A Bedrock Realm Invitation // Minecraft SMP lets play // #craftaway – EP1

Hello and welcome welcome and hello everyone Kunipshun Fit here. Thank you all for joining me in this wonderful day on minecraft Coming to you this time from a brand new place I was actually invited by a couple of guys over to the craft aways server It’s a survival multiplayer server, and I am super excited to be here They liked my videos, and they liked kind of a build style And they invited me to come over and check out what they’ve got going on over here So that’s what we’re gonna do the more astute of you Fit fans out there Would notice that my skin has changed and you can see a little bit of a build going on in the back corner So I’ll show you that in a minute But this is a representation of me like the real me like really really me Complete with tattoos and everything and my little headset, and yes even the handlebar moustache. That’s That’s really what’s on the face man? I? most of you might know, but if in case you don’t I’m a firefighter and You’re only allowed certain amount of facial hair in that line of service We have to have our mask seal to our face You know and if that doesn’t happen, then I mean that’s just bad bad things can happen You kind of have to breathe you know when you’re doing fire stuff, so yeah anyway Let’s take a little look around here if you check my inventory. They have already hooked me up with some stuff Let’s go ahead and get our gear on here Alright, and we’ve got some things that are gonna. Help us out in our journey here. We’ve got a pretty good bow already We caught that by fishing with this fishing rod that we actually caught by fishing with another fishing rod that I temporarily borrowed from I Put it back when I was done, so now we’ve got ourselves a couple of good tools We need to gather up some more but before we do that I wanted to kind of show you around what’s gonna be our little spawn town here Let’s see if anybody else is online. Yep. Claw dose is online. He’s probably afk and somewhere one of his farms or something That’s his house. You can see there in the distance with these little hangy things There’s actually supposed to be fire in there, so not or maybe I render distance is not set correctly Particles or something like that, but anyway, so let’s get on with the tour. That’s all we’re gonna do this time in this video Is take you around and kind of show you what’s up? They’ve obviously already been to the end so they’ve got some of that out here. What do we have here? Horse rentals now open for business what what? Yeah, look at that. I like this one what’s his name behold the Strider horse. Okay? Well if that’s really him You know they’re kind of this is cool Whoa? That’s all the rules and regs for you know getting your horse Saddles in the left chest horse armor in the right. This is pretty cool I like this we might have to rent one at some point But we already have a saddle that we caught from fishing, and we have a name tag so I imagine we’re just gonna go ahead and get our own horse and Won’t have to make use of the rental of the horse business, but anyway This build is was done by Munches I don’t know if he’s gonna be playing with us on the server um I’ve seen him around in the discord But I haven’t seen him on the game yet, but yeah, that’s a pretty cool build I like that. This is kind of the style that we’re going for here It’s gonna be a medieval sort of town in the spawn world. This is um Let’s see Gamer Queens humble abode so munches must have built this little house for her Or you know something like that or allowed her to use that or whatever that’s kind of neat We got you know random little fires burning in a pit there got to stay warm You know you know what I mean. It gets kind of cold out here in this Minecraft world sometimes There’s a bunch of snow on top of that mountain up there. You know. I don’t know maybe this setting is in like Old Russia or something I don’t know anyway, it’s kind of cool these little things are gonna Be shops that are out and about there’s another one and a couple more there. We’re gonna go check those out I don’t know who this belongs to but evidently there’s a there’s a horse in there doing his thing I see something oh there. He is hello horse. Uh he doesn’t want to talk Oh, Klaas is talking to us. Let’s say hi Hi, dude According a tour So that’s cool. He’s he’s on he’s actually playing right now We’ll we’ll meet up with him at some point and we’ll do some sort of a collaboration or something like that Require bulk quantities leave in order that’s pretty sweet. What are we getting are we getting regular ice? Snow blocks and packed ice well, that’s really cool whoever This is obviously doesn’t mind going to get those things for you And we’ve got mending books here for three diamonds each. Oh, yeah Yep, we’re gonna make use of that for sure I’m gonna get a bunch of diamonds then I’m gonna buy them out probably I might leave one leave one for somebody else Nether portal looking cool. I do have the shader pack on that I brought over from my survival world so that’s kind of why the lighting looks the way it does It’s the enhanced vanilla shader pack and in the store video I’ll put a link in the