Cancer is the second most deadly disease all over the world. However, reliable, fast, and early diagnostics can help to fight cancer and save lives. In our project 3D-CANCER-SPEC, the research center innoFSPEC Potsdam in Germany and the optics company Winlight Systems in France will join forces to transfer technology from Astronomy to Medicine. The superb technology developed for the innovative MUSE imaging spectrograph on ESO’s Very Large Telescope is now being further developed to become an optical diagnostics tool for clinical studies. The MUSE technology made to dissect galaxies and find out what they are made of will be used to distinguish in real-time healthy tissue from cancerous tissue – a long awaited tool for medical doctors.

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  1. Werden Partner aus der Medizintechnik an dem 3D-CANCER-SPEC Projekt mitarbeiten? Wenn ja, welche?

    Are partners from a medical engineering background part of the 3D-CANCER-SPEC project? If so, who are they?

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