A special announcement from Hester’s car

A special announcement from Hester’s car

Hello everyone! This is a special message from the CONSORT COUNSELLORS! We had a very nice weekend!
We were busy consort-counselling live all weekend We have been to Texel, where we coached ensembles
and we played a concert, and the same in Almere.
Maybe you can see that we are a little bit exhausted! That means that we have been very busy this week,
so unfortunately our video for today is not ready yet. However, now we are free and we are going to work on it. You can watch your weekly long video
of the Consort Counsellors on Wednesday morning. I suggest that you don’t miss it, because we have
a very nice episode for you, AND also a very special announcement in the end! Stay tuned, be there – see you on Wednesday! Bye!

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  1. I know you have been very busy so I almost expected you wouldn't have time to make it for today but so happy to hear you will be here on the 3rd. I never miss any of your episodes so I will wait for the 3rd of April. Take care 🙂 /Christer

  2. This classical guitarist and lutenist is fascinated with the Consort Counselors! (I just discovered the amazing organist Matthias Havinga is Hester's husband! —Bravo!)

  3. I started to practice recorder again after a long time. I'll watch all of your videos once again ((: Let's see when I'll catch your new videos ((:

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