description to that shader pack and you can also find it in I think it was episode 5 of my survival series you can check that out there And you can get it get that link there as well also in my description Will be all of the links to all of the other crafter ways So that’s pretty cool. Go check their channels out there. They’re doing some cool stuff over there Don’t know whose this belongs to but that’s that’s a neat little build too This one over here has some signs, so let’s check that out the house of mr. Frontline So that’s pretty cool like that place and let’s move on let’s keep on going here This is this is a cool build I like it I like this style of the medieval build we’re gonna build our house right over there where I showed you where we started beside that castle and That’s gonna. Be our little starter house We’re gonna gather up a bunch of materials and whatnot we will find ourselves A valiant steed and once we’re ready we will mount said steed and ride off into the sunset We will go somewhere and find ourselves a place where we can met that’s a cool looking feature Kind of looks like an at-at from Star Wars. You know like there’s the head and the legs That would be cool to turn that mountain into a big attack really wouldn’t fit in with the theme But it would still be cool. What do we have here community mineshaft? Okay? Yep that goes that goes way down there That’s pretty cool. I saw something over here I’m gonna stop using word uh-oh somebody broke it we have an escapee. I don’t know where he went. That’s probably a Cow of some sort I don’t know what is this burning thing here. I know what it looks like yep Welcome to the creeper pit. Oh man mr. Frontline must have got himself blown up right here and decided to you know mark the occasion of This looks like it’s gonna be a villager farm. That’s cool Probably where the mending books and whatnot are coming from yeah that that’s definitely what they did Oh, that’s probably causing some server lag for claw toes, so let’s let’s get ourselves away from there Let’s uh quickly adjust our sound settings I feel like I’m really having to talk over the game sounds a lot, so let’s bump them down to about there Yeah, that should be better. Yep. Yep, that sounds better So don’t see anything else this way, so we’ll come around here up. What it that? That’s something cool. We haven’t seen yet I like this house design Especially like the roof where it’s the darker Darker stuff on the outside and lighter on the inside. This is very similar. Oh check it out a scout horse during the rain that dude could get struck by lightning and Bad things happen and get like some crazy skeleton guys didn’t like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Or something and they will come and they will seek you out, and they will kill you with no mercy Oh didn’t mean to do that Yep, so that’s cool, that’s a little stovepipe there that’s neat I like I like that hang on a minute because we might could do something like that with ours I’m not digging the bricks. I think it should be cobble or something like that But I dig that idea with the little stairs and like the pipe and smaller, and I don’t know what that is but it’s a flowerpot right there on top I See a tripwire up there too reckon. That’s some kind of trap definitely could be He’s got some stuff. I like this too. He’s got he’s got this like chilling around in here, so let’s go this way See what we’ve got all yeah, the sun’s going down. It’s gonna start looking sweet here in just a second I’ve got a big old wheat field over here. That’s pretty cool And this is this is a windmill. I think they were talking about this in the discord I think Sunfire built this windmill and Rumor is he wasn’t too pleased with it, but I think it looks good. I think it looks awesome as a matter of fact Here’s another one of those little shops something we might have to use one up one of these and set up a shop for ourselves Rumor has it that there’s no creeper farm on this server yet? So one of the first things that we might do is to set that looks like a skull check that out I love this green block look right here and check this place out with a shader pack on OOP, and no more nighttime. We have one player sleep turned on ooh look at this couple of Envelope and OH Silk touch pick six diamonds Fortune pick five diamonds. Oh yeah, oh, yeah, definitely this is where we’re coming to get our tools mm-hmm Especially this diamond axe because we’re gonna need to get some wood and stuff we’re probably gonna have to start with some tools that are a little bit more janky, but You know we’ll make it work. This is a really cool build. I like this lots of stone crack stone Well not cracked stone, but what do you call it stone bricks? Yeah, and there’s a sheep farm back here, and there’s some vines floating around in the sky We’re gonna need some of those too And I’ve been given permission to come get them if you check in the inventory we got a bunch of bones here Sunfire actually let me come chill at his skeleton spawner for a while and we got a little XP from that little farm happening here That’s what the water looks like on the shader pack that it’s really sweet I really like it placed water if you place. It