Adam Goodes signs Indigenous Defence Consortium MoU with University of South Australia

Adam Goodes signs Indigenous Defence Consortium MoU with University of South Australia

We have 50 indigenous businesses as part of our consortium. That’s consortium partners, businesses nationally. We’ve actually got 5 businesses here in South Australia from printing to construction to landscaping. The reason why we’re partnering with UniSA is because we want to help grow our indigenous business sector and we also want to help the indigenous business sector grow into the defence space whether it’s around technology, engineering, science, whatever it might be and we really think that we can start to engage those 374 students, indigenous students at UniSA and have conversations with them about defence, about the indigenous business sector and how they can help grow it and be participants in it. – This is about realising opportunity and we engage with businesses of all hues and walks of life everyday in our institution and really there’s no difference between an indigenous business or a non-indigenous business. It’s about the provision of opportunity. It’s about provision of new skills. We’ve made available a wonderful scholarship through our MBA program for indigenous leaders in business and we’ve also provided wonderful opportunities through the Centre for Business Growth for indigenous companies to engage with us and grow in scale. We have connections with all of the major defence industry partners and businesses in this state and nationally and we can make introductions but as well as that, we can up-skill those who are already working in indigenous corporations to provide the necessary training for them to engage and to secure new contracts. – For me, in five years time, it’s about engaging in the uni students that are at UniSA right now opening their eyes to the indigenous business sector where the gaps in the market are for businesses and how small to medium enterprise is a way of actually creating something new for themselves and their families. but also, to engage them in the defence sector and the jobs and the network that is going to be thriving, and is thriving here in South Australia. That’s really important, because if we don’t educate them that this is what’s happening here in South Australia, then it’s another opportunity missed and I think in five year’s time if we can have a university student who is indigenous and is working for ASC, DCNS, Ratheon, you know, for me, that’s a real win for the partnership because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do is create these pipelines, pathways for these indigenous students into the business sector.

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