Imagine, imagine the impact that you can
make as a company on the relationship with your employees. If you invest, if you
try to support your employees to be a good parent. What would that mean for
employee experience, what would it mean for workforce engagement, for the
engagement of your employees? So enjoy the next video which is about Parenthood,
Leadership, which is about business opportunities. For some companies this
video might contain an inconvenient truth. But let’s face it and let’s be
true to ourselves, and I’m happy and proud to be the messenger. So the moment
that one of your employees turns in to be a father or a mother, becomes a parent,
your relationship with that employee has changed, has changed dramatically and
overnight. Suddenly you the company and that employee, that relationship is not
number one anymore, forget about it, forget about it. That employee, that
parent only works, from that moment on, to make his child happy, and the one and only
motivation to go to work is because he is the father, she is the mother of that
child. So put your money, invest your money where it matters most, where you
can make the biggest impact to keep and to attract talent.
With the one-hour webinar we celebrate Parenthood, we celebrate Parenthood in a
corporate setting. We create an awesome experience for your employees one that
will increase engagement for your workforce and eventually will boost your
Return on Investment. My offer for you is the following a one-hour webinar that
can be a standalone webinar, one topic only, can be a series of webinars, it can
be related to your core business, to your industry, to your history, it always
relates to Leadership, because Parenting is just like Leadership. It’s a
Leadership workshop for parents, some might call it parenting. I have a
discount offer for three countries Peru, India and Greece. The reason is because
part of my heart is in those countries. It’s an initiative by My Daddy Talks and
I am grateful to contact you and to get in contact to see how we can organize
this one-hour webinar. So do not hesitate and contact me with these contact

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