A Marriage with No Arguments | Remnant Fellowship | You Can Overcome Season 4 Episode 4

A Marriage with No Arguments | Remnant Fellowship | You Can Overcome Season 4 Episode 4

GWEN SHAMBLIN: Praise God. Awesome. Oh my
goodness. Praise God. Thank God for another day to be alive, to get this right. Unbelievable.
I am grateful. Amen. Amen. Amen. DAVID MARTIN: Does not matter what the temperature
is outside, it is really nice and warm in every way inside this place.
GWEN: We are in season four, episode four and it is a frigid week and very, very cold.
However, we are going to…we have some great guests to get it going in here so everybody
can stay warm. I wanted to do some shout outs to some people
out there who are tearing it up. Andrea Thomas from Texas, shout out to you, lost five pounds
this week in a class. Praise God. So many classes going on. Five pounds. Awesome. Ok,
again there are so many classes going on, there is stuff going on everywhere. Deb Mays
from California (down ten pounds in two weeks) says, “Learning to focus my eyes and ears
and heart on God.” That is the way to do it Deb. Keep it up. It is the focus. Focus up,
focus up. Ok, Gwen Cisar from Minnesota says, “The idea of being more in love with God is
exciting. I am down fourteen pounds but I really found more love and freedom.” Praise
God for Gwen. The last shout out, there is one class that reported in their whole weight
loss and they have lost a total of one hundred sixteen pounds this week. So, praise God for
that class. Shout outs to all of you all, you know who you are. That is a big deal.
DAVID: Oh my goodness. Classes. Speaking of classes, classes, classes, more classes, there
are more classes in this place, this ministry, in this church than anywhere else on the face
of the earth. Anybody who is a member of this place or has been around this message or ministry
for any length of time will tell you (especially for the newcomers out there) that the way
they lost it all, the way they lost the last bit, the way they stayed skinny, they way
they stayed fixed with their eyes on God, stayed free of all those strongholds is by
staying in classes. So, just a couple announcements about classes that are going on in January
2014 is absolutely one of the busiest months of classes we have ever had, years and years
going back. If you happen to have missed this round of the Facebook chat and online classes
that are going on right now, you can still join an on demand class. If you will watch
a tweet from Gwen here pretty soon for a special discount on those classes, you can still jump
in. Also, speaking of classes in the online chat,
we have got our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook group page. If you are not signed up for that,
you can go do that as soon as the show is over tonight. Go do that, get signed up, get
encouraged twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Also, watch for special offers
once you are a member of that page. On the Weigh Down Facebook page you will see some
special offers, discounts in the coming weeks. Obviously, this Sabbath (this is our Wednesday
assembly here in the You Can Overcome show), this Sabbath we will also be back here in
the sanctuary webcasting out to the world. That will be Saturday, January twenty fifth,
nine in the morning central time. Be back for that.
Then, last but not least, Truthstream. Oh my goodness, talk about twenty four, seven.
If you have not signed up for Truthstream yet, you can get thirty days free to try it
out but you are going to want to keep it after that.
There is a Weigh Down app that has access to so many things through this ministry and
church. You will definitely want to get that on your Apple, your iPhone or your Android
device. So, lots of evangelism, lots of classes going on.
GWEN: Well, praise God. It is all the saints out there who are doing what they know that
it is all about and who are sharing what they have gotten to the next person. When you have
been set free from drugs, set free from all your medical problems, set free from marriage
problems and your marriage is back together, when you have been set free from weight loss
whether it is five pounds or five hundred pounds. It does not make any difference. When
you are set free from the things that were pulling you then you naturally want to share
that with the next person. It does belong to God, to His glory, to Christ, to His glory,
therefore it belongs to the church. We just praise God because all these people out there
everywhere, all these places that we are webcasting out to, hundreds and hundreds of locations.
