I was in a funny place in my career
because I had done a long degree I have done a PhD in the UK So It takes a ages to finish So once I was done I came to Switzerland just to join my husband and I worked in EPFL up in Lausanne and a bit in Geneva and then I stopped because I was pregnant I’ve done several post-doc after my PhD so first I was in Italy after I went to work at the terra foundation here at CERN and after that I did another post-doc at Annecy at the Laboratoire d’Annecy-le-Vieux de physique des particules They diagnosed my mum with cancer
and so I tried to support her and work at the same time but several years after her health had deteriorated a lot Also I became a father So for both reasons
my kids and my mother I decided to take a break I was at a point in my life
I was a stay-at-home mum a mother of two children under two I didn’t think any employer would give me a chance This opportunity gave me a chance
I wouldn’t have got anywhere else I’m immensely enjoying the work I’m doing I’m doing hardware
I’m learning new skills I’m refreshing my old knowledge It was really like riding a bike I was really surprised when I started
and I thought how am i going to do it you know three years without any doing any technical work But it’s amazing how the brain works
It all came rushing back So I was very happy I know that when the fellowship finishes
I’ll be well equipped to look for this type of work in research cutting edge technology I’m better placed now lets say than a year ago After that it will be a very complete profile CERN gives you the opportunity of a second chance but on the other side you have to prove to them
that you deserve this chance so for me it’s a very high responsibility The post career-break fellowship is just this amazing opportunity and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there like me and not necessarily mums people stop work for all sorts of personal reasons and a lot of people are longing to go back to work properly This fellowship will give them this chance

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  1. Adorava trabalhar aí no Cern … aqui na Suiça sou housekeeping … falo inglês e francês e sou portuguesa… moro em Zermatt … se precisarem de mim … Adorava trabalhar aí… acho vosso trabalho simplesmente incrivel … gostava de ter uma oportunidade de trabalhar aí… pode ser a limpar … 🤗

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