ABC45 Business News Update: Distracted Driving with David Daggett

ABC45 Business News Update: Distracted Driving with David Daggett

Thank you for joining us for this ABC45 Business
News Update. I’m Candace Blanchard. Joining me today is David Daggett with Daggett
Shuler. Welcome. Thank you for having me. Now, distracted drivers. It’s on the rise. Yes. Distracted driving is a big problem. It ranges from everything from putting on
lipstick, eating a sandwich, doing anything except keeping your eyes on the road when
you’re driving. And of course, the cell phone in texting and
driving is the biggest problem of them all. And so, give us some statistics because I
know it is a big problem. Yeah. Every year in the United States, more than
400,000 people are injured due to distracted driving, and there’s thousands of deaths. What you have to realize is just looking at
one text in that amount of time on the highway, you’ve driven the length of a football field. In that much time, disaster can happen and
lives are shattered. And so, if someone has been in this situation
and they feel like the accident has been caused by a distracted driver, what do they need
to do? They need to contact an experienced attorney
to make sure their medical expenses, lost wages, any other expenses they have are covered
for them and for their family. Well, thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate this information, and
I think it’s a big key takeaway for us to be more careful on the roads. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. And thank you for watching this ABC45 Business
News Update.

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