Abbie Liel: GAANN Fellowships

Abbie Liel: GAANN Fellowships

I’m Abby Lee I’m associate professor in
civil environmental and architectural engineering so we got a again award from
the Department of Education which in our case is going to support eight graduate
students over three to five years so a really exciting opportunity to recruit
some new PhD students in the department and our award is related to rebuilding
infrastructure and really doing that in a integrative way so not rebuilding
what’s there but thinking like well what do we need in the next 20 years to have
the infrastructure that our communities are going to want in the future and it’s
more sustainable and more of a sell you so we’re looking for students who are
interested in infrastructure broadly interested in being co-advised by
different departments or faculty and simple engineering that have different
perspectives and really trying to recruit a diverse cohort of students for
that the Department of Education basically funding Awards in areas that
they’ve identified as being national national need where we need better
researchers and better educators more and better I guess researchers and
educators in those topics and it’s really exciting to you because a lot of
graduate students or PhD students especially work on projects that a
professor has somewhat carefully defined because it’s already funded by a funding
agency but these grants are much more open and so it really allows students to
explore topics that they’re passionate about kind of within a broader umbrella

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