A Tattoo Artist or Plaque Engraver? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep 9

A Tattoo Artist or Plaque Engraver? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep 9

– [Angelique] You can always quit now. – [Elise] Hahaha! – [Jeris] Haha, you wish! – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular
nine-to-five, but they’re also holding down a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? – [All Guests] Ooooh!
(cheering) (metallic grinding) – [Narrator] A team of four strangers will get three clues – Guys, I am stumped, truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess… – Here we go! – [Narrator] …will solve this
episode of Guess My Hustle. – Hi guys, my name is Angelique and I sell car parts,
that’s my nine-to-five. – [Elise] Hey, I’m Elise! – [Angelique] Hey, how are you? – [Director] Do you think the
contestants have any chance to guess your side hustle today? – I don’t think they stand a chance of guessing anything. I mean, there’s no way
they can handle this. A couple things you should know about me: I’m an energy healer, I
have an animal phobia, I’m a legal guardian,
I’m Honduran/Romanian, and my nine-to-five, I sell car parts. – What do you think
about your nine-to-five? How do you feel about it? – It pays the bills, and I’m not homeless. (laughing) – I– great. (laughs) – [Jeris] What kind of
animals are you afraid of? – I’m afraid of every single kind, every single type that’s out there. – Every kind of animal? – Even if it’s in a cage. – Really? – [Angelique] Correct. – When did you realize you
were afraid of animals? – When I was petting a dead animal, I didn’t know he was dead. – (gasp) That’s so terrible – And then I got chased
by a pitbull, so I mean, I never really had a great relationship. – So I’m thinking that
this probably doesn’t have to do with animals. – Unless it’s something to
help keep her as far away from them as possible. – Away from animals, sure sure sure. (Upbeat music) – Let’s see what we got, a closer look. We held a magnifying
glass to this picture, turn on the projector and
figure out the close up image for your next clue. You have until the buzzer
sounds to view the clue. – What do we got, what do we got? – [Briana] What is that? This is a Christmas tree ornament cookie. Do you see what I see? – [Jeris] Uhhhh… – [Elise] Maybe, maybe. – Like a gold star you
put on like a certificate? – Oh, yeah – [Jeris] You said you
were a legal guardian, so do you look after young children? – Yes, I look after children. – [Jeris] Okay, okay,
so maybe there’s some gold stars happening there? – …a badge… – Guys, I know what you’re talking about. It’s like an award sticker
or like a thing on a diploma. – Yeah yeah, it’s like
the gold little seal. – It does, I think you’re on to something, but what’s it behind or… – [Scott] Yeah, like the texture
on the white part that’s… – I’m not sure what that is. (buzzer)
(frustrated grunts) I feel like we were on to something. – We’re on her tail, we’re on her tail. – [Scott] Well, I think
we’re getting close. – [Director] Do you think
you’re going to be able to guess the side hustle in today’s episode? – I do think I’m gonna be
able to guess the side hustle. I’m very smart and cunning and charming, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. (upbeat pop music) – All right, sound bites. Press the button and listen closely. You have until the
buzzer sounds to discuss. – [Scott] All right. – [Briana] All right, let’s do this. (electric motor buzzing) – I got it. – [Jeris] Okay! – [Scott] What do you think it is? – [Briana] It’s a razor. – I definitely think that
it’s some sort of like… – [Jeris] It’s mechanical – …cutting instrument, like a saw or… – [Scott] I agree with
the electricity, yeah. – I feel like it’d be a cutting wheel. – [Scott] Oh yeah! – Do you have experience with machinery? – Maybe with my hair. – Hmm, do you work with metals? Like raw metals? – No. (guests laughing) – No, wrong. (laughs) – [Scott] I mean, I definitely
think it did sound sort of like when I sit in the barber chair – [Elise And Briana] Yeah! that sound right next to my ears. Sounds a little bit like that. But I thought it also
might be like a tattoo gun? – That seems like a
really scary tattoo gun. (Scott laughing) – [Jeris] It could have, no…. Are you a dentist? (guests laughing) – [Scott] If you were deathly
afraid of that tattoo gun, then how could that
possibly go in your mouth? (Jeris laughing)
(other guests murmuring) – Something that I was
just thinking about is that it sounds almost like it’s
not making too much of a cut. So I was thinking maybe
it’s like an etching… – Yes, I was gonna say etching! – [Jeris] Oh, inscribing! – Yeah yeah, I think that it
definitely connects to the projection that we saw, the close up. Like some sort of jagged blade. – Yes! (buzzer)
(frustrated groans) We’re making real headway though. (group murmuring) – [Briana] She’s like,
smiling because she’s like, I threw you guys off. – [Director] What’s a
really big hobby of yours? – Tai Chi, you never guessed, did you? – [Director] Have you
ever considered turning tai chi into a side hustle? – Hahaha, no. – [Scott] Third time’s the charm. – The last try. Sound It Out. Solve the pictogram for your next clue before the buzzer sounds. – [Scott] All right. – [Elise] Okay. – [Briana] On top of this! – [Angelique] You ready? – [Elise] Yeah! – [Scott] All right! – [Briana] Hmmm… – [Jeris] Let’s see… – [Briana] Hair and an ant. – [Jeris] Yeah, hair and ant. – [Briana] Hair and ant,
or it could be insect. – [Jeris] It could be… (group murmuring) …blow out or blow dry. – What ends with ant? – [Jeris] Blow dryer… – [Elise] Frizz and ant. You think maybe a bug instead an ant? – [Briana] But what ends in bug? – That first picture
looks like my aunt too, which is confusing. (Briana laughing) – I can totally tell you that
the ant is definitely an ant. There’s no doubt about that. – [Elise] That’s the clue? – That’s the clue? That was like what we knew!
