A 4 Hour Work Week Practical “Blueprint”/ Online Business System

A 4 Hour Work Week Practical “Blueprint”/ Online Business System

I first read the 4-hour Work Week quite a
few years ago by Timothy Ferriss and I wanted to find a way to actually put it
into practice and create this sort of freedom lifestyle that he talks about in
his book. At the time I was working on eBay and I was buying and selling things
and I was kind of tied to my laptop even though I was working on the internet. I
was physically posting things out in the mail and I was dealing with customers
and what I realized was that I basically had a job that I owned.
Even though it was a sort of an online business of sorts. And I realised
that I didn’t want to be stuck in this with this business model and that there
must be a better way to use the internet and digital technology to make a living
especially with the the growing interest in the digital economy. So I kind of
looked for another strategy and I remembered this book and I
realised I needed something sort of that was a bit of a lot more automated. I
remember buying an e-book from eBay and I was able to download it straightaway. I
bought it and download it and there was there was nobody involved in that
transaction it was completely automated. I downloaded the the e-book directly to my
laptop, I didn’t have to deal with anybody, nobody had to post anything and
I wanted to get on the other side of this transaction to allow me to earn
money by making automated sales over the internet. So I created a couple of my
own e-books and I tried to sell them and didn’t really have much success. I didn’t
really manage to sell any of them. And so I put myself on a marketing course with
the the idea that I would learn how to sell my own ebooks but I quickly
realised that there was a better strategy and that was selling other
people’s products over the internet; a business model known as affiliate
marketing. There were plenty of products online which paid me up to 50%
commission based on the sale and that allowed me to direct people to
other products which meant that I didn’t have to physically post anything and
I didn’t have to deal with anybody directly either or deal with any
customers. So I worked at this strategy for quite a few months and again I
didn’t really have much success with it. I had one or two small successes but
nothing really that could replace a proper income and I came across a video
of a guy on a pedalo and he was talking about these kind of things: online
business systems and the fact that he was still on holiday and he was business
was still working (on autopilot) really intrigued me and I knew that this
guy knew what I was talking about. So I basically clicked through the video and
I checked out his his free video series that he sent me to my email account and
I realized that if I didn’t take any action on this then the next 10 years
would be the same as the last. I had to do something. And so I eventually joined
this online business community and it was different to the previous ones I’d
done before and I was I was massively skeptical because I’d spent quite a bit of
money learning these different courses and things like that. I hadn’t
really had the the kind of success that I wanted. So I was a little bit
skeptical but with this online business I was able to meet the founders I was
able to meet other members of the online business community; people who’ve been
working in this business for years and who made it their full-time income. I was
also able to join webinars and seminars and and gain massive support from
various online groups that allowed me to kind of decide which direction I was
going to take and and join the group that was suitable and
appropriate and then learn step by step what it meant to set up a Sales System
and sell digital products and basically tweak different elements of
the business. So what I’m offering in this video is the ability to access this
same online business system and strategy and learn
how to leverage the digital economy to earn an income from your laptop. This
isn’t an easy “push-button” system this definitely requires a lot of work and
commitment. But if you’re open minded and hardworking and you’re sick of working
in a normal job and you’re looking for something else then this might be
something that’s of interest to you and it kind of goes hand in hand with this
book it’s kind of like a actual practical blueprint to leverage the
digital economy and earn money through the internet through automation and
systems and technology using other people’s products. So I’m gonna leave a
link somewhere around this video. Click on that link that will take you through
to my website. Enter your name and email and you’ll be able to access a video
series. It’s completely free and you can decide for yourself whether or not this
is right for you. Hopefully I’ll see you on the other side bye for now

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