job. They have confirmed President Trump is an EXCELLENT PRESIDENT….Thank You Democrats!

  4. Noway to impeachment Trump, He did so well for America, Pelosi, something wrong with her head, she not America anymore, She has no respect her own America President,
    Remove her Pelosi and IIhan Omar from chairs,

  5. Our President is ostracized by world leaders because he is unable to reel in his own government what with massive leaks, empeachment talks&massive total hatred for this president who is doing a great job fulfilling promises more so than any other president so far plus repairing damages done by that obambam that tried tearing down this country to 3rd world status

  6. No Quid Pro Quo ( tic for tac…you do me a favor I’ll do you a favor), no smoking gun, no first hand witness, no connection to 2020 election…nothing…Nada. Ziltch! Democrats are rabid bat crazy. Their most rabid dingbat is Adam Schiff.

  7. You Alan pervert if you don't want to be D m get a F out you're an other scunk bag lier like Trump everytime you two opens you're mouth is nothing but lies.

  8. At least now we know who our enemy is! We used to be called conspiracy theorist's when we told people the truth about them, now it's all out in the open! The democrats have forever soiled themselves, we know what they are…them and their demonic media!

  9. Check out Walk Away Movement. You decide. Sad days for both parties. I doubt this is an impeachable event for Trump. In fact, it might help him. Our economy is doing so well and unemployment is at an all time low, so Trump is a better choice. I'm voting for Trump! I think Biden Sr. knew what his son was doing. I think Joe is lying.

  10. pres Trumps crime was to win in 2016 ! the demorats can't have an outsider come into Washiongton and show them how to run a country !

  11. Democrats in congress are our biggest enemy! They have acquired a god complex! They want power ,at any cost!,even lying! How can you rule this way? He has been persecuted ever since in office! Every since the queen of quid pro quo lost the election!

  12. Pelosi jumped on this bandwagon because she saw her influence as Speaker of the House diminishing as the progressive anti-Trump factions in her own party start to turn on her.

  13. Watching these lunatic…. rabid Democrats and their media trying to bring down President Trump….. is like watching a kitten chase a laser pointer.

  14. Democrats are amplifying their intent acts to force IG AN AG REPORTS WILL STAND UP FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT RIGHTS !!

    Typical playbook of democrats!!



  15. Fix immigration and ill vote for the devil himself. Trump is chemotherapy to me. Hes a toxic jerk who gets things done and is less damaging than the cancer. I will tolerate 8 years of Trump if it means issues will FINALLY be addressed. No other candidate was seriously addressing issues in 2016 and now the left is so far into crazy land they are not even an option.

  16. As I generally searched through YouTube looking for opposing positions on Trump's impeachment I could not find any. All the ones shown first are from the Democrat Party controlled MSM. I still didn't want to put "Fox" in the search argument so I used "Dershowitz" and up came with this video. I felt Mr. D's analysis was quite correct because I have the feeling nothing is going to come of this impeachment. Yes … there is a Congressional inquiry and possibly enough votes to impeach for a trial in the Senate. But like Mr. D. said … Republicans won't turn on Trump like they did on Nixon because to them this "smells" politically motivated.

  17. Dershowitz has zero integrity, and his opinions are of no worth to anyone. He is wholly irrelevant. Perhaps he should call up one of his underage Epstein girls and lecture to them instead. At last they will listen.

  18. Thank you Dems. You have insured a massive landslide victory in 2020 for the President. You had better pray that you will not be successful. For if you are ,you will insure a massive CIVIL WAR in 2020.

  19. Again! When will these DUMB-ocrats learn lies will come back to haunt them. After this impeachment try, President Trump should put all the DUMB-ocrats politicians involved in prison for treason against the government.

  20. The American people are not in the mood for this nonsense .
    The American people will not soon forget the time wasted by Democrats , socialists and leftists.

  21. Chicago.Look at the poor of your city.They are getting worse.Your mayor is interested in helping illegal immigrants….
    not citizens of YOUR city.Recall her.She is BAD news.

  22. When Dershowitz says action by Dems will wreck them you know it's bad for them. I've seen Dershowitz for years. I've never heard him say anything like that.

  23. "It's not Treason because Ukraine is an ally not an enemy."
    "It's not Bribery because the Federal Bribery Statute doesn't apply to foreign government officials."
    "It's not Extortion because there's no Quid Pro Quo."
    "Asking for an investigation is not a thing of value to President Trump."
    However, Joe Biden admitted to withholding federal money until he received a Quid Pro Quo to release the money. Joe Biden as Vice President, by his own admission, is the one who committed Extortion.

  24. Pelosi did this as party suicide in my opinion. She has lost all control of her party and the only way out is self destruction because they are too out of control.

