AI NVR Business Intelligence Solution

AI NVR Business Intelligence Solution

Many businesses nowadays are having a
tough time managing their facilities due to security precautions necessary to
prevent theft and vandalism on top of complying with the demands and needs of their employees. One can imagine the difficulty businesses are having in finding time to consider consumer needs or even their sales as a whole. With so much data and information to process, it has become nearly impossible to manually keep one’s attention on both customers and employees at all times. What exactly is the solution to this problem? Well, with big data for business intelligence, it is easy to manage and maximize information outtake to ensure your company’s success. IronYun AI NVR, in particular, helps you manage your business more efficiently with its AI powered software AI NVR is widely known
for its security benefits. But, not many people know of its useful business intelligence applications. You may be asking how exactly does AI NVR provide such assistance? Well, there are essentially three functions of the many which make up AI NVR that can be of great use for business intelligence. These include: AI Heatmap AI People Counting AI Face Recognition 1. AI Heatmap AI NVR Heatmap allows you to save time and money by preventing the taxing process of sifting through loads of data and information. It does so by quickly locating and tracking areas of high
interest and their fluctuations over time. Our AI Heatmap generates heatmaps on demand with the ability to select object types. So, you can track how any object, person, or animal moves over time as well as how much traffic an area receives. This separates IronYun from competitors who only show pre-generated heatmaps 2. AI People Counting This highly advanced AI counting function allows you to quickly and accurately track and determine the number of people in the camera’s field of view. All you have to do is simply draw your counting line in the user interface and specify which ways in and which way is out. Then, the AI function will do the rest. In addition to its occupancy computation this function can also detect and trigger alerts for people moving in the wrong direction and/or falling or crouching, which has been shown to be useful in large crowds. 3. AI Face Recognition This function can detect and trigger alerts for high-risk or unauthorized entrance. With AI NVR, no personal information, such as names, need to be stored in the database. Also, video redaction is available to blur out faces and people Additionally, you could use this function to search for a missing person, such as a lost child across several different cameras with the face search capability to minimize instances of distress. All of these functions work with many video management platforms and all ONVIF IP cameras. It also maintains a high performance in SMB scale systems with up to tens of thousands of different cameras. So, the solution can be helpful and utilized at any type of business, no matter the size or circumstance. Examples of some of these places include: Shopping Malls Use AI NVR in shopping malls to see which stores attract the most attention as well as which stores attract the least. Retail Stores See which section of the store is the most popular as well as how effective the placement is of an advertisement is. Theme Parks Find out which rides or sections are the most popular while simultaneously monitoring dangerous or restricted zones. Stadiums Count how many people are entering and leaving a stadium to make sure there are not more people and seats. Restaurants Figure out occupancy with people and vehicle counting to make sure there are enough tables and/or parking spaces. Theaters See which shows are most popular to allow for more screenings and fewer instances of sold-out seats. Airports Figure out person occupancy at each terminal with heat map as well as count how many people board and exit planes with people counting. Banks Figure out which tellers are open and
ready for customers as well as which are the busiest. Hotels Calculate how many people are within a hotel at any given time to ensure it is not overwhelming or chaotic for occupants. Casinos Find out the busiest sections of the casino and see which sections are the most popular. Its use cases do not end there though. Essentially, the software can be used at any business no matter the size or the circumstance. So, what makes an efficient business? Is it making customers happy? Or improving sales? AI NVR business intelligence solution will assist you in providing both. There is no denying that managing a business is extremely difficult. But, with the help of AI NVR, there are no limits to its prosperity.

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