We care about you sincerely finding this so that you are independently free, that you
are independently free with God, that you are not left struggling, depending on a pill
or some secular group, but that you are drawn back, as God would have it anyway. All these
things came up so that you perhaps would come back in and find Him. That is what this is
all about. So these people are finding them and we have
two guests here tonight that you know. You are going to see some familiar faces here
and some unfamiliar but two guests tonight who have lost weight, they have an incredible
marriage, their children are amazing and they are going after it. They are all in. Please
join David and I while we welcome Matt and Monica Weaver.
Thank you so much, Matt. Thank you, thank you. Have a seat. Yes, yes, yes we are getting
an incredible outstanding, standing ovation here. As many of you all know Matt, you know
Monica. Maybe not as well, as you see Matt and him pouring his heart out with song and
as he did tonight (one of my favorite songs). I have always loved your songs.
MATT WEAVER: Praise God. GWEN: We have known each other for a long
time. Why do we not start with you telling your story?
MATT: Oh, sure. I had come to Weigh Down and the church back in two thousand. When I came,
I was young. I was in my early twenties. I had come, just like about any twenty year
old who is leaving college and has a lot of unanswered questions and is getting into the
work force. They are aimless. They do not know where they are going, what is going to
happen. They have an idea of what they are going to do but it is still…the world can
be very tough. I was waiting tables. I have moved to Nashville to become a musician and
to try to get into the music business that way. I was waiting tables, you know just a
typical kind of job that a lot of musicians have. I was seeking and my mother, at the
time was a Weigh Down coordinator. She had lost weight. I was still aimless and still
searching and she said, “Why do you not check it out?”
It took a little convincing, but I came to the offices and found out that there were
meetings in the back on the weekends. So, I came and I had nothing to lose. I mean,
I was really searching so I had nothing to lose. I came and I heard everybody speak.
The beautiful thing is that you get to find a group of people who are just like you. We
are all searching. But whenever we open up Gods word and just let His spirit move, it
gives you everything that you need. I came and I was hooked. I was going, “Wow, this
is awesome.” The love that was there, the peace, the joy, and everything. It was just
like, “Wow, I mean everything that is written. It is lived out.” That was in two thousand.
Then later on, I was helping you with a lot of traveling and music and what not. Then,
my wife came into the message (she was not my wife at the time). We met through ministering
through the church. Her family came in and became a part of Weigh Down and the church.
I will let you (looking at his wife, Monica) kind of take it from there.
MONICA WEAVER: I saw him across a crowded warehouse. It was love at first sight. Well,
my family joined after South Bend. My mother, Sue Ruth, and Karen Sims had gone to South
Bend, Indiana. GWEN: Sue Ruth and Dale, if you did not know,
they are her parents. MONICA: Sue and Dale Ruth. Mom and Dad.
GWEN: Yes, mom and dad. MONICA: They went to South Bend and they came
back and they started meeting in our living room.
I was the prodigal daughter. I was living down in Columbus, literally the prodigal son
story, squandering my money. I chose to work when I wanted to work. I was a teacher so
I was substitute teaching when I chose to. I remember coming up to Karen’s house, they
were doing Weigh Down Advanced. I was very, obviously, very selfish. I was overweight.
I was controlling my weight with exercise. I would go out and run then come back and
eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese by myself. So I went up to Karen’s house and
they were doing the Weigh Down Advanced class. I remember walking in and you were on the
screen, sitting on a stool. I forget which week it was. The words I heard come out of
your mouth were, “Come home, child.” Then I just started crying, “Okay, I will.” So,
I moved back home and we joined the church and we came down here for a weekend in February.
It was one of the first Remnant weekends, I think, I am not sure.
That is where I met Matt. I literally saw him across the warehouse. It was when we were
still meeting back in the warehouse. The church was not around yet. I saw him across the warehouse
and thought, “He is cute.” He was a musician. I mean, you know every…well, maybe not every
girl. But I had a check list of the guy I wanted to marry. All these things…I wanted
a Godly man, funny, a musician, I wanted him to play the guitar and sing.
GWEN: There he is, right there. I love this. I love this story. This is awesome.
MONICA: The man of my dreams, God brought and we got married.
