A Hey Steve Update: Leaving the Family Business || STEVE HARVEY

A Hey Steve Update: Leaving the Family Business || STEVE HARVEY

– Our next Hey Steve update is Seline. She appeared on the show a few months ago seeking my advice on whether or not to leave the family business
and follow her dreams of going back to college to pursue a degree in journalism. So let’s take a look. – Should I stay put in the family business or is it worth to jump
ship and pursue my passion? – If you stay, the rest of your life you will have a life of regret. Because if you do not pursue
what you are gifted at in life, if you do not pursue that gift that is actually what
you’re passionate about too, you’re gonna, you can’t live your life with woulda, shoulda, coulda. If I were you, I would
sit down and explain to my father, ask him to have some mercy and understand your situation. Seline’s question was
viewed over 700,000 times on our social media platforms. Well, she’s joining us now from Dubai. (cheering, clapping) Hey, Seline. – Hey Steve, how are you? – Good, good, good, so
let me ask you this. What feedback did you
receive on social media? – Well, I think I received
very positive feedback. A lot of people were rooting for me and that felt amazing. But there were some people who felt like I was taking the
family business for granted and that’s kind of expected. – I could really kind of
tell that you were really concerned about how your dad would feel if you left the family business. So what happened when you went back home? – So, when I went back home,
I did some soul searching. I really took what you told me to heart and I felt that, you know,
we have one life to live and, you know, this is it. And I don’t want to have any regrets later on in my life. So, I decided to take that leap of faith. I had already applied to school before speaking to you. When I came back I said,
“If I do get admission, “then I’m really going to go for it.” And I did and I’m going to
be at USC later this year pursuing a Master’s degree in journalism so I’m really excited. – Wow, congratulations. You know I have to ask. How did your father take the news? – Well, he doesn’t know yet. At this point, only my
mom and my aunt know. I haven’t even told my friends. I haven’t told my brother and his wife because I don’t think they really have my best interests at heart but I have sent out feelers to my dad and, it’s not been super positive. – How old are you? – I’m 35. (audience groaning) – Now listen, no, this is,
you’ve got to understand what the culture is and everything. Okay, listen to me. As a father, my children
have a difficult time bringing things to me sometimes because they know how I am. I’m old school. You’ve got to talk to your father ASAP. The longer you delay, it just makes it, it’s like this noise behind you, do you hear breathing behind you and you never turn around. The breathing only gets louder. You’ve got to talk to your father now. You’re 35, I’ve had to
understand that none of my children are children any more. All of my kids are adults. And even to this day
they have a tough time bringing some stuff to me. But you’ve got to take it
to your dad immediately. He won’t cut you off. He’ll be okay but you’ve got to go and sit in front of your
father with them big eyes and you’ve got to let them tear up and you’ve got to explain it to him. Make sure when you’re talking to him that you’re crying. (audience laughing) Don’t play hard with me. Listen to me, the girl has to cry and her father he will crack. Every time my daughters talk to me, I’ve got them until they tear up. Once they tear up, I crack. (clapping) So congratulations. – Thank you. – Congratulations on getting accepted. That’s a big move. Thanks for joining us, Seline. We wish you the best. We’ll be right back everybody. (upbeat music)

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  1. The family business would be there anyway. She can always go back to it if she wants!! It's her life to live, no one else's!!

  2. I have a degree in journalism is one of the best choices I made I'm also pursuing my stock broker's license I hope to work for the Bloomberg channel one day or as an investigative reporter I'm also a published author I don't think she should have to tell her father every move she makes it the age of 35 but like Steve said the culture is different

  3. For all those who said she is taking the family business for granted are wrong. Seline is most likely proud and happy her family business stands, but at the end of the day that's her FATHER'S dream and business and not her's. 
    Hopefully her dad and brother understand her passion and dreams and allows her to do it and still be apart of the family.

  4. Wifeys and girlfriends (in good relationships) can employ the same strategy. And yes, it works 😔

    Stay immensely blessed Mr Rad 🙏

  5. erm erm erm… I'd tell her to make sure she's in a safe place to do that first! If her father isn't safe…. then make sure she has all the protection in place.

  6. The cost of a Master's degree at USC is expensive and journalism is a low demand/low paying field. Seline could end up in debt over $100,000 and with a low paying job, unless she is one of the very few that become an on-the-air star.


  8. This is boring. She was getting grad or undergrad? She could work & go to school.

    Working in a family business is hard. She needs to get married anyway, not worry about Dad.

  9. I switched my career and went for my masters in Geospatial Science against all odds. I must tell you it's been the best decision that I made and am happy I got my masters now and it's been wonderful working in my new field. You will win keep going.

  10. When she said she hasn't told ber Dad yet. Did you see that lady's reaction😂😂😂😂 Her mouth was wide open 😆😆😆

  11. I went into university for business to help with the family business, I was never happy and hated it! when I was in my last semester I cracked and told my dad how I would never be happy in business and I really really hated it and when I started crying he let me change my major.

  12. Well, Steve just got her killed. Those muslim fathers could care less about her wants. Its about tradition

  13. Do both fam biz always there 4 u but tryn new things mite disappoint u or cood b Best thing 2 ever happen keep both job ops close u push 1 away u cood lose all make sure ur treated rite

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