AI, the intelligence to change business

AI, the intelligence to change business

[Music, vibrant] [Giuseppe Amoroso] We are using
Artificial Intelligence in all our operational processes, from asset management to engagement of our people and, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence,
we are looking at a future that we didn’t realise years ago. In 2019 we expect to produce
20 times the data we have produced 10 years ago. [Music, vibrant] The energy sector has a lot of things to do
to manage in a proper way the energy transition we are living nowadays. And Artificial Intelligence is helping utilities
in reducing the specific cost related to the maintenance of the assets. For instance, using a predictive approach
instead of a reactive approach in managing the maintenance of the plant is helping utilities also
in changing the way we interact with our customers, offering them a completely different experience based on the fact that
Artificial Intelligence is helping us in acquiring a more detailed understanding of what the customer’s needs are. [Music, vibrant] [Tim Bond] AI is really integral for businesses
and brands that want to engage their customers. It’s really going to be the thing that enables them to make smart and intelligent decisions and
to offer customers really unique experiences. It’s been able to be done for a number of years
through other technologies and through human understanding that AI is the thing that’s
really going to enable it to happen at scale. I think, as long as AI is used in a way that is clearly
kind of purpose-built, that’s where customers can really see value. [Music, vibrant] [Kanisha Bhattacharya] Artificial Intelligence
is very, very hard work, it doesn’t happen overnight Because it relies on data,
and getting data right, very often, takes up 80, 85% your time. There are certain kinds of realities
that are changing the way business is done. It’s making businesses more profitable and that means there is a lot more investment in this area and I think that is starting to change the perception as well because businesses are starting
to embrace it in a way that they wouldn’t do three years ago. [Music, vibrant] [Ritika Gunnar] AI is going to affect every industry, every profession, and every job will be affected somehow or another by AI. So, it’s not just isolated to the data scientists, it’s important to understand how you’re
actually changing, not just from the technology itself but the processes within your organisation,
the cultural aspects, how you’re doing skills and skills development and what you’re learning from all data within your organisation to make your AI projects successful,
so sharing that information becomes really important. [Music, vibrant] [Giuseppe Amoroso] Artificial Intelligence
is being developed mainly thanks to what the IT guys call “Open Source approach.” If we want to really leverage onto
the potential of Artificial Intelligence, we cannot close our doors. We need to share how we are
behaving with our competitors, providers, customers, and this is actually in line with our Open Power approach and, thanks to the Open Innovation platforms we have been setting up, so we are able now to share our experience with the other ones. [Music, vibrant]

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