is not blue like this. It’s almost clear kind of looks like white stained glass so yeah anyway, let’s go around this looks like maybe it was the Town that spawned here or maybe they built it and made it look like a little village. I hear batty We’re gonna go the other way This building. I don’t know it. I’m not feeling that it matches the textures I think that it could you know but maybe it’s there moving into a more modern age here or something like that maybe That’s what’s going on. Don’t know for sure I do think it’s a nice build. It’s very What’s the word that I’m looking for here? Stately yeah, that’s the word. It’s it’s very Political looking very you know uppity a bit. It’s a courthouse Yeah, yep, that’s the jury of snow golems over there, that’s a pretty cool light fixture I like that and this this is seating for people This is going to probably be like whether you’re you’re sentenced or you’re free or you guilty or innocent. I don’t know man I hope we don’t end up over here. This is so I’m gonna get myself out of here We’re gonna go get away from here I don’t like being in places like this bad things could happen so yeah Let’s continue on our little journey over here eventually We’re gonna make a loop and be you know what we should have had our map out well. We’re still in the map yep We are we’re gonna end up back over by our house. Which is over there by those chorus plants I like the landscaping they did they did a good job on the paths and everything they’ve Gotten all that done before I joined the server so I know there’s another hub – I think Klaas is working on the nether hub He’s gonna make that thing look epic so we can have easy access to all the different places that are around here This is really close to our house, so we might use this as kind of our little shop to set up Oh, yeah, and what I was saying. I don’t think there’s a creeper spawner on this Server just yet. I know it’s the bedrock condition And they don’t work as good as they should but if we can set up a shop with Fireworks I think that we might be able to make some money That’s a good one because they already have a lighter of some of them do and some of them have fireworks But they kind of have to go around killing creepers to get them this bridges is well, it’s just It’s just a bridge. It’s a Minecraft like Gen 1 like day seven of the game This is B. The bridges that people were making we’re gonna make something over here, so we can get to our house It’s gonna. You know it’s gonna look very similar to that I’m gonna try to keep the style maybe it’ll come up over and then go down you know something like that Maybe I’ll put a roof over it with some torch high or something in it make it look all good You know just make it me let it let it match look it look like everything else in here this little build I don’t know whose this is let’s let’s shut the door even though I don’t think that it matters because it’s open on the four sides Yep, yep. It’s not gonna matter so That’s basically it. We’ve made a lap around and Everything looks pretty good all right, so I think That’s really all we need to talk For this video. I just wanted to give you guys the tour. I don’t know whose little melon This is right here, but we’ll leave it here I’m gonna the plan is to have our house And I’m gonna have like a water wheel on the side of the house and bring some water from a spring Into the water wheel or something and make a little drainage ditch down to the river Maybe maybe it’ll go on this side and it’ll split and come over here and go down to the river that way or something I’ve got a cool idea for a house this year chorus plant We might have to see if we can relocate that somewhere else Because it’s not gonna fit in with my build at all I’m gonna need like oak trees and stuff like that here, so yeah, we are going to get our house built in Episode 2 or at least get it started. It’s not gonna be a really big house. We just need some We just need a bunch of wood and some fences and stuff like that. I’m not gonna use this kind of fence I’m gonna build like a broken cobble fence and With some vines and some bushes, I want my house to look like it was one of the first like peasant houses that were here and with the waterwheel and Everything it would have been like a grist mill on one side of the house and stuff like that I’ve got some cool ideas for this man. I’m so excited to be here. It’s gonna be awesome Take a breath take a breath conniption fit and calm down. Calm yourself son So yeah, that would be a really cool mountain to build something on top of up There’s some kind of big towering thing with a glowing eyeball sort of like it Mordor anyone anyway So yeah, I guess I guess we’re gonna stop here at this point. I’ve shown you guys the most important parts of the build and We yeah, so let’s let’s get started on this house, and thank you all for joining me again I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the town just a quick little video to show you what’s going on? Hopefully next time I see you. I’ll have some better armor, and we’ll have a house to show you so yeah Thanks again, and until next time you guys. Have a good day

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