GWEN: You all changed, though. Tell us about the change. I mean, when you went through
Weigh Down and you came in, Matt, you said you lost some weight. How much weight did
you lose? MATT: I have lost fifty-five pounds. I have
kept it off for twelve years. GWEN: David has a little bit of a story about
that. That is awesome. Yes, yes. Look at that. Incredible. David, what is your story?
DAVID: Back in that day, before this building even existed (some of you who are newer may
not even know that before two thousand four) we were meeting in the Weigh Down warehouse
and meeting in people’s homes. Matt, one of the early members of the original youth group,
the high schoolers and college aged students who kind of followed Gwen and of course Michael
and Elizabeth in high school and in college at the time. Matt came to one of those early
devotionals and was already starting to change. I remember one of the testimonies that you
gave during one of those youth devotionals was, “Yeah, I am really working on some stuff
and God is convicting me of this, this and this. I do not really have any weight to lose
but I am working on this, this and…” He lost fifty pounds.
GWEN: That is right. Is that not great though? We were talking about beforehand, just the
blindness that we do not…you did not see it. “I do not have any weight to lose.” Then
when you start obeying God, then fifty-five, fifty pounds comes off. That is amazing. Let
us see the before picture again. Are we not all…that is amazing. Monica you lost how
much? MONICA: Originally I lost about thirty pounds
right before we got married. Then we got married and I had four kids and gained between forty
and fifty pounds with each pregnancy and lost that. Then, I actually…I had knee surgery
a few years ago and so I could not walk on my leg for eight weeks. So, I was hanging
out in bed and reading and listening to Truth Stream and everything and I lost five more
pounds. GWEN: In bed and lost five more pounds. I
mean, and four kids. Is this not a beautiful family? Let us look at the family’s picture
here. This is so beautiful. Look at this. Look at this. It is amazing. It is amazing.
You know, Matt, I just remember you coming in and you started working at J’s, you were
waiting the tables. Like you say, you were looking for a music career. Then just to watch
you transform and then what you said before (when we were doing microphone checks before
the show and getting to chit chat), that this is your dream. You both said it separately,
that this is your dream life. This is your dream life. This is like God gives you your
dream, beyond your dreams. In this day and age, who dreams of having four children who
are well behaved and obedient? You live near your parents and your parents
even want to have them over. I mean there are grandparents who do not even want to see
their grand kids because they are so wild or they are so out of control, as the children
are increasingly that way. So, to have a transformed life like that, you said you had a check list.
Your little check list. MONICA: I had a little check list.
GWEN: God has answered these prayers. MONICA: It was. They were things I had never
told anybody. I guess it was those secret little prayers, just little prayers to God.
One was the man I was going to marry, which obviously…Then I wanted to get married in
my backyard (I am originally from Ohio), so married up in my backyard. That day alone
was amazing. I mean, just the stories. GWEN: A miracle day. There it is. Let us see
some pictures here. I want to see…show that again. Wow.
MONICA: There were storms that day. While we were taking pictures, you could hear the
thunder in the background. People who were driving in would share stories about, “Oh
my word, it was raining so hard until we got to Marion.” Every girl dreams of her wedding
day as a fairy tale. It was a fairy tale. It was perfect.
GWEN: It was a beautiful day. MONICA: Just how everything came together.
Married in my backyard. Then, I always wanted…I grew up down the street from my grandmother.
I always loved that time to get to go down and spend time with her and learn from her.
That was always my secret wish for my kids, was to be able to live close enough to mom
and dad, to have the kids walk down the street, ride their bikes, or whatever to be close
to them and learn from my dad and all his wealth of knowledge. This summer, we got to
move right next door. GWEN: That is amazing. That is amazing. God
has given you all so much. Sue and Dale, they have lost weight.
MONICA: I think we added up that it was one hundred pounds for the family.
GWEN: Do we have some “before’s” of the family? Okay, that is an “after.” There is a “before”
of Sue and Dale and then an “after.” Is that not beautiful? What God can do. Transformation.
