A BETTER Career – Business Intelligence Business Consultant

A BETTER Career – Business Intelligence Business Consultant

[Music] For an exciting career in Business Intelligence, Nancy believes that The Co-operators really is a better place for you. Hi, I’m Nancy. I love my job. I learn new things every day and I find it really stimulating. [Music] Business Intelligence, the role is to provide information, and data, and analysis to the executives and everyone else in the company that will allow them to take the proper decisions. [Music] It’s important to have just one version of the truth, so one way of calculating something. We work on that very hard. We work with the VP’s from different sectors, departments, and we have ownership of these metrics. What we want to do is ensure that it’s common definitions enterprise wide. [Music] I chose this career because I have a very analytical way of thinking. I’ve always been involved in statistics or math in some way. I studied Actuarial in University. So prior to working for The Co-operators I worked for another insurance company for 12 years. At the beginning of that period I was involved in the sales budget. And then we put in place a Business Intelligence team. I have a lot of experience putting in place such a department, and understanding what it’s role is and how it needs to fit into the company. But when I heard about The Co-operators I said ‘Oh wow, this could be something that could fit with me. And it does fit. [Music] I have two children that are young. It’s my primary focus I want to spend as much time as I can with them. I requested to work from home full-time. So it’s still fairly new. It’s less than a year. I stay connected quite easily and I think that’s an advantage of working for The Co-operators. I know at least it wasn’t the case where I was before. They’re very well set-up I find to be connected with people from anywhere in the company. We have Sprint meetings every day. Just a 10-15 minute heads up. Everybody goes around the table. We say what we’re working on, what we’ve done so far, and what we plan to do in the next day. It helps us to make sure we all know what everyone is doing. I do go in the office almost once a week. We’ll have some meetings sometimes in Montreal anyway, or we have a video conference, So I’ll schedule it to be in Montreal that day. [Music] BI is so important. Everybody is working now with data, and big data, more and more. If you don’t do it, you’re going to be left in the dust really. Because everybody else is going to do it. We’re all using computers now all the time, even more so. Even when BI first started it was making sure we have the information with respect to our systems. But now it’s not even that. It’s not even limited to that. We have to make sure we have data that’s used on Facebook or LinkedIn, or any other method of communication and where our clients are, or potential clients are. But it’s very exciting right now for us. It’s a very exciting time.

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  1. Nancy is working on a project for us in National Claims currently.  She is very professional and helpful.  The fact that she can work from home doesn't reduce her ability to meet our needs.  Online meetings make it convenient and easy for us to discuss our the project when required.  The information Nancy and business intelligence team are delivering is very exciting!  We have been waiting years for this valuable data and tools to make our jobs easier!  Thanks Nancy.

  2. Hi,Nancy i want to contact you, can you please respond to this comment and give your contact details.

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