Accelerate your IoT vision with IoT In Action Webinar Series

Accelerate your IoT vision with IoT In Action Webinar Series

>>Our industry and
indeed the world is at an incredibly exciting
technology inflection point.>>We’re seeing Cloud taking off. We’re seeing IoT taking off.>>millions and millions
of devices coming online, and it just keeps growing.>>This webinar series
has been designed to feature exciting new IoT solutions.>>You’re going to hear how you can transform your products and
the way they are produced.>>Taking a broader look at the digital transformation
changing the business landscape.>>This is a really
serious conversation. Can you use analytics to reduce the mortality and the cost of the
patients that you’re treating? Yes, you really can. We’re seeing massive changes. At last, we’re seeing healthcare
jumping into the Cloud. We’re seeing our Partners
building Cloud solutions.>>Vendors are really
focused on features like firewalls, like
encryption capabilities. What we see that
everything starts with people and culture
needs to be changed, so our approach goes beyond features.>>Now with our idle
reduction solution, you can see tremendous
savings in fuel use, vehicle wear and tear, and obviously, when you turn off an engine, you get rid of emissions.>>Most importantly,
you can find out how customers make a difference
with this stuff. You, the customers, partners, might lend something just by
seeing what other people do.

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