Transformation. Well, I will tell you what I would love to hear about from you all. Just
one of the things that you were saying earlier was that there has never been an argument.
There has never been an argument in your house. That, you know, is Jesus Christ and the spirit
of Jesus Christ in this day and age. So talk about that just a little bit.
MATT: I had…I did not have a check list. Coming in and hearing about Weigh Down and
transforming and continuing to transform and looking inward, I just knew that there are
things that I had to change. There has to be humility. In order to be no arguments,
there has to be humility. To find that what is being taught here is, you have a wife who
is being submissive. I have no expectations for anything. But the fact that I, “Oh, I
have got an idea.” She considers it. She listens to it and she is like “Yes, let us do it.”
Then I am going, “Wow, okay.” But that does not go to my head, at all. I just think, “Wow,
who am I to have somebody…” GWEN: A wife.
MATT: “…who would listen to what I am saying?” It is blessed. I sit back and praise God.
I did not come up with…God gave me the idea. What did I do?
GWEN: I do not think any man in this country at this point, and from all the movies that
we watch, it is all upside down. Women go to the movies and it is feeding inside of
them that they are smarter, better than men. It is subtle, maybe. Do the men see that in
the movies? I see it in every single movie. There will be some woman who is rolling her
eyes. That was one of the first things that God would have me teach. You cannot roll your
eyes. You sincerely get in under. But for a man to get married in this day and age and
believe that God is going to grant him some woman who is submissive.
After you have been in it for a while, do you get spoiled? Or do you keep humble because
it is…you know the women are that way. But the men here do not take advantage of it.
I do believe that, if you are out in the world, you see so much arguments. You see so many
marriage problems. If you do any marriage counseling for your friends, bottom line you
are going to run into that fact that people are not getting along behind closed doors.
Arguing on the way to church, arguing on the way home. That type thing.
Here is a product of being in the message of Jesus Christ. Getting in there and wives
are gentle. Monica, I know though because I did not raise you but I have raised you
to a certain extent. When you joined, Sue would come over and she would go, “Now, we
did not exactly raise Monica like what you are talking about. She has got a little bit
of a wild streak in her. What do we do? What do we do?” I do not remember what we talked
about or what I said but whatever it was… MONICA: Well, I was going to say, it definitely
would not be like this if I had not changed my….because by the time I came into the
message, you are raised to be an independent. You have got to take care of yourself. Get
your own job. Be independent, just in case. I think that leads into marriages. Women are
used to being independent. So, I came in and oh yes, yes we had some talks (looking at
Gwen). GWEN: (laughing) I do not remember these.
MONICA: No, it was sweet. It was very sweet. I remember you telling me, “What are you thinking?
There is this one and this one is coming down and this one is moving here. He could have
the pick of whomever he wants.” GWEN: (laughing) Well, that may not have been
true but I will use a little threat there. MONICA: It was very sweet because you were
like a second mom when I moved down here. Just helping me because mom was still up in
Ohio and so I get two moms and it was very sweet. Or sister.
GWEN: Exactly. We are about the same age. (laughing)
MONICA: I know I was very controlling. GWEN: You had been raised…
MONICA: It was normal. GWEN: Yes, you did not see it as wrong.
MONICA: No. So, joining the church and being in this message and hearing everything you
have taught us… GWEN: And watching the Jennifer Martin’s.
MONICA: And watching the Jennifer Martin’s and the Candace Anger’s and Regina Smith and
all these wonderful ladies who do submit to their husbands. They are so sweet and kind.
They are not doormats. GWEN: No.
MONICA: If you look at them, they are gorgeous. They are very well taken care of. They are
happy all the time. I think that is the flip to, “If I submit to my husband, he is going
to walk all over me.” But, he is very sweet, very kind. He takes care of us and the kids
so well. It is just so sweet. He said, coming into a marriage, people have expectations.
Even being in a Remnant marriage, you kind of still, “Am I supposed to have expectations?”
No, there are no expectations. Just learning that everything, that every thought went to
God. “Oh, I wish my husband would do this.” Okay, well pray about it.
