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  1. Это игра или типа фильма-мульта, бляяя я хочу посмотреть полностью годноту😤👍

  2. Que mamada es esta??? Hacen ver co o que los humanos somos basura, como si la humanidad fuera basura, mi pregunta es si en teoria hicieras un robot el cual esta programado para realizar trabajo, o x tarea por que le tendrias que disparar para que sumpliera la tarea, si fuera de metal sentiria dolor? No lo entiendo sencillamente no lo entiendo y no salgan con sus mamadadas de Robot live Maters

  3. It just looks like someone tried to copy Bungie and Activision and made a series of Destiny and Halo's baby…

  4. Unfortunatly i see that as a possibly sad reality in the nearby future…ur mind traped in a body thats not urs…controlled by others…

  5. Were be nice if this will became a new sci fi movie ,i bet a lot of sci fi fans will like this new sci fi movie , thought it's a great ideas to show a robot which had became a robot god ,with own consciousnes , and can not be controled from the humans creators anymore, and all of them have fear from him ,greetings from dracula country, i like you adam movie make it a real movie sfmy spelling !

  6. Over the years must have seen this over 5 fucking times already .. HEY U Tube how about a lil icon somewhere that turns green to show you have already seen this ? Comcast infinity assholes at least have a blue line under shit you have ALREADY seen … as it stands only way I can tell if already seen is to look at number of views prior to hitting play button and if it does not increase means already seen it ……..

  7. First episode was so boring and pointless, it gives me no excitement or interest to watch the next one.

  8. Wtf is this shit, they really want from us to think that android-life is something beautifful. Beleve me the evolution does not exist, human kind have just one edition.

  9. Кто русские, поставьте класс, пусть думают, что я что то очень умное написал😂

  10. I absolutely love this. Thank for putting all the time and effort into make this it is incredibly well done. I dont normally donate to stuff but just tell me how I will. Need more! Again thank you!

  11. Ох милодия в конце мне напомнила мультик" по ту сторону изгороди" 😞

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