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  1. You need to start composting business. I have to pay between $6 to $18 usd for a bag of raised bed compost. More for organic ones.

  2. The US, I can understand making a political scene. The Bahamas, utterly devastated by this hurricane. My thoughts go out to them. If I was a richer man, I’d find some way to help. I can’t even imagine that kind of decimation, nor could anyone who’s never experienced a natural disaster like this one.

  3. Poor Man…….lost about everything but his life !!! BUT HE/YOU can rebuild !!! Pray to our lord and savior Jesus Christ !!!

  4. I too live below sea level,I know exactly how you feel hope the healing is quick, from the looks around these are not wealthy folks, I still have not recovered from ol harvey

  5. This is so sad. I cant imagine what they must feel. Thank God you have good hard working helpful American neighbors. ?

  6. There is nothing left.

    May the world come together and help these people.

    Leave politics out.
    And the vultures ( scammers )

  7. Wtf did you expect? Living in denial much? Every time a hurricane hits people are like "omg"! How unexpected!! Are you freaking kidding me?

  8. Tell that man about Shungite granulars. Nature stone that will alkalize and detoxify soil and water. Also planting Hemp will remediate the soil faster.Id like to come volunteer there next year for people like that farmer – they have endured the worst possible scenario of a hurricane. God Bless them!

  9. Bless this man for putting his employees first. It isn't like these people can just move somewhere else and give up their livelihoods. It looks like he still has his house so that is a good thing. Now he has to decide what he is going to do with his land and what options he has.

  10. The USA has Army Helicopters and many others giving food and engineering help. They are pouring the Love on our Neighbors. Thank God for the USA! Amen.

  11. Chop and droo them plants let them mulch into the ground to replenish the soil it will take time. The rains will come back to help flush the soil. In the meantime find a type of crop that may be able to grow in the soil conditions. It will get better

  12. Pretty sure if he safely burns the field after setting aside the seeds within that remaining. The burn residue will balance out the salt and maybe plant, like potatoes? Sorry, not skilled in that. Honesty, I would peel half the stock and sundry and later, shatter to de-seed removal. Reporter, should return to deliver, message and inform of extractions so he may bury his stocks? Turn in/cut down, the hedges to mix the topsoil.

  13. Why the subtitles
    I am from England and I can clearly understand the Carribbean West Indian accent
    It's ridiculous
    Feel bad for my Carribbean brothers and sisters over there

  14. How can we donate to help him? Brother should get a Visa to go live in Gambia and start his farming business there. Bless his heart for helping others leaturing them on how to swim. And helping them. It's our time to help him and so many other Bahamians effected by Hurricane Dorian.

  15. Irá so ridiculs put a news like this and not put the Bank account of that man . Its clear,,, newspaper only doing hinself advertising! !

  16. The Lord it's coming soon .what we have to focus is to be right whit the Lord .
    We are living the last days . the God judgements are here .before Jesus coming .

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