GWEN: Triangling it. MONICA: Instead of going to him and almost
correcting him or just giving my opinion about it. It is just, “Okay, go to God, triangle.”
GWEN: Then he gets that idea. MONICA: Then he would do it. It is just so
sweet. GWEN: I have experimented with all kinds of
prayers. It works for employees, it works for…when you are obeying God, you can pray
for God’s spirit to convict. You can pray for God’s spirit to warn. You can pray for
God’s spirit to alleviate, to move things. You can move mountains. Women thought that
the voice or that this contraption here was the answer, was the biggest delusional thing
that satan has taught the world. That they have got to be smart alec or talk back or
interrupt and all that. That is just not what…there is a Holy Spirit out there that is so superior
in conviction or moving or getting whatever is needed. Perhaps maybe what you were wanting
was not right to start with. But there is no stomping of the feet. No getting mad. No
pouting. No silent treatment. No holding back physically on love. There is no manipulation.
Zero manipulation. You are the constant, which is a tape out there if you are wanting more
information on something like that. You are the constant, you are always happy, no matter
if someone has been mean. This would go for men at work with an impossible
boss. Everybody has somebody who is insufferable or difficult to work with. Even in situations
where you have marriages where the husband is an alcoholic and he is intoxicated by noon
and seems impossible. This is true if you have a husband who is full of pride or a boss
who is full of pride. What do you do if the boss steals your ideas and claims it is his?
What do you do if you are working and you should be paid more and you are worth more?
You should be getting more attention or you need more help with the children? Yes, you
can ask those things. But there is a difference between asking and asking without God.
When someone has the faith of God behind them, the question is far differently put and so
appropriately and graciously said. But when you do not pray and prayer is not behind it,
then the person can feel it. They can feel it. They feel you grabbing and having expectations.
But the definition of humility that God taught us from day one in here, is expecting nothing
from anybody. We do have a group of women, I feel like second to none. Which then, I
do believe… Not that there is not further to go but there is something going on that
is unbelievable. Fourteen people got married this last year.
What does that tell you? In a world where people are not wanting to marry anymore and
they are signing prenuptial agreements. They are afraid. The men are afraid. I do not blame
them. The women come in and they know they can divorce and take half the money, then
go marry another one and take half the money. They have this nice little business, after
five divorces, you are pretty set for life, depending on what that husband did. I am just
saying. I am not suggesting that. If you want to go to hades or something, but I am just
saying that you know that has been done. I am not the first person to…I just know that
it is being…I do not know if it was a movie or what.
I will say that dealing with difficulties, you can make it through. But when you both…look
at the beauty and then how much further you alls life is spent in service. Matt is writing
all these…how many songs have you written? MATT: Oh goodness.
GWEN: More than we have heard, I am sure. MONICA: Two CDs worth.
GWEN: Okay, two CDs worth. MONICA: At least.
MATT: There is probably, well actually, there is probably upwards of fifty. That is including
some other things to. GWEN: That is with working and all that, then
playing. David, I know you know what he has done.
DAVID: Anytime anybody asks about the music here, obviously I always start with Michael
because I feel like he is obviously following in your footsteps. Elizabeth, too, with her
gift for encouragement and speaking as well. With Michael, I always…the best comparison
I can think of is like a faucet. It is a faucet, where the tap, the water line is straight
from the heavens. It is coming from God. No matter what time of the day or night, he gets
a song, hears the melody, hears the words, sees the words in his mind. However God does
it. The spigot, the faucet handle is always turned on. Because of that, we have hundreds,
literally hundreds of songs. We have viewsicals. We have symphonies.
