A Gigolo’s Life: Male Sex Workers

A Gigolo’s Life: Male Sex Workers

It can be just a straight up f**k, just one hour, in, out and you’re done Some of it can be just a dinner date and that hug…I can do a sensual massage I also get couples Adria is 28, he’s been a male escort for the past 7 years and chooses not to be represented by an agency He’s a freelance gigolo I did a bit of research about escorts and male escorts I built a website and got professional photos Once I done that then I started getting inquiries, a good month you could be having 3 or 4 bookings a week And those bookings are usually 2 to 3 hours On a crappy month you might only get 2 or 3 bookings I was just getting sick and tired of really bad, disappointing sex Nicole is 35 and she’s no stranger to the services of a gigolo Tonight Nicole’s allowing us to film her rendezvous with Adria because she wants to break the stigma she feels comes with it I think women feel guilty in going out and seeking pleasure Because it is sort of taboo but I can go out like any other girl and pick up a guy in a bar And I’m still seeking out the services of escorts because I know what I want and don’t want Regina and Anna set up their own exclusive male escort agency to fill what they saw as a gap in the market We’ve done extensive research into how the industry works And decided that we’re going to get rid of the taboo that’s associated with women seeking out sex All kinds of women come to us They’re either mothers or single women, professional women, widowed, divorced We get women who want to lose their virginity because it’s a safe environment We have the shy clients, we have the very confident, we have the very adventurous and everything in between Both housewives, Regina and Anna have been running their business from a back room at Anna’s place in suburban Melbourne for the past 3 years Well obviously you can see we don’t fit the stereotype of the typical madame I’m a single mum of two kids and they’re pretty proud of their mum I’m a mum of two boys, I’ve been married for 20 years I’ve got a very strong, trustworthy relationship so … he’s 100% behind me Hi, how are you? Come on in, nice to meet you Nice to meet you too We get maybe 100 emails a month from gentleman wanting to work And we screen that way, if there is potential we invite them for an interview If you could just show us on the ruler here how large your penis is when it’s erect… fantastic And once they’ve done that we sort of do a test run And the test run is run by a volunteer lady in a hotel room And it’s a simulated booking and it gives us the confidence to represent the gentleman See you later We’re here to break boundaries for women A lot of men don’t last very long and it feels like a total waste of my time It’s just about having great sex I charge hourly, $300 – $350 is a resonable rate It might be expensive but women would spend more on that on a handbag or a pair of shoes So I think it’s quite reasonable Women I see are usually professional women, over 30 Couples can be very demanding, the guy’s generally like it’s like a porno movie Directing every move I have to do: ‘you do this, you bind her’ It can get soooo robotic, but it can be great fun sometimes – it depends on who you’re with There is a demand for it and every year it’s getting bigger and better Women are feeling more comfortable about using these services and not feeling that they’re judged The sex was very good, yes I did come away from the experience satisifed and he’s not like all the guys who come in two minutes And it’s all about them, he did last and it was great It might turn into a regular once a month, every two months scenario There’s times I really enjoy doing this and there’s times where I’m like ‘what the f**k, why am I still doing this?’ It’s like with any job, you have your good moments and your crap moments It’s absolutley okay to want great sex and that’s what the agency’s about: great companionship And wonderful experiences, memorable experiences There’s nothing like a great f**k

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  1. I'm a male, and I agree that people shouldn't get judged if they pay for a service, wether male or female. Its their life and their business.

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