A Day in the Life: USC Student // World Bachelor in Business

A Day in the Life: USC Student // World Bachelor in Business

(light music) – Hello everyone, my
name is Anushka Sebastian and I’m a freshman studying World Bachelor in Business at University
of Southern California. (upbeat music) Outside of my class, I
really like to get involved with activities on
campus, so I’m part of the 180 Degrees Consulting
Club, and I’m part of the South Asian Student
Council, and a bunch of other nonprofits that I volunteer for. (light music) In a typical day in my life
is when I wake up around 7:15 everyday, get some
breakfast, and run to my class. Then I would go to my
class for an hour or two hours and after that I’ll
come back to my dorm, rest for a little bit,
try to finish up on like last minute homework. Then I’d head to my
next class, after that I usually go get lunch at one
of the three dining halls that we have on campus,
after lunch I have usually one to two more classes. I typically have two to
three meetings every day, so on a Wednesday like
today, I have a meeting for South Asian Student
Council from 7:00 to 8:00, and from 8:00 to 10:00
PM I have another meeting for 180 Degrees Consulting. After that, when I get
back from my meetings I usually like to make
my own food in the dorm. Grab snacks or something,
and then get back to work. I would usually go to
libraries late in the night and get things done. And I sleep around 2:00
AM every day, which is not an ideal situation, but
I’m more of a night person. And then the day starts again at 7:30. (upbeat music) – Tell me a little bit
about why you chose USC? – So I’ve always looked
for a university with a lot of spirit and USC just fits that. – Were there any specific programs that you were like this is why I want to apply to USC? – With the USC, I wasn’t really
sure if I actually wanted to come here, but something
that really influenced me to come here was the specific
program that I’m here for. It’s called World Bachelor in Business. And it’s a special
program where you actually get to go three different
institutions across three continents in your
four years that you’re gonna be studying. So first year I’ll be
at USC, and second year I’ll go to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, third year
I’ll be at Baconie University which is in Milan, Italy. And fourth year I get to
choose one of the three. – Oh wow, so you get a ton of flexibility and you’re studying on three continents? – Yes, and it’s very
different from a study abroad program because at the
end of these four years, I’ll be getting three
different bachelor degrees. – What are you doing
at USC for the program? – So at USC, as of now,
I’m just trying to fulfill the basic requirements
that undergrads at USC need to fulfill before
they leave because there’s no guarantee that I’m
gonna be coming back here for my fourth year. That’s why, for example,
my second semester USC, I have to take this writing
class, which mostly juniors and seniors usually take,
and that’s because it’s a required course for graduating from USC. So I have to keep all
of these things in mind and that’s why my program
is very structured, so I don’t really have
that much flexibility in terms of choosing my
classes or like electives. But I am Xing out my
credits for each semester, so it’s a rigorous program. – You’re working pretty hard here? – I initially thought it
was gonna be like parties and stuff, because USC’s
known to be a party school. But I feel like it’s
not exactly like that. It’s what you make of it,
because over the weekends, like you don’t have to go to parties. I’ve been to a few parties,
but I think what I really enjoy is all of the other
events that we have on campus during the weekend. So for example, we have
like glow yoga happening every weekend, it’s just,
we have all these things going on so if you’re not
really a party kind of person, you have options. (light music) We are at the USC village,
this is the latest addition to our campus,
this is built and completed by August 17, 2017 and
this is where we all come for shopping, or to get some lunch. There are wonderful cafes
here, we have a Target, we have Trader Joes, we have
CVS, so we have everything that we need. – [Guy] Wow, it really is all you need. – It is, yes, it’s amazing,
we love the village. We also have a few residence halls here, but most of them are for upperclassmen. – Gotcha, no let’s check it out. (light music) Tell me a little bit about
what you’re involved in outside of class? – So outside of classes, I have four main things that I’m currently involved with. One is 180 Degrees Consulting
Club, it is the largest university based consultancy
so we provide our services and help non-profits
and social enterprises expand. The other club that I’m
involved in with is called South Asian Student
Council, it’s a club where we tried to promote our
Indian culture and heritage through cultural events. Whether that’s Bollywood movie nights, or down d nights, or whatever it is. A third thing I’m involved
with is I’m interning for Crimson Education, and
I’ll be helping them expand in the LA sector, and
I’m also their marketing investor for Slope and
Valley, even though I’m in LA right now. And the fourth thing
that I’m involved with is my music and meditation club. So that’s a club that I
really enjoy attending. We do yogas every
Monday, and I’m also into Christian Unconsciousness,
that’s why I like to go to the Temples every Sunday night. We have a Temple close
by so I take the metro. And reach there in like 20 minutes. So those are the four main
things that I’m involved with outside classes. – So how do you balance
between getting all your academic work done and
then also participating in these extra curriculars? – I think something that
has really helped me with all of this is good time management. Because I used to do something
similar in high school as well and I had a very
packed schedule, but because of all of my experiences in high
school and because of doing all of these things
previously, I’ve kind of gotten used to this new life style. And because I’m very
passionate about all of these things that when I’m
working for them, or when I’m working on these
things, I don’t really feel like I’m working, it’s more
like I’m doing something fun. So it’s like academics
is the only part that I’m actually working on or focusing on. But the other things,
they’re just something that I’m very passionate about. (light music) – So what advice would you
have for other students who are considering
applying for the program that you’re in, the
World Bachelor program? – So the specific program that I’m in, is a program that’s not
meant for everyone because it does take a lot of
courage to actually stay the four years and complete this program. Because think about it,
you go to a new continent every single year, you start off at USC, then you go to Hong Kong,
then you go to Italy, so you have to start
fresh again and again. And if that’s not something
that you would like to do, or if you’re not comfortable
with meeting new people, getting close to other
friends, making new friendships and leaving the
friendships that you formed every year, then this
might not be for you. But if you’re up for some wonderful time, and you’re up to get some global exposure, then I think this is the program for you. And you can learn so much from this, and I think the best
part about my program is the places where everyone is from. Like the diversity that we
have amongst the cohort members is just insane, I have a
guy from Morocco, I have someone from Australia, I have people from like within the states
or people from Hong Kong. So it’s just, you get to be
around all of these diverse people and they all bring
something to the table. So I think this is a
very unique program where you really get to know
a lot more about how to deal with people, and how to just become a global citizen. – For the program itself,
what did you write about for your application,
how did you explain why the program was right for you? – I think for me, it
was because of all of my multi-national exposure already. Because I was born in India,
and I lived in three different cities in India, that
was my first six years. Then after that I moved to Singapore where I spent the next six years. And after Singapore, I’ve
been living in the bay area for the past five years,
so I just felt like this program was an extension to my life. And I clearly remember,
this was like sophomore year of my high school, and I
was just casually talking to a friend and I was
talking about how cool it would be to have the
opportunity to go to multiple colleges and universities
and at that time, I never knew about this program. So I was like, you know what,
that’s not gonna happen. But I really wanted to
do something like that just because I’ve shifted so many schools and I’ve really become this one person and I’ve adopted all of these cultures because of my diverse experiences. So I felt like this program
specifically was just like meant for me, it made sense. (upbeat music) If you like this video
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