Matt, you are cut from that mold as well. Not as many songs, to that degree. The point
being, a life surrendered to God, a life giving, writing music and giving it to God. Not for
your own glory, not seeking a career for yourself as you were saying earlier, as Gwen was saying
earlier. God is totally giving back to where now you have written some of the most beautiful
music anyone here has ever heard. Something else about Michael that I find fascinating
and Matt, you are the same way, is that it is not trendy. The variety and the style of
the music is all over the map. It is not just following, “Well let us go listen to what
is on the radio now. Well, let us write a song like that.” It is not that. It is from
the heavens. If it is classical, it is classical. If it is supposed to have an orchestration
behind it, it does. If it is supposed to have a beat and a rock sound to it, it does. If
it is worship, it is worship. Whatever it is, it is definitely from the heavens. That
gift submitted has definitely been rewarded by thousands, in Michael’s case and in your
case as well. I personally, having grown up also wanting to be in music and not really
being much of a songwriter but just watching people go about the process. I know beyond
a shadow of a doubt that when you walk in here and you hear songs that Michael has written
and in this case, Matt, you know they are coming straight from heaven. They are not
contrived. They are not made up to try to just entertain you. They are not written for
the praise of man so that you will applaud for them. They are written for Gods glory
to encourage every one of you out there. I know that you all agree.
Without this music…(looking at Gwen) you said it so many times that without the music,
that what Michael has done over the years since this church has started…boy, sometimes
it is just that three or four minute song is all you need to completely turn around
your day. It has definitely been the case for me and my family. One, four minute song
coming from this place in our house, can completely right side everything. It is all birthed through
the message. The music is backing up the message and God has definitely blessed your hand with
that, for sure. MATT: Praise God. Thank you for saying that.
If I can, real quick, just give a little testimony because I do want to back up what you just
said there, David, because I cannot take credit for this. There is not one thing in my body…I
cannot take credit for this. As a small testimony of a favorite of the church, of mine is “Come
on Soldier.” I remember where I was sitting whenever I was writing that. I remember it
was an afternoon and I was in my room where the piano was and some of you all out there
are probably wondering, “What was he listening to at that time?” It happened to be Billy
Joel. But I listened to that and I sat down and started playing around. Now, to remember
that, I cannot remember where the words came from, I cannot remember. I cannot remember
what I was writing down, what I was thinking at the time. I just cannot. It is erased from
my memory which tells me that it is all God, because it just all came, it all came in a
matter of ten or fifteen minutes. I am sitting there going, “I cannot take credit for this.”
I cannot even remember what I was thinking at the time. I cannot remember if I was being
convicted of something. Was I looking inward? Was it something personal? No, it is just
a matter…Whenever I got done with it, I even asked you (looking at Gwen). I said,
“Wow, this looks like kind of….wow, this is hard. This is good.” I am going, “I cannot
remember how this all came.” You said, “No, that is good.”
Then now, everybody…you come up to me and you thank me for it and I praise God. I cannot
take credit for this. I cannot. It is all God. There has been a few times where I have
gotten songs in the middle of the night, God wakes me up and I have a song in my head.
I jot it down. I know that sometimes that is how Michael gets his songs.
GWEN: Michael has gotten, I will say, the lion’s share out of dreams at night. Very,
very unusual stories. I get them the next day and I am there to witness and Elle is
too. Writing down the melody line because he is so afraid that he is going to forget
what it was. Then, they are so wild, so unusual some of this stuff that is coming up out of
Hosanna. There are hundreds of songs written then he will narrow it down to about thirty-five
or so songs for a viewsical. Yes, it is coming…you all are…I think why we say that Michael
was the first of coming and listening to these sermons and then coming. Would you have gotten
the same songs going someplace else? MATT: No.
GWEN: That is the thing. Is God blessing this place? I do believe that, because it is coming
out of all over the board. These kids coming up and they are writing songs. It is a plethora
of music coming out of here from all directions, of which are concert worthy at every service.
You feel like, you come out of here going, “Unbelievable what God is pouring through,
down here through testimonies, lives and musicians.” It is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. That
is what Joel prophesied. That there would be this outpouring and we are witnessing it.
That is the bottom line. MATT: Absolutely.
