ABC45 Business News Update: Life Insurance Claim Denials with David Daggett

ABC45 Business News Update: Life Insurance Claim Denials with David Daggett

Thank you for joining us for this ABC 45 Business
News Update. I’m Candace Blanchard. Joining me today is David Daggett with Daggett
Shuler. Welcome. Thank you, Candace. Thanks for having me. We are talking today about life insurance
denial claims. Yes, it’s a very unfortunate thing. Many times people pay their life insurance
benefits for a lifetime, and then they get denied at the time when they really need it. In fact, every year in the United States,
literally, billions of dollars of life insurance claims go uncollected. And so, I’m sure, you know, people are, they
are experiencing a loss. It’s not a time that they really even think
that they can do anything about it. But they can call and talk to you guys at
your office to seek help. Yes they can. Many times they have life insurance policies
through work, or that they’ve purchased on their own, or they’ve paid for a lifetime. They’re very thick. They’re very complex. We know how to handle those claims. We can help. And so, they need to get some things together
and then contact someone at your office, and just work through it. All we need to know is that there is a life
insurance policy, and their loved one’s passed away, and then we can do the analysis from
there. Well thank you for educating us today. Yeah, thank you for having me. And, thank you for watching this ABC 45 Business
News Update.

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