(murmurs) – [Jeris] Uhhhh…. – [Scott] Perman-ANT, permanent! (guests cheering, celebrating) – Yes, yes! Haha, I feel like the
smartest person alive. Oh my god. – [Jeris] Permanent, genius idea! – [Elise] That was great. – All right, that doesn’t
help at all. (laughs) – [Director] What’s a big hobby of yours? – A big hobby of mine is cooking. I love to cook. – [Director] Have you ever considered turning cooking into a side hustle? I have considered turning
cooking into a side hustle, I’m just not really sure
where to start, so, I haven’t. – [Angelique] Hey… – [Briana] Let’s see what we got! – [Angelique] You ready? – (gasp) I see it, I see the… (clap) (group murmurs with excitement) – [Elise] Okay… – [Jeris] All right! – I personally think we
can rule out hairstylist. – [Jeris] Uhhh, yeah. – I agree because the first of the clues, I felt like didn’t have
anything to do with hair. – [Jeris] Remember, hair styles
aren’t necessarily permanent – Permanent, permanent, permanent, nice I feel really good about plaque engraver, but let’s eliminate one. – [Scott] Okay, let’s eliminate one. – [Briana] I don’t know about that choice. – [Elise] I think we should
eliminate hair stylist. – [Jeris] I think hair
stylist is off the board. – [Scott] Same, I vote to take it down. – [Briana] Oh my god, oh is that the one? – [Scott] Tattoo and visual
artist, or plaque engraver? – I could really, I really
feel like it could be tattoo and visual artist. – I really don’t wanna be tattooed by whatever we saw in the first clue. – [Jeris] True. – It sounded normal to me. – Do you draw? – I mean, I think anybody can. – Remember, from the first clue
that, like, next to whatever that badge looking thing
was, the texture of whatever that was could
have been like wood, which is the base of a
plaque, or like marble. – It looked more like a
sheet for absorbing things, like a towel thing. – [Elise] Yeah. I think we should take away
tattoo and visual artist. – [Scott] I agree. – [Briana] I think the opposite. I feel inclined… – [Jeris] I want it to be plaque engraver. – [Briana] What? – [Elise] To take it away? – [Jeris] No, I think she
does plaque engraving. – Oh, okay, all right, so
we’re gonna take away tattoo and visual artist. – [Briana] Oh my god, I feel no love. – [Scott] Take it down.
– [Elise] I’m doing it. – I still go for that
one, just for the record. (guests laughing) Just for the record, I’m
not afraid to be wrong. – Okay, guys, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Are you ready? – Yes! (excited shouting) – [Briana] Oh my god! – [Elise] We were so wrong.
– [Briana] What did I tell ya? – [Briana] That’s not a plaque! – [Briana] Look, look!
– [Elise] Wow! – [Briana] That’s not a plaque. – [Jeris] I’m so sorry I let you down! – I would say you were
close, but you weren’t. – What? No, we did say tattoo at some point, at one point or another. (group laughing) – [Elise] So, how did you get into this? – Well, my mother was in the hospital, and I kept losing jobs, so
the only way I was able to feed my family was to think of something off of more my schedule. And at that time, you
know, technology wasn’t advanced where there
was more freelance work, so I built myself as an artist because I noticed it was my way
of staying off the streets and being able to be there for my family. – [Elise] That’s amazing. – [Scott] Yeah, that’s
awesome, that’s beautiful. – [Jeris] How long have you been at it? – Uh, 2010. My mother was diagnosed
with lymphoma in 2010 and it helped me get bus rides, eat while I was in the
hospital, pay for parking… It just kind of helped me move forward, and then eventually,
people said they really liked my artwork and I should pursue it. So a year later, I got licensed. I realized it was just
something that comes to me, and I don’t have to
fight hard to manifest. – [Scott] Yeah, that’s amazing. – So how much time do
you put into this a week? – It just depends on the
month, it depends on, you know, what holiday’s coming up. And it depends on how creative I am and I get about specials and stuff too. It’s really all freelance. – So what was the thing? Was it a tattoo gun, is that what it was? – What it was was, I’m a
licensed tattoo artist, so that’s the certificate. – Ooh, it was the certificate! (laughs) – [Director] What went wrong
with the guess at the end? – What went wrong was
that I think there was a lack of trust. (laughs) – I really was misled. I didn’t get anything right. – I think we just were
second-guessing our intuition. ’cause I don’t know if you
remember, but I said tattoo like pretty early on. “I thought it might also
be like, a tattoo gun.” But then, at the end, I was
one pushing for engraving, so you gotta just stick with your gut. – Thank you so much for coming. I really enjoyed this. I had a whole lot of fun
watching you guys lose… (guests laugh) – [Elise] Thank you so much! – Thanks for playing Guess My Hustle. Watch more episodes here. And advice I would give somebody
to start a side hustle is: Take it serious, even if
it’s just a side hustle. Because, the more energy you put into it, eventually it will manifest. People will start recognizing you, the more that you start
putting yourself out there.

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  1. This is such a fun video. I love how "raw" and open she is about herself and her life. When I re-watched this I realized that she also does Energy Healing. Great video. ?

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    P.S. I shared this across our social media platforms. God bless you, sister. ??????

  3. That was good sis, you had them all going. They did a good job getting to get close. Its really cool to see you on this show.

  4. I was like the machine noise is going to give it out!!! I wonder if there 4 are tatted?? I can’t wait to get a chance of you tattooing me. ?Am going to share great job keep it up ??

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