AANA 3rd Annual Fellows and Chief Residents Course

AANA 3rd Annual Fellows and Chief Residents Course

Hi, my name is Darren Nabor. I’m a current sports fellow at Wake Forest University. I was fortunate enough last year to attend a Fellows course as a chief resident, and I overall had a great experience. This is a great way for chief residents to get your hand on the scope. For some of you, like myself, I hadn’t done a lot of sports. My fifth year it was early on when I did it;
so this was a great way to get your hand on the scopes and do a lot of knee and shoulder procedures before you start fellowship. I think this really helped me start fellowship with the hit the ground running, and overall I can’t say enough about the one-on-one experience I got as a chief resident at this course. I think for a fellow as well as it’s really
beneficial. I know the fellows that I spoke with that attended, they were able to kind of hone in on those procedures that they haven’t done as much of in the
operating room such as the Superior Capillary Reconstruction or do a lot of hip arthroscopy. I think this time having a one-on-one mentor and really be able to do the procedures that you wanted at your own pace, with guidance of somebody there and help you is really great experience. I look forward to attending this year.
I feel like I really gained a lot from both the didactics as well as the the lab. And I think it really will help you
prepare for fellowship or prepare for practice to hone in on those procedures
that you haven’t seen as much in fellowship here. So I hope to see you there.

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