  25. I think Dershowitz has had it. How he could have voted for Hillary and Hum, I don't know. But I don't think he'd do it again. What he says reflects what many Dems are saying. "Walk away." It's garbage now.

  26. Sont have the votes!!!! Haha and never will. You dont have xcx ro like whos president, but the people do!!!!! Impeach Pelosi!!!!!!!

  27. It's kind of amusing to read the comments below: Putin's communist propaganda brigades and a couple of right-wing Americans trying one last time to wash their own brains and dazzle their own eyes.

  28. When will the people that vote for Democrats wake up and realize that they are just suckers. Believing democrat lies and still struggling while democrat politicians become millionaires. God help us.

  29. It may impact Biden a little bit? LOLOL no one is showing up at his campaign events anymore. Biden is toast.

  30. If you give Nancy Pelosi a bottle of whisky she’ll do anything you want.
    She would literally build the border wall herself

  31. Where is the outrage from Republicans. They need to back the President or go down with the left. Dirty players will be exposed.

  32. The President has the right to do his JOB, He has the right to speak to other leaders in the world,, this is such a sham! I hope all these left wing looney birds get voted out of office,,

  33. It's time for the Republicans and the president to get the party started, and by that I mean mr. Trump needs to sue the Democrats one by one in court and the media to they want to spend some cash let's spend it this way the time is now.

  34. This is all the dems have, trump will crush anyone that runs agaist him. We the people will speak again trum 2020, dems know they have no chance. Soros rumns your party. , dems are over

  35. There was nothing wrong with what Trump did. There IS something wrong with what the democrats have done. I pray Giuliani sues

  36. Alan Dershowitz was making more sense when he was telling us OJ was innocent.
    He should have been fired from Harvard after that fiasco.

  37. America must see Transcripts between Trump AND Dershowitz. Like YESTERDAY and he needs to be subpoenaed. Dershowitz is a Trump Hack

  38. 23% of REPUBLICAN VOTERS SAY Trump NOW DESERVES Impeachment & REMOVAL- and 51% to 39% of Americans are FOR impeachment. So the LIE that ‘impeachment is bad for Dems’ is NOT holding up.
    Alan Dershowitz is arguing for the DECRIMINALIZATION of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR If your name is TRUMP.

  39. Are the people of the United States getting tired of the witch hunts by the very first Democratic party, who ever heard of a party wanting to put Americans in jail for exercising their right to vote

  40. I find Google voice to text by my experience as the worst voice to text I have ever had, that is my experience with it

  41. Dear America,

    This is a typical diversionary tactic to get your attention away from the fact that those in power have been, and are, sexually abusing children. This man talking is making a mockery of you all by commenting on this, when he has been outed by his victims. Wake up America.

    You're welcome.

  42. Lol Alan Dershowitz, epsteins biggest friend is still not in jail?
    Anything comes out of his mouth is a lie or an Israel friendly agenda.

  43. For years third world nations receiving aid from the United States have been required to kick back half of what we send them to shell corporations run by the DNC and it's shills. Trumps investigations threatens to uncover this and has the Dems scared crazy. They will stop at nothing to stop Trump's investigations.

  44. They have a problem in Vegas. They are trying to keep up. This guy put someone in concrete. Ment ill–Michelle F belongs behind bars!! Come on. There was a man at the  who was laughing at people, and .  A woman

  45. Sunday, October 20, 2019

    Alan Dershowitz: 'I am appalled at Nancy Pelosi,' she sounds like Stalin

    by John Gage

    Alan Dershowitz criticized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after she reportedly said she wants to see President Trump in prison.

    "As a liberal Democrat, I am appalled at Nancy Pelosi," Dershowitz, a civil liberties advocate and former Harvard law professor, said Thursday on Fox News. "The idea of her weaponizing the criminal justice system and calling for the imprisonment of the President of the United States without him being charged with any crime, without him being charged with any impeachable offense. It's just outrageous."
    "It sounds like the conversation between Stalin and Beria where Beria said to Stalin, 'Show me the man, and I'll find you the crime,'" Dershowitz said.

    "The idea of the most important Democrat in the United States calling for imprisonment of a president is such core violation of civil liberties, the rule of law, and America justice. She ought to be absolutely ashamed of herself," he said.
    Dershowitz's comments follow the California Democrat reportedly saying she wanted Trump to be put in prison Tuesday during a meeting of top Democratic lawmakers.

    "I don't want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison," Pelosi said. Pelosi has maintained she would rather see Trump defeated at the ballot box.
    Trump responded Thursday to her comments by giving her the nickname "Nervous Nancy."

    "I think she is a disgrace," Trump said Thursday. "I actually don't think she's a talented person. I've tried to be nice to her because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done. She's incapable of doing deals.

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