GWEN: Amen. We are witnessing. DAVID: I will say, just to add something to
that, back to what you are talking about earlier, we have had a great example. If there was
ever a case in point for one life really making a difference (and you out there, sitting out
there feeling lonely or lonesome as the song we did from Michael earlier), if one life
can make a difference, Gwen, you talking about, just sharing your life. Not keeping it just
between you and God, which you had every, you have every right to do. Just keep those
night time experiences between you and God, those jewels in the night, those jewels, those
answered prayers. Nobody paid you to hit play record on the tape recorder. Nobody ever required
you to actually write down what was happening. That was of your own choosing led by the hand
of God, of course. So, for anybody out here to use their gift, it is not just music, it
is as you said so…people with carpentry, working with their hands, people decorating,
food committee, fill in the blank with whatever your gifts are. We had just a great example,
following your lead because you just shared it with everyone in a very simple way to understand.
“This is what my relationship with God is like.” Then it has inspired everybody else
to do the same thing. Of course Michael is going to get up in the night and write this
stuff down. He is led by God. He is following a good teacher.
GWEN: Well, to just hear that God works in the night like that. A message of “All In”
and then there is “All in.” All of this…if you go back and date it in time, God is moving
and it is going to come through songs, it is going to come through testimonies, it is
going to come through service, you know, whatever. It is all coordinated. To do these services
that we do or the show as of tonight, how does it happen? How do these weddings happen?
We were talking about how quickly everything got moved down and this happened and we got
in there and prayed. You think about all the different activities. How does it happen?
It happens under authority. Without it being under authority, you could not…you would
have technical team arguing with them, arguing with them, arguing with the musicians or musicians
egotistical, not wanting to do this or change that song. This stuff is coming down and songs
will change before a service even. As you get closer to, “Oh, this is where God
is wanting this to go. Oh, this is what is fixing to happen.” Then the musicians and
the technical team and everybody are all willing to move with the Holy Spirit. Then the next
thing you know, then God Himself was able to actually do a church service and it was
not printed in a bulletin three weeks ahead of time, what was going to happen. Those working
behind the scenes, everyone is humbled because you know what just got said, what just happened,
even some of the weird things that you think, “Hey, what happened to the electricity? What
happened to this? What happened to that?” It all works together and then God is glorified.
He is real. What is going on? Why is not God more real? What is this delusion that is keeping
people? Everybody wants to think…in the moment they go “That was from God.” Then they
move away from it and go, “Oh, that was coincidence.” Or, “That is going on everywhere.” Or “That
is not real.” Here is the proof in that, the fruit of the Spirit of God moving. Matt and
Monica, knew them both. Every year, the change and they are glorified more. Then their children
and their children are healthy and beautiful. Their children are obedient and they are growing
up. Then they are even closer to Dale and Sue. They are closer to each other. The children
are closer to each other. Every year we are watching that.
David, you have been married how long now? DAVID: Twenty-two years this June. Twenty-two
years. GWEN: And you are even more in love with Jennifer.
DAVID: Every year gets better. Oh my word, I cannot describe it. It is so deep and it
is so from God. Back to marriage, one of the things I remember from a constant encouragement
lesson. You talked about how marriage equals dying to your will. The same thing with getting
these sermons in the night, these songs in the night, you have got to be dead to yourself
to get up and do it. You have got to be dead to submit to your husband. But what is so
cool about it, again you have said this from the stage many, many times so it is nothing
new. It is so powerful. You talk about the women in this church and how wonderful they
are. But they are the most powerful in the church because they are not afraid to submit.
The men to their bosses, not afraid to submit. What does it do in my house, my wife when
she submits to me, which is all the time, every day, all the time? It makes me want
to look to her more. She is so spirit led and so moved and led by the hand of God. It
does not, to your point Matt, it does not give me a puffed up chest and make want to
dominate. It makes me say, “Wow, you are so tapped into God, can I have your opinion on
this? What do you think about this?” She ends up being trusted even more.
Because of how submissive you have been (looking at Gwen). Your life, your marriage and all
your business dealings and everything with this church, you are always gathering other
feedback. We look to you even more because you are so tapped into the spirit of God.
