About the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program at the National Endowment for Democracy

About the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program at the National Endowment for Democracy

♪♪♪ I wanted to find a place where
I could learn a whole lot more about democracy
and its promotion. From day one it was really a
close group a group of friends, eight fellows, eveyone was super nice doing super interesting stuff. It’s really amazing to see all
these experiences from different countries. When I
worked in Egypt sometimes it feels like a person is
working in a vacuum or no one else goes through the
same things that they
go through. It was really good to see the
experiences, the projects, the ideas that the other
fellows had. The program was founded in 2001
to bring dedicated democracy activists, scholars,
and journalists to be in residence at NED, to benefit
from the environment here and to strengthen their capacity
to do their work. Starting in 2001 in the fall we had just 4 fellows to begin the
program, and since then we have hosted over 280 fellows
from more than 90 countries. It has been a breathing space you are like a bit removed from
the reality of everything that you do. For a researcher like me, this is the perfect place to be
because here you really have the time to focus on your research. Everyone at NED seems to be interested in what you
are doing. The trends that we’ve seen really challenging some of our basic assumptions about the trajectory of democracy mean that it’s as important as ever to have courageous individuals
that are able to fight for their rights within their home
countries to make their own societies more democratic and more responsive to their citizens. The most important part that I think I will take home is the inspiration. So it’s been really like an inspiring more than five months for me. Talking to these people, seeing how NED operates, it’s been just a great time
to be here. And then I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been it’s been incredible. It’s been an incredible learning

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