Agriculture Business

Agriculture Business

[ Music ] My name is Cameron Crouch and I am
in the agriculture business program. It’s a great program. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities through it being able to branch out into the field as well as meet with a lot of great instructors. There’s a lot of hands on learning,
there’s a lot of application learning. So you’re not just learning theories, you’re learning how this is
going to apply in the workforce. It’s always kind of interesting. You get student reviews and they always say, well it’s an easy class if you do the work. Okay, well. When you kind of think about school in
general how easy is school if you do the work? So it’s one of those things, yeah
it’s easy, but is it challenging? Sure. There is certain principles, especially in terms of economics, there’s some tough concepts. Graduates of the program, they are graduating with a shortage of about 25,000 students. There’s roughly 60,000 jobs
available for ag business graduates and we’re only filling about
35,000 of those jobs. We’ve got marketing, we’ve got sales. You like numbers you can be an accountant. You can go and be a lobbyist. There’s a lot of government jobs. in terms of regulatory agencies
that are available. And it really depends on what you
have an interest or a passion in. Companies are actually coming to us already while we’re going through this program, they want to hire us because of these skills that we’re developing through this program. A lot of people think community college
is lesser education than a university. I’ve actually found it to be
maybe even a little bit better. I’ve had a lot of professors who actually come from the career field that they’re teaching in. And so they’re coming back because they want to teach and so you’re getting that better education, versus maybe at a
university where your instructor is doing a lot of research and they’re having the
teachers assistant who is teaching versus that one on one contact with a professor. [ Music ]

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