You set such a high bar, such a high example of submission and of dying to your will. We
want to hear more from you because it is powerful. It is powerful. It is truly power. It is tapped
into the spirit of God. It is truly, like you have always said here, the submissive
spirit of Christ. Always, “Not my will but Yours be done (Luke 22:42).”
I had somebody ask, a visitor ask a few weeks ago, “So, what is Jesus’ place within the
church? Do you all talk about Jesus a lot?” I am like, “Are you kidding me? Jesus?” You
say it. Do we talk about Jesus? GWEN: Oh my word. It is everything to us because
it is the…you think about it. Jesus, His food was…all this stuff that came out of
Weigh Down. I am just going, “Are they going to publish something?” I think that was the
wildest thing going, New York flying down to Nashville. Then they had to drive over
to Cookeville. Then they had to go to Algood (I was actually was a little outside of Cookeville.
That was where our house was). Drive in there, out in the middle of nowhere and they wanted
a book. The William Morris agency flying down, trying to get me so that they could be my
agent. I said, “What is a William Morris agency?” I did not even know what it was. It was the
largest agency in the world. I did not know anything about who they were. They were wanting
this and I said, “Well, there will be a cross on the front of that book.” “Well, we will
talk about that.” “No, there will be a cross on the front of that book.” I said, “If I
do this, it will be full of scripture.” They wanted the book. They did it my way. I did
not even let them…I knew the satanic warfare going on with even somebody…I would write
a sentence, then they would change it. So, I did not let New York have it. I just said,
“Look, I will pay for all of the…I will do all the graphic designs. I will do all
the things.” They took it just like it was and printed it just like that.
The beginning of it says, Jesus is saying, “My food is to do the will of the Father and
to finish His work (John 4:34).” Okay, so where is Jesus? Did He get run over? Look
at His life, God had thousands following Him. He was confronted by the religious system
of the day, constantly. They were constantly trying to trap Him but God had Him sneak in
and out of the crowds. God gave Him the power to do miracles that no one had ever, ever
seen. “Now, no one has ever seen the guy,” he said, “who was born blind. Someone gives
sight to someone born blind and I am thirty something years old.” He goes, “No one has
seen that.” (John 9:30-33) You go back and you realize God gave…when
you submit and when these women submit and when you all submit (I will try to tie a bow
around this). We have been jumping back and forth to music, to women submission. It does
not really matter. You are submitting to God one way or another in whatever you are doing.
It is submitting and listening, getting still enough. If there is less arguments at the
house, then there is more ability to hear from God, more energy to get something else
done. You have got all this other stuff going on. When there is peace, not as the world
gives, but peace between you and God and peace wherever it can be. It says, “Live at peace
as best you can with everyone.” All of this submission, God comes back in. He did not
give you a Nashville deal but God has led this leadership and encouraged Matt to play
here. Monica, she got her dreams. These children, gorgeous children, living next store to grandparents,
all your friends, the beauty of the whole thing. Have you been lifted up? Yes, you have
been lifted up. You have been lifted up. Jesus is now at the right hand side of God.
Do not be afraid to submit. Do not be afraid to give it up. Do not be afraid to defend
God. Stand up for Him. Do what is right. Sing the right songs. Live the right life. Submit
to your husbands. Children submitting to their parents. All of it. All of it. All of it.
Jennifer is lifted up and yet submissive. All of this is God….the irony of it all,
is that those who are doing the will of God are lifted back up. I praise God for the Weavers
because every year your life and your children and everything you are doing has become to
me, more and more beautiful. I love you all to pieces. So, praise God for them. Thank
you, God, for the Weavers and the Martins. The Weavers and the Martins. Yes, praise God.
I just want the world to know as we close up here. I just want the world to know to
not be afraid at all to defend God, to go through whatever you have got to go through
but to do what is right. Hang in there and I promise you, your prayers, your wishes,
everything and more, your dreams too can come true. You will overcome. Thank you for joining
us, we will see you